Final Fantasy VII Remake (With a Little Help from My Friends)

Posted on January 16, 2012 - 11:09am by iViking


 We, the market, deman these kinds of games, and are willing to volunteer our time and resources into making it!

 The remake genre has turned out to be such a lucrative prospect.  We have got games out there that get an upgrade into the next generation.  Of course, the market has made demands of games that need to be made.  Among them, a PS3 redoing of Final Fantasy VII.  First question to SquareEnix:  Why tease us?  You show us a tech demo and never follow-up!  We have made demands for a remake to be made, and you write us off in saying that you have got no plans.  You have made remakes of other Final Fantasy games on handhelds and yet you do not wish to satisfy your audience and milk more of your cash cow with a Final Fantasy VII remake?

Which leads to the latest message from SquareEnix.  Evidently, they claim that making a Final Fantasy VII remake would be too much effort.  Sorry, SquareEnix, but considering the 13th installment and its subsequent follow-up, we are simply not buying it.

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This leads me to my proposal.  Inspired by fan-made remakes of other classic games,  I am left with suggesting that SquareEnix would be given volunteer support in making this game.  If they really believe that making Final Fantasy VII for the next generation consoles (yes, not just PS3) is difficult and time-consuming, then let us volunteer our time and resources!  There is no excuse.  We are simply that demanding for it.  SquareEnix, if you do not accept fan-based volunteer effort in making this game, then there is no excuse.  You do NOT want to even touch Final Fantasy VII!!  That is what you are getting at if you are going so low as to deny your fans what they want.

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