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First Cover of Mega Man Classic/Mega Man X crossover Revealed

2/8/14 11:20am

A while ago , I showed all you sexy g1's the first teaser image of a "Mega Man meets X" storyline coming to Archie's Mega Man comic. Well now we have a name and covers! And a date!

God, I hope Protoman kicks Vile's ass.

"Dawn of X" is slated for a May release, following up on X and Zero's back-up stories from the upcoming Issue 34, and March's 35, though if all you care about is X, you can pick those up in a compilation on Free Comic Book Day. Though you'll miss out on an epic two issue Boss Battle with Shadow Man.

By the way, that teaser image is now the first variant cover.

Well, it seems the Hype train is now set to go full steam ahead, but I'm still at a loss as to how this will fit into continuity without causing every kind of paradox imaginable. Ah well, as they say "The less you think about it, the better everything hooks up."

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