First in-game screenshots of The Last of Us released

Posted on February 6, 2012 - 4:00pm by Fishman

Game Informer has released three exclusive screenshots of Naughty Dog’s next big game The Last of Us and as expected from Naughty Dog, the game looks stunning.  

These are only three of the 20 screenshots to be shown in March’s issue of Game Informer. 

Is that colour? In a post apocalyptic world? Well played Naughty Dog, it’s nice to see greens and yellows compared to your run of the mill grey-ish black.

Other than what the trailer suggests, the developers insist The Last of Us is not just one long escort mission, Ellie won't need constant babysitting and will not get in your way, like other A.I companions ( I’m looking at you Sheva!)

New details released indicate combat will be centered on gunplay and melee attacks. With weapons breaking after repeated use, scavenging around for weapons frequently is key to surviving. Just from looking at the screenshot, surviving is going to be brutal.

Damn, that's perty, the whole overgrown city reminds me of 2010's Enslaved: Odyssey to the West's overgrown world, colourfull and awesome. By the way check Enslaved out. 

I am surprised about how excited for this game I am, regarding how little we have all seen so far, I think it is just because it has Naughty Dog developing it so I know it is going to be something special. Plus it has an Ellen Page look alike in it. Nice. What do you guys think? Does The Last of Us make you excited for the inventible apocalypse? 

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