Five games that time hasn't been kind to

Posted on February 20, 2012 - 4:00pm by Noble Team 1


A rundown of five games that in my opinion haven't aged all to well. So I know some of you might disagree, but playing some games from your past might not be as great as they used to be.

Editor's Note: Nostalgia can be  a tricky beast, but can great games really lose their luster?  g1 Noble Team 1 has some answers.

Some games are consider timeless classics games that no matter how many times you played it throughout the years it still holds up well, but not every game is able to do that. Time isn’t kind and as technology improves going back to some games might not be the best as your memory and how you see the game in the present might not conclude the same. So here is a Top 5 games that time hasn’t been to kind with, but are these games bad? No, just some of the mechanics that made them great in their heyday haven’t aged too gracefully. (p.s. I DO own all of the games here) 

5. Grand Theft Auto III (PlayStation 2)

Original Release Date- NA October 22, 2001 ( also known as a hooker killing sim)

The first 3D Grand Theft Auto is still fun but some the improvement made in the open world genre show how much Grand Theft Auto III has aged. So In GTA III if you ever face a large crowd of enemies that surround your pretty much dead and unlike like recent games like Red Dead Redemption and The Ballad of Gay Tony you can’t just restart.

Remember how annoying it was to lose all your weapons thanks god for cheat codes

The handling just feels loose for everything except the tank, as most cars feel too light and loose to handle as having any collision with any other cars like leads to you spinning off. Well the last thing that I would say is that any escort mission can be a pain since the AI can be brutal for the enemies, but dumb as all hell since the auto aim will likely target the wrong person most of the time.

Water your mortal enemy in Old School GTA


GTA III is still more fun when you’re just causing destruction, which is true of all Grand Theft Auto titles.


  4 Twisted Metal (PlayStation 1)


Original Release Date- NA November 5, 1995 and Remember the long Ps1 game cases man they took up space

Now I had to try out the old school Twisted Metal with the recently released PS3 title in the series and the first one is very basic. Another game where getting the control down might take a while as the was one of the early PS1 titles and if you don’t have anyone to play this title with than the game isn’t as fun.

Truly and EPIC ENDING!!!

Basically the game has two modes one being story mode where you pick a character and win the Twisted Metal competition which is really short and easy. This title also does look dated by today’s standards and when you see what the new Twisted Metal looks like you have to wonder wow I can’t believe my eyes aren’t worse thanks early to mid 90’s polygon graphics.

Man The graphics have improved a lot


Twisted Metal is best played with a friend.


3. Sonic Adventure (Sega Dreamcast)

Original Release Date- NA September 9, 1999 and he was so edgy

Now this is a game that I loved to play but I tend to pick Adventure 2 over it for a couple of reasons. The first and the most important is that the camera in game isn’t as great as I remember it and makes the game harder for some points. The second thing Big the Cat is still useless as ever so lucky that was solved in Sonic Adventure 2.

Someone dediced to ban him from the next game.... WHICH IS A GREAT IDEA!!!

The third thing was that the Knuckles sections here a hassle as back then and they seem to have gotten slightly worse over time. Sonic Adventure still has a good sense of speed and can be fun whenever the game doesn’t feel like glitching

 I still love the music in the Sonic Adventure a lot


Sonic Adventure still less glitchly than Sonic 06 and better.


2. Turok 2 (Nintendo 64)


Original Release Date- NA October 21, 1998 ( replay it for the cerebal bore)

I love the weapons in this game and can be a great experience but one thing might prevent you from doing that the control. I had a problem controlling this game back then and to this day I still do as in contrast to other N64 First person shooters Turok just seems bad in contrast as the for movement is just strange.

First figure out how to control this game which might take some time

Most of the Time I try to replay this game it is me dealing with controls plus using the control pack is also pretty lame. But once you have the controls down and can get others to join in for multiplayer you can have fun with this game.




Best way to enjoy, playing spilt screen and seeing if anyone rage quits while trying to figure out the controls to Turok 2


1 Star Fox (SNES)

Original Release Date- NA March 1, 1993  (Long before Peppy had a voice to tell you" to do a Barrel Role")

When anyone talks classic Star Fox one title is usually mention the N64 one and with it comes a damn “Do a Barrel Roll” joke but rarely does anyone talk about the first game. Early 3D hurts to see and Star Fox's early polygon graphics aren’t a pretty sight to see now.

3D graphics lucky you get plastic surgery ever couple of years to look better

Pre-analog Star Fox is a challenge as it just is a lot harder to control in contrast to the other Star Fox titles. The controls are what make this game either extremely hard or easy as once you mastered them get ready to play the levels again and again.

Yes Slippy still suck in the first game but you going to have to learn how to not hit stuff first

With only two modes training and the main game the first star fox is bare bones, but is still fun once the controls are master by you the player.

Star Fox is best played when you let anyone that grew up on PS2 or later systems see what you play in your childhood.


So are any of the games here bad? Depends on who you are asking. As even though time has showed some of the flaws of some of these games, nostalgia can be greater in your memory and is always better than of some of the games that you have played before. But going back isn't always easy as the truth is that time and advances in design just makes some games not as great as they used to be. Every game mentioned here can be fun but just don’t expect it to be the same experience

So that was my take on some games that can still be fun but just don't expect the best thing ever and hope my fellow g1's have enjoyed my blogs and thanks for the support! 

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