Fix Felix Jr. is a real game

Posted on June 9, 2012 - 9:22am by Ryan Conway

Earlier this week, Disney made the brilliant marketing move to release the debut trailer for its upcoming animated featureWreck-it-Ralph, which is filled with tons of video game character cameos and references, during E3. If you liked the trailer, you better prepare yourself for some more Disney awesomeness!

The developers working for Disney’s website have created a real and playable version of Fix it Felix Jr., the game in which the film’s protagonist stars in as the antagonist.

As you’d expect, it’s a Donkey Kong style, 80’s 8-bit inspired arcade game, in which Ralph smashes up an apartment building, as Felix fixes it.


Ralph smash!

In all honesty, the game is a lot of fun and actually provides more of a challenge than I thought it would, as those damn Duck Hunt (at least they look like the ones from Duck Hunt) ducks keep killing me. Seriously, they’re far more dangerous than the rubble barrage that Ralph throws at you. 

I'm just trying to fix some windows and then they come flying at me. What did I ever do to them?



I really wouldn’t mind paying to download this onto my 360 or 3DS. Hell, if arcades were still a thing, this’d make for a great cabinet!

After spending about 2 hours playing the game, I can proudly say that my personal best is making it to Level 27 with a high score of 127,800 points.

Can any of you g1s beat that?

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