Flapperdoodle's Gaming Blog Ep. 100: The Flapperdoodle Retrospective

Posted on July 23, 2012 - 6:21pm by Flapperdoodle


Thank you all so much for making these last 100 blogs so much fun to write. I really appreciate all of you as g1s and I have had such a fun time here at ScrewAttack! Can't wait to come back after my month-long vacation and keep making awesome blogs and podcast episodes for all of you. Thanks to all for being such an awesome community. 

Dear Readers,

Wow… 100 blogs… we've come a long way haven't we?

Yup, as of this blog, this is my 100th episode of my gaming blog. 100 episodes ago, I finally created my account on ScrewAttack and had a strange craving to finally start creativity writing and to finally start a blog. It was a risky move for me at the time, considering most websites have communities that, to put it lightly, are sh*tty. However, I decided to take the risk and make a first blog. At the time I was still trying to run my let's playing channel and my reviewing channel on YouTube, which were doing pretty good at the time, but were not leading me to too many places as a content producer with an audience. I loved doing it, it was tons of fun, but sadly I felt there was something missing… some kind of hobby I knew I'd love, but could never find. I couldn't put my finger on it. Then I found ScrewAttack and their blogging community.

And I never looked back.

In this blog, I plan on recapping my journey to ScrewAttack. I wanna talk about my experience here on the site, some friends I've made, some memories I will always cherish, and why I love this community so dearly.


Ever since I was young, making things for other people was always a dream of mine. I loved watching movies and television, and I loved playing video games and reading books, and I loved listening to music. I was so happy doing all of these things, and always told myself there was somebody who took the time to make it, and I respected that person because it takes special talent to create things like books, movies, music, and games. So, as a youngster I strived to be creative and go above and beyond to show that I put effort into everything I do, just like they do. I wanted people to say to themselves, "wow, this kid really put effort into what he did". For things like school projects and assignments, I always tried to go above and beyond to show I care about what I do and that I will always give 100% into what i do. Then, one day, I discovered the world of YouTube.

YouTube was this place, where essentially, a ton of people who made really awesome content showcase their work to a large audience. It was incredible, and it seemed essentially endless. I could find anything, and what I mainly did was try to look up gameplay videos of games. Because of the fact that I couldn't pay for any of the games I wanted nor would my parents buy them for me, so I would have to look up gameplay for them online to fully experience what it was like. Soon, I learned about playthroughs and walkthroughs, and how all you needed to do was get a camera, get a mike, record yourself playing the game, and people will watch. It was such a strange concept to me at the time, so I started watching some, but then realized that I wanna watch more and keep up with some people. So, my Dad allowed me access to his YouTube account he barely ever touched, and I began favoring, rating, and exploring this new vast jungle of content that awaited me.

There was so much to discover. Some people made gameplay of older games, some of newer games, and it was all so varied. There were so many different people, with so many different names and sounds and tastes in gaming. When I learned of this new idea called "The Let's Play", which was essentially a walkthrough, and when I learned of how there was essentially a community for it, I finally decided that I wanted to be a part of this community. I wanted to play games and get viewers and see what people thought of my content. So, my Dad got me, at the time, an awesome Flip camera, and I got on filming some Let's Plays. I soon started to learn all about what it was like to make a Let's Play. How you had to film them all, commentate over them, be consistent, edit them, and overall be enthusiastic. At the time, it was actually quite exciting. It was interesting to be making this content and seeing people's reactions. I wasn't getting to much exposure, but it was cool too know I could make it, and I was very excited to get my first subscriber and get my first comment and such. It was a nice experience.

Sadly, even though there were some highs and lows and it overall was a fun experience, I never truly got a constant audience. I mean, there are some fans who do consistently comment and are my friends even to this day, but at many times the feeling of not being appreciated enough kept creeping back to me. I did understand making it was more important than viewership, but at the same time, I wanted to be recognized for all the hard work I did. it would soon turn into a pointless cause after that, even if it was being a fun ride. So, I decided to make even more of an outreach by creating a channel for variety purposes. I wanted to stretch my boundaries to see if I could do both gaming and entertainment related matters. At first, i liked the channel. It was a ton of fun at first, but soon I started to lose ideas and incentive, so I ended up closing the channel down. For the next few months, I focused on LPing. Then, I decided to do reviews on movies and other things. So, I started a reviewing channel which is still going strong to this day.

But I said to myself, "if I wanna become truly well known, I gotta make written reviews as well, so I can show my audience I am versatile. So I started a blog on the website Reviewtopia. This happens to be on the many homes of Game Theory. At first, it was going well, but like YT, I wasn't getting enough commemoration. In fact, I wasn't getting ANY of it. I soon learned not many people cared to even see my work, or the community work for that matter. It was similar to ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, except worse. So I quit that lost cause, and I decided to find somewhere else to blog. I tried plenty of gaming sights, but nothing seemed to have what I was looking for. I was in a slump, still trying to film my reviews. Now please note, at the time, I was watching ScrewAttack on their website a lot, and I was considering becoming a true g1 to see what the community was like. So one day I was discussing this with my friend Dan, or g1 ShadowThePika96. He said SA had a blogging community. When I heard this, I immediately became interested. Plus, with SA going into the new V5, it was the perfect time to try it out, so I did!

I posted my first blog, and two of the most well known g1s (Alpha Unit and Woodyman) actually commented on it. I didn't know they were huge at the time, but I still was happy. As I continued to make blogs, I continued to become more and more realized in the community. I started to see what the community does, and some of the projects they worked on. I volunteered for the Spotlight, Forecast, Magazine, etc. And before you knew it, I began to get a following of people, and I even got two of my blogs front-paged! I was and am still happy here. I learned a lot from this community, and I am positive I made the best decision I could going for the g1s.


When I first arrived at ScrewAttack, I honestly had no idea how hard the community worked, and what kinda of projects they all worked on. I had no idea how closely knit everyone was, and I had no idea how welcomed I would be. When I first began blogging at SA, I was just there to blog, as I had other responsibilities to handle. But then I started to check out what other people were doing, and I got hooked on g1 content. I started to see the awesome stuff other g1s made, and soon I began to realize that this community was something different. So, I wanted to truly be a part of it and immerse myself in it. But I wanted to do it in a way that would be the perfect opportunity for the g1s to learn who I was. Then, Woodyman announced his 2011 holiday party!

It was the perfect opportunity! Go to a place where the g1s hung out, and eventually get to know a few of them and befriend them. I was excited, and I went to that party early in the morning, and stayed on till the late hours in the evening. I still consider that party to be one of the most fun community online gatherings I have ever been too. Everyone was so nice, they knew how to truly hold conversations, and these guys were the true gaming type. They knew what they were talking about, and you can tell they cared about what they were doing. You could tell some of them were truly invested in helping this community flourish, and some of them were really nice in welcoming me to the fray, being new and all. There I met some g1s who I am currently very good friends with, like joeshadowman, Alpha Unit, Kailoli, and Dark Magician. It is a party I will always remember as easily one of the best community gatherings ever.

After that, I decided to help out the community by volunteering myself to some of their projects. The first one I truly helped in was the g1 Spotlight, where I offered myself as a writer and a researcher. I figured, hey, I can write, Woodyman has seen my work before, so why not see if the community likes it. The Spotlight always got featured, so I figured if I write for it, g1s will learn of who I am. So, I ended up doing one with foxdark22, and it ended up going very well. The Spotlight also gave me the opportunity to see just how much awesome stuff the community does. I go VERY thorough with my Spotlights, so I probably read every blog the site had at the time, so I saw the highs, and the lows, and honestly, I was very impressed. When people were giving me the positive feedback, I was extremely happy, and it motivated me to try and help with other things. I helped people with other projects eventually, like ScrewAttack Millionaire, Pixelated Ponderings, the Community Lists, and then I even started to collab with people. I even recall my first one with my good friend Dark Magician.

We did a list of our Top 20 Nintendo 64 Games. Sure, it was generic and cliche, but it was a ton of fun to write. We bounced off ideas, had a few laughs, and I finally got to experience what it was like to write a blog with another g1. We ended up making a pretty awesome list in my opinion, and it really helped me and DM bond to have a great friendship. But one of the biggest collabs I have ever done is the Top 25 Doppelgangers in Video Games with another good friend of mine, LousyTactician. Boy, was that one hell of a list. We had to choose 25 entires, write a paragraph for each one, and sometimes it didn't go smoothly. It wasn't that bad, but there are few choices in which we had trouble deciding which doppelgangers is which series was better. Probably the biggest one was whether or not Parasite X or Dark Samus should be the doppelganger for Samus. Even so, it turned out excellent, and it was the first thing I did for g1 Features… which is a whole other story entirely. We'll get to that later.

Before g1 Features came along, I felt like I was starting to become more well known to the g1 blog-o-sphere. I started skype-ing tons of them, I was leaving comments and advice, which was all very well taken, and I even got my first few trolls and nasty comments. I was finally learning what it was like to be part of the community. I was making memorable friends, I was writing about stuff I loved to write about, and I was finally getting the motivation I wanted all my life. As previously mentioned, I felt I was missing something, a hobby that could give me that true motivation. Now, I finally found it, and I was finally starting to find something I loved to do, with an audience I loved to please. I finally found that one thing that made my life more fun. Besides for video games, there was something I constantly wanted to do all of the time. When in school, I wanted to write. When with friends, I had the urge to write all of the time. It wasn't becoming an obsession, but it was becoming something I truly loved, and honestly my level of happiness was exceeding all boundaries. I continued to take part in more g1 stuff, like the Magazine, movie nights, get togethers, and so on. But then… I met… g1 Features.

Started by g1 JETZ.acx, g1 Features was gonna do something I was waiting for; it was gonna get the best of the best g1s together to produce amazing content that only people as dedicated as us could do. I was enticed from the minute he discussed it, and I was willing to get my hands as dirty as they could to help out. So I did, and my g1 "career" (so to speak), was flipped upside down. I started off with the Digital Forecast by helping with research at first. My work was soon used as an example for researchers, and I even got the chance to host and edit one time! Then I got interviewed by 2200, and that was a ton of fun. Then I became an official Indie Shack writer, and while the show is struggling, I think some of the episodes done are truly spectacular, and it gave me the chance to play some awesome indie games. When g1 Features, I finally had a place to truly help this community and it really made me feel like I was truly doing something I could sink my teeth into. So, I continued to be a g1, hanging with the community and being an overall friend. Things were going fine, but then I heard of this new "club"-ish thing going around called "g1 After Dark" sponsored by g1 Events, and I just had to try it out, and that was the next big spark as a g1.

To describe every single amazing memory I have had in the chat room of g1 After Dark is like counting every hair on my head, it's a pointless cause. Why? Because there are so many of them. With g1s like Ferret75, Kailoli, Smoke108, 2200, Abrams_X, ChaoticMeltdown, and many more, g1 After Dark has been my go-to place to have some good ol' fun and discussion with g1s for a very long time, and I plan on that staying. Nearly every or every other night I'll be able to find g1s there, ready to talk, listen to awesome music, share some laughs, and have some good ol' fun. It can get strict sometimes, and other times we can get in some nasty debates, but when it comes down to it, we all have some awesome fun. and we all have become better friends because of it. I always wanted a home for g1 discussion, and every time I go onto g1 After Dark, it reminds me of that ONE holiday party where I had so much fun. It brings me back man… it brings me back. I'll always remember those Mario Party After Dark viewings, every playing of Apple Juice Break and Money, and all of those dumb yet at times funny abridged shows we would watch. It's been a ton of fun guys, and I wanna thank every single g1 that has ever stopped by g1 After Dark to have some fun.

Once all of those past events began to come together, I realized the true reason why this community is the best out of any possible website. I think fellow g1 SierraFoxTrot (who sadly left ScrewAttack recently) put it best in a comment;

"See, the g1 community is built upon respect. Just because someone has a different opinion than yours, doesn't make them wrong. "

This is essential to the g1s. There are barely any trolls on the main community, and it someone has a different opinion, most of us respect them for it and let be. We don't troll and assholes about it. You can speak freely, and at times you can even discuss with other people! Sure, we may disagree, but it never gets in the way of anyone's friendships on the sight. Why else is this the best community evars? Because if you want someone to critique your work, or you want help in making a show or you just overall want other opinions on your work to improve, ScrewAttack is a great place to come to get other people critiquing. For the most part, it really helps you improve. Take it from a writer who took other writer's advice. It's a great place for that. And overall, it's a hard-working, really welcoming, and overall, a very badass and awesome group of gamers who are here to make awesome content and be your friend. What more could you ask for?

So, as I continued to see g1 Features prosper with the main site crew and the g1s as a whole (mostly), I continued to be a g1 and enjoying every minute of it. I made myself known to the g1 public with g1 Features constantly being front-paged, and I was felt a true sense of community. I got to see the hard-working side of the g1s, and the fun side, and thankfully not one side overbalanced the other. But I still felt something was missing. I know, what was I thinking? I loved the community, I was having so much fun, but yet something deep inside me told me that I could do much more. I wanted… something. It was hard to explain at the time. Looking back though, I can sum it up by saying, I needed a thing. Woodyman has the Spotlight, HybridRain has the magazine, and REVULSIVE has his Jared photoshops. These three g1s have become some of the most well known g1s on the site throughout the last few years. I wanted my own thing, something that people would know me for. I mean, I guess some g1s knew me for blogging and my g1 work, but I wanted some I could call my own, ya know? Then, one night, I discussed it with Alpha Unit, and what we ended up making was SIDETRACKED.


One night, I was roaming around Skype, and Alpha Unit and I were having our usual discussion. I continued to discuss with him about this dilemma I was having. I didn't know what it was, but I soon figured it out, saying that I wanted my own project. Something that I could call my own. Alpha Unit suggested I think of something nobody has done before, which isn't an easy thing to do. Creative ideas don't really come to a person when they want it, they sorta hit a person's mind randomly. However, I was thinking, maybe the g1s needed a podcast. It wasn't the most original idea, but with my ideas I could put into it, I could make this podcast a professional yet fun podcast for the g1s by the g1s. It seemed like it could work, and Alpha agreed it would. With that said, we decided to create the podcast and try to post it to g1 Features so that way it could reach a larger audience. So, that night we brainstormed a crap ton of ideas. We discussed the name, the format, the music played, people to help out, and other awesome stuff. It seemed like between Alpha and I, this podcast could be a very successful product!

Things were going great, and with a good crew behind us, it would seem we have the perfect podcast. It was all going good. Then, Alpha broke the news that Brettman was also working on a podcast, known as Reaction Command, and it was also a g1 made podcast for the g1s that was going to be on g1 Features. At first, I gave up on SIDETRACKED. I figured, ya know what, Brett thought of it first, and he deserves to have his own podcast on g1 Features. I thought it would look bad to be a second podcast coming out right after his. It wasn't something I would prefer. But when I told Alpha this, he did not approve. He thought we had a good podcast, and to simply give up would be terrible. And the more I thought about it, the more he was right. I couldn't just give up on an awesome idea. But that brought up the sad truth that Reaction Command and SIDETRACKED would have to compete in a sense, and honestly, that wasn't my intention from the start, but it had to be done if I wanted SIDETRACKED to get off the ground. So, it debuted, and we actually got a pretty good response. People were liking it, the final product was cool, and we were getting people to help.

Running SIDETRACKED has taught me many things as a whole. For one, you can never, ever, EVER give up on something you are proud of, cause if you do, you may regret it. I was willing to give up SIDETRACKED because of Reaction Command possibly doing better. But ya know what? I still kept going and kept working at making SIDETRACKED possible, and the show has already consistently put up 11 episodes throughout the last few months. It has amazed me how much I have accomplished with the show in these last three months, and imagine if I let this show go… all of that wouldn't be there, and I wouldn't have any podcast to be proud of. But look at this, look at all 11 episodes we accomplished. I am extremely proud of myself, and everyone who has helped us reach this goal should be to. Another important thing I learned is that a show CANNOT be run by one person. Trust me, it is impossible to let a show be run by a single person. You need more than just hosts and editors. If you wanna make the show the best it can be, you need artists, you need assistants, you need writers, you need the whole sha-bang. If it was just me, there would be NO WAY that the show would ever be where it is. If I didn't have additional editors doing a great job, or writers to write the great countdowns we have had, the show would be nowhere as good as it is now.

SIDETRACKED has also taught me how to deal with rejection. Now, there hasn't ever been a time where someone has rudely, or just completely squandered the opportunity to guest host or help us. But there have been plenty of times where a guest host or a co-host has had to cancel their appearance of the show, and at times, it was VERY close call. Sometimes, there are things you can't control, and you are gonna have to deal with losing opportunities. I will not mention names, but some people have not been able to show, and you just have to find a replacement. Thankfully, we've always been able to, but the show must go on as they say in the theatre world. But the most important thing I learned is that you need to always remember; what you are doing is for the audience. Sure, sometimes you may not wanna edit or work on the show, or look for stuff. But you always need to remember that you are doing this for a dedicated audience, and every time I see comments praising the podcast, a huge smile comes onto my face, because I realized that what I did was worth every minute. When I say you guys make the show happen, you all literally make the show happen. Every last minute of it. If it wasn't for you all, I would be nowhere in the show. There'd be no reason to make the show in general.

Now, I am going to thank specific people in just a moment (yup, there's MORE), but I just wanna say thank you to everyone who has edited, written for, guest hosted, co-hosted, watched, commented on, made art for, or in any way, shape, or form helped an episode of SIDETRACKED. I really appreciate everything that everybody has done to help the show. It really has opened my eyes to the possibility of me running a true webshow, and it makes me happy to see something as awesome as SIDETRACKED go out to you all. Without all of you, there would be no SIDETRACKED. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has been an honor making SIDETRACKED for all of you, and while it does have to take a break, you can bet your ass we will be back for a smashing second season. Some new stuff is on the way guys, so stay tuned.

Here are some words from production consultant and co-creator; Alpha Unit!

SIDETRACKED (Spelled in all caps. All caps no matter what) has become quite the series. Admittingly, I didn't think it'd be quite as big as it would be. I meant, we got the g1 community and we got this show all rolled up into the g1 Features account, but it's much, much more astonishing than predicted. I knew we'd find a very loyal fanbase, but never one this big.

I remember how it actually started...Erm... Lemme think...Uh...*sigh*...Uh..Okay...Uh...Yeah...Hmm...Eh...Erm...Uh...Eh....It was...It was...Sorta...Oh, yeah.

It all started back when me and Flaps were casually chatting in Skype. Yeah. We were talking about g1 Shmooblidon (or something like that), who was writing an installment of Indie Shack, a series which I developed in conjunction with Ferret75 for g1 Features. (So I was basically involved with 2 series prior to SIDETRACKED). Deep into the little chat, Flapperdoodle was kind of depressed he never had a series which rocked the g1 community sort of like Digital Forecast or g1 Spotlight so I decided to concieve a little "Something-something" with him.
Because every idea fitting for a community has practicly been created, I told him to search around the internet for something "common". After a couple of minutes, he decided to created a podcast, despite a bit unexperienced in that particular area of interest. So for our first thoughts, we decided upon names and we came up with ridiculous things like "g1-Wonderful" and "Shoot 'em Ups". I eventually came up with SIDETRACKED (Flapperdoodle pushed for more names, but I kept assuring him that mine was perfect). Later up, we came up with the ideas for the podcast and we continued talking about it until it's premiere...But things weren't all sound I must admit.

Brettman was developing his own podcast for g1 Features, and he asked JETZ first...Ooh, that was a burn to Flaps, but nonetheless, I told him not to flip his shit and not to quit. Despite what he wanted, a rivalry was in fact developing. We tried to get Brett on board to combine SIDETRACKED and Reaction Command, but creative differences prevented that. At the time, I was also going through some emotional issues, my lack of mic and my desire to keep anonymity lead me to not making appearances, so I suggested someone else taking my place, and Kailoli was chosen. (I might make an appearance or become a regular host one day in the future, but who knows?)

SIDETRACKED premiered, and it was an absolute smash hit. The people of ScrewAttack picked up and cuddled it like a newborn baby. And from the day of it's premiere, it's become a pleasure for me and everyone else to listen to.

I regret not being able to become co-host or director, but there are things out of my control at the moment that I cannot even bear or even want to describe. I wish I had done more work like I was doing in SIDETRACKED's infancy, but like I said, maybe I'll change that in the future.

Even with my ever shrinking role in shaping SIDETRACKED's, I'm glad that I had done something, and I'm proud to say this is one of the best things to see grow from the background. I can only hope for a large fiasco of good things to come to the definitive g1-run podcast so far.

If ya wanna hear some words from Kailoli, our co-host, here's 7 reasons why she loves SIDETRACKED!


I love all you g1s out there, and each one of you deserves an individual thank you just for being in this community. But, there are some g1s I gotta thank personally for helping make my g1 experience a memorable one. First off, let's make some SIDETRACKED thank you's, because there is quite a slew of them.

First off, to the lovely Kailoli; co-host, friend, and (hopefully) wonderful pole dancer (xD). When I first met you at the g1 Holiday Party back in 2011, that party I said was one of the best one's I've ever been to, you seemed like an incredibly nice and respectful person. So, when Alpha and I were discussing co-hosts and how we'd prefer a woman to handle that job, I thought of you straight away to handle this task, and thankfully you lived up to every little expectation I had. Whether it was the laughs you gave us all, or your love for doing the show as a whole, it was a joy to work with you on this podcast, and I hope you are ready for a fantastic second season!


Next is TOKYOZombie. When he posted his Thor and Raiden fanart, I knew that he would be perfect to make our art for us. I contacted him, honestly, with the fear of rejection or the fear of him not seeing my message at all. He didn't seem very involved in the core of the community, so I was praying he'd see my request. Thankfully, he saw it and was totally open. So I told him what we wanted for the logo; a Paper Mario based logo. Essentially it was gonna be a re-opened crumpled piece of paper with blocky letters. I preferred it on a wood background, so it would look like it was on a desk. What he gave me was above and beyond results, giving me not only a title card, but a rendered logo, a white background logo, and even a non colored white backgrounded logo. It's amazing what he gave me, and it allowed me to go above and beyond. And I don't think I even have to say how wonderful the logo is. It is better than anything I could've done. Thanks man, you are a truly talented artist. Also, speaking of artists, thanks to ChaoticMeltdown for the awesome title cards. When I made my own, they were alright and serviceable. But once CM, the badass photoshop master, took care of them, they became… like… 200% better. Not only that, but ChaoticMeltdown hosted the week he made them too. He did a double SIDETRACKED hitter. Thanks for the cards man, they look stellar.


We also have to thank the editors who have helped us. We have had three editors; GoombaXx who has done it twice, JamesRonald who did it once but in the neediest of times, and then JETZ.acx, who also happens to be a production consultant, so he'll get his thanks in the next paragraph. Goomba, I know you have a ton to do with your Mr. Mittens show and projects for Gaijin Goomba. But to see you take time to help us out, let alone twice, is awesome. Plus, that fire effect you added to the news fuse, is quite possibly the best thing we could have ever added to that section. Thanks for helping us out and doing a great job. JamesRonald, it was finals week, and I was very stressed with having to study for them, so to see, out of everyone, YOU take on the task was surprising yet efficient. You got it done in a good amount of time, and you did one hell of a job. With your music you make, it was even more of a surprise for you to help. Nonetheless, we thank you. We thank you both for taking the time out to do the job I have to do every week. And trust me, editing anything is no easy feat, so thanks for doing it on your own time. We salute you.


And of course, I have to thank my production consultants on the show. JETZ, you were definitely very helpful when it came to scheduling, uploading, even editing once, and overall assistance with the show. You definitely helped me answer some questions I never could, and I can tell you are as dedicated as I am to make sure SIDETRACKED Season 2 is phenomenal. I look forward to working with ya. Then, I have to give a HUGE thank you to Alpha Unit for being a very good friend, and for pretty much being half the reason why the show got off the ground. If it wasn't for your ideas, we wouldn't even have a name for the show. Plus, your top tens were very well done, and helped us have lots of interesting conversation. Alpha, as much as I call this my project, in its extreme infancy, this really was OUR project, and you deserve a heap of credit for helping it happen. Thank you for helping me with the show, you really were a huge chunk of help.


Then gotta give props to the top ten writers who helped us. You got Canadian Brony, bigjoe91, Mr. West, LousyTactician, Alpha Unit, and Guru Guru. All of you guys have wrote Top Tens for us, and each one of them have made us laugh, made us talk, and most importantly, made us smile. Each one really impressed me, and some of the ideas you all came up with were really creative and they were very original. Nice job to all of you. Then, I gotta thank all of our multiple co-hosts and guest hosts for being our third wheels (in the best way possible). You guys gave the show tons of personality and pizzazz, and it was a joy and an honor to work and discuss gaming with each of you. There are too many of you to truly thank each of you, but still. Thanks for being on our show, and thanks to everybody else who in any other way helped out the show. We really appreciate all of your help.


Also, some g1 Features thanks has to go to Ferret75 for being such an awesome dude in general. He runs The Indie Shack, which I have written for many times, and I wanna thank him for giving me the opportunity to write. Plus, thanks to him for always being a cool guy in general. You're awesome dude. Also, thanks to 2200 for making some awesome community lists and always taking my lists. Also, good job on g1 After Dark as a mod. You definitely kept everything under control. Then, thanks to jHawk99 and joeshadowman for being good friends, and also running hilarious and very fun movie nights. I will never forget watching Judge Dredd and The Wizard with you. The g1 After Dark crew also should get a big thank you. Abrams, ChaoticMeltdown, Smoke108, 2200, Shiz, Naitokurabu, Fox, MashFan81, and the rest of you lovely bastards for keeping After Dark in check and always making it a good time. You guys ran the program that was the majority of my Saturday nights, so thanks for that!

Even though there is no way I can recall everybody, thanks to everyone who ever did a collab with me or helped me write a blog or gave me ideas. It's those moments that really help me get blogging and do what I love. Also, thanks to my readers, subscribers, and commenters, for being awesome and always supporting and encouraging me to make more stuff. You are the ones I make this stuff for, and you are the ones that deserve this huge thank you. And of course, thanks to every single g1 out there for being a fantastic community. Thanks for being so welcoming of me, and thanks for being such a fun huge family of people to hang out with. It has honestly been my pleasure to meet and talk to many of you, and I hope for the years to come, I can stay on ScrewAttack and be a g1 for many years to come…

But there are a specific group of people I think I need to thank who I haven't yet… hm… of yes,


Craig, Jared, Chad, Lauren, Ben, Sean, Drake, Sam, Bryan, and Nick. Yes, all of you. Thank you guys for running my, personal, favorite video game website on the internet as of now. Your original content like SideScrollers, The Best EVER!, and DEATH BATTLE always entertains me and always puts a smile on my face! it is amazing to me how all of you run this site so successfully in my eyes. I don't care if people call out on your faults, I still see you guys working your asses off to make this website run, and I couldn't thank you all enough for it. Your hard work and dedication really shows, and without ScrewAttack, I wouldn't have my love for writing or my large sense of community I now have. Thank you Craig for running an amazing site, thank you Lauren for the Newsroom episodes, thank you Jared for Hard News, ProShow Live, and the awesome reviews. Thanks Sean for the news posts, thanks to Drake for the on the spot trailer uploading. Thank Bryan for all the hard work you do for the community, thanks to Ben for the enjoyable death battles, thanks to Chad for running an awesome store. Thanks to Sam for all your swag, and thanks even should go to Nick for the Clip of the Weeks and the great camera work... even if you do Nick things up all the time. Thanks to those of you who answer some of my tweets, play Mario Party After Dark, play on Screwin' Around, and overall have a damn good time. Thank you so much for your hard work. I appreciate it way too much to put it into words.

And… that's it. I don't think I'm forgetting anyone. So, yeah. That's it. So sadly, now it comes down to the truth. I will consider this blog a farewell from me for the next month, as I will lose all internet access for the next month as I go up to sleepaway camp. So that means no blogging, no twitter, no nothing. So, with this blog, I wish you all a bittersweet farewell as I leave. But you can bet your ass that when August is over, I will be back, and I will come back with a bang making blogs and running SIDETRACKED for you all. It is going to be amazing.

Thank you all for your support throughout these last 100 blogs. I appreciate you all, and I will miss you all for the next month. Until we meet again...

- Larry :)

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