Flapperdoodle's Gaming Blog Ep. 29: Conflicting Emotions on Mario Party 9

Posted on February 14, 2012 - 5:39am by Flapperdoodle


 Mario Party 9 looks like a mixed bag as of now. The only thing Nintendo can do to turn me into a fan is simple: RELEASE MORE FOOTAGE! Show off the new gameplay elements and the great minigames! Geez...

 Dear Readers,

Well, the forecast is done, and my life is starting to calm down. The last few weeks have been pretty hectic with me doing the forecast with ReturnofFable, JETZ.acx, and Ivan2294 as well as doing the Spotlight with Woodyman and Foxdark22. My life has been hectic with many events and gatherings I had to attend and tests I had to study for and... oh god. Wait a minute... you guys don't give a crap about my life, you wanna hear me ramble about stuff I care about! Well, today is an interesting topic, as we are talking about the very soon to be released Mario Party 9.

The Mario Party franchise has gone through its early ups, and its recent downs. No other Mario Party has been so debated on than Mario Party 8, which has split Mario Party fans from my prospective. I personally liked Mario Party 8 even with its flaws that I recognize. Especially after Mario Party 6 and 7, two MPs I personally hated, I was happy to see MP8. MP8 brought the series back to awesome multiplayer fun, and I felt it was a worthwile buy and a lot fun. After MP8, I was expecting Mario Party 9 to be announced, but instead I got Wii Party, the game many Nintendo fans originally believed would replace Mario Party for good. But, Nintendo never ceases to surprise me.

Mario Party 9 is said to be released on March 11 in the USA. The game hasn't had much info revealed about it, and hasn't given much footage either. It, at first, made me worried that this game wouldn't be as good or that Nintendo was afraid to let people know too much about the game. Sure, one or two trailers have been released as well as info from N-Zone recently mentioned on the front page of ScrewAttack. This made me even think of Mario Party 9 as even more of a mixed bag... I have been feeling so many different things from Mario Party 9, and I just need to discuss it in a blog.

I think everyone's biggest biggest concern was one question... "Why is their a car in a Mario Party game?". I'm sure we are all aware Mario Party is a game about exploring on your own, as a singular unit. Why are we all of a sudden all together as one big happy family who want to screw each other over? It seems like a very big change for MP, but one unneeded and very far-fetched. This could work if the competition fits the bill, but still, this doesn't scream Mario Party... this doesn't even scream anything, it only whispers awkwardness...

And, if you thought THAT change was drastic, you haven't seen the worst of it. You know how in Mario Party you get coins and that allows you to buy stars? Throw away everything you know about that, because apparently Nintendo did. MP9 is apparently going through this new curreny systems with mini-stars. I don't exactly understand how this works yet, but sadly it doesn't look to fun. This change and the car combined are making MP9 a very dangerous bet for Nintendo. Not only is this game looking different, but it looks VERY different. And when I say different, I mean in a way that could change MP forever, for better... or for worse. I truly hope these two changes click, because if they don't... they are-a-screwed...


One thing that looks JUST as good however, is the minigame lineup. I'm not gonna lie, every minigame I've seen in the trailers and screenshots have gotten either of two reactions:

1. "This is pretty cool..."


Just the four minigames above you look pretty cool. Bowling for goombas, shooting bloopers, jumping on clouds, and following hilarious commands. Some other minigames include avoiding spike balls, catching cheep cheeps through rings, and even almost getting eaten by a Chain Chomp. Awesome. No, I'm not saying that Mario Party 8's minigames were not good, but 9 seems to be bringing a lot more of MARIO into the game. Games from MP8 like Shake it Up, Kartastrophe, and Settle it in Court didn't scream Mario. It seemed like they were just trying to appeal to the young ones. I like to see MARIO in my minigames. Enough said.

Another thing the sounds interesting... 2 vs 1 minigames. Yeah, it sounds ridiculous but this was pictured doesn't look half bad. Apparently these minigames have you competing against Bowser Jr. in some sort. There hasn't been many details given, but they seem like they'll bring more fun to the game... maybe? I dunno, these don't look like they suck... and that's a BIG compliment.

Other random things I am on the fence about; new characters. I love Shy Guy, and it surprises me it took Nintendo THIS LONG to decide he deserves a spot in Mario Kart and Mario Party. Koopa Troopa on the other hand is a perfect example of a character who could easily be replaced by somebody much, much cooler. Let's hope the unconfirmed 12th character is awesome. Also, return of the Ztars. For those unaware, Ztars are basically the evil brother of Stars. They haven't appeared in MP for a LONG time, and I hope they take it to an interesting level. Finally, boss fights. I hear there is Lakitu, King Bomb-omb, Wiggler, King Boo, and etc. Basically, EVERY GENERIC MARIO BOSS FIGHT! Seriously guys, c'mon, let's make some new bosses. If they play well, fine, but we need NEW BOSSES!

Boards... not looking too good. First of all, we have two rip-offs. We have a BOO HORROR BOARD and a GALAXY BOARD (probably IN SPACE!!!). Where have we see-- oh yeah, MP8! We have the typical intro board with Toad, but the lava board and water board sound somewhat interesting. However, Bomb-omb Factory sounds AWESOME! FINALLY! A BOARD ABOUT BOMB-OMBS I MAY LIKE!

So, what do I think of MP9 so far? Meh. so far, its hard to tell. Mario Party 9 changes lots of main areas of Mario Party such as the singular person movement and the coins to stars gameplay aspect. However, Mario Party does keep many aspects like great looking minigames and a pretty good character list. The controls have yet to be seen as well as many of the minigames, boards, gameplay, and menus, so there is lots to look forward to here. I'm not looking to buy Mario Party YET, but I know Nintendo, if ready to release more footage, could surprise me and turn my opinion around. We'll just have to wait and see.

Thanks for reading, and if you haven't already, be sure to check out the latest edition of the g1 Spotlight where I write and Foxdark22 researches.

Also, the latest trailer would be good...

- Larry :)

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