Flapperdoodle's Gaming Blog Ep. 33: A "Review" of "The Tester" (Season 3, Ep. 3)

Posted on February 22, 2012 - 9:06pm by Flapperdoodle


This is the first episode where I was not pleased. Even with the unbelieveably unfair elimination, the show still had a challenge that barely showed any skill in the gaming industry, as well as had drama that never was resolved and very boring to watch. So, so far we are 1/3 stinkbombs. Let's expect more...

 Dear Readers,

I am at a loss for words. I truly am. If you thought the resolution was f*cked up last episode, oh boy, this one takes the cake. I seriously can't believe who they picked, the reasons they picked them, and thew sheer stupidity of those decisions. This is once again a perfect episode to show people if you are trying to prove the everlasting point, "This show doesn't prove any of these people deserve to be in the gaming industry". Besides for gaming challenges, which are simply just… PLAYING GAMES (which doesn't prove enough that you deserve to be in the industry), and maybe the interview in episode one (which was in a way unfairly judged) doing these tasks do not prove squat. "Oh but Larry, this proves they have *insert skill like honesty, agility, speed, strength, the ability to make good choices*, and ya know my response?


Let's begin with a "review" of Episode 3.

PS- I had to make screencaps because there were no photos in use at the time!


This week, there wasn't a contestant that really pissed me off this week. Sure, some made bad decisions, but none made any decisions so stupid that it effected the competition… mostly. It really came down to the elimination. But hey, this section is about the contestants.

SMART: Akilleezmight

I've waited to put this guy here because he seemed like a good guy right from the start, and this episode allowed him to finally show what leadership skills he has. He didn't step up as high as he could of, but he did help his team. He carried extra melons, he makes sure they have a team meeting, and he does get upset over things that YOU SHOULD get upset about. He tried his best so that the team would get along, and after last week, Burn (burnNibelheim's nickname) and Suzkaiden need this intervention. His plans didn't end up succeeding FULLY, however it was still a good effort, and you have to respect that.

STUPID: burnNibelheim

As I said, it was hard to choose someone truly stupid. Nobody did something so stupid that I started to truly groan. But the person who came closer was burnNibelheim. Here's the thing, its bad enough that she was the one who missed the most times when she was shooting the melons during the challenge, but there was another thing she did that pissed me off. After the team meeting and (apparently…) Suzkaiden and Burn putting aside their differences, Burn basically said "Ha ha, screw you!" and shoves Suzkaiden under the bus and blames her for screwing up during the challenge. Pretty b*tchy Burn… pretty b*tchy…

After last week, and the drama between Burn and Suzkaiden, Burn, krystipryde, and later Kwajamonster are all (pretty much) in an alliance with each other to get rid of Suzkaiden. They start to believe she is more passionate for attention than gaming and feels she doesn't deserve to be here. While I understand where they are coming from, and yes I do agree a passion for gaming is not present, but a thirst for attention may be harder to show on tape. We'll have to see as the season goes on. Burn and Suzkaiden hugged it out, but seemed way to quick of an apology. I knew ONE OF THEM was going to turn into a b*tch. Anyway, besides for the girl drama, nothing else really changed. Everyone stayed their normal self.


This week we went back to the typical one challenge system. This week, in honor of the recently released "Uncharted: Golden Abyss", players had to run an obstacle course. It involved jumping over wooden wheels turned sideways, running through buses, balancing on beams, and the hardest part, carrying and shooting cantaloupes at wooden targets. The contestants were split into two teams.


  • - akileezmight
  • - ninjanomyx
  • - egoraptor
  • - burnNibelheim
  • - Suzkaiden


  • - RealityPalez
  • - skyd1ddy
  • - J-Tight
  • - krystipryde
  • - Kwajamonster

The goal of the challenge was to shoot all five targets in the fastest time possible. Not only that, but players must carry the ammo, each member must make a shot, and if you run out of ammo, you gotta go get more. The Tan Team went first, and each member has a notable thing. Ninjanomyx got a little woozy, and it was good he got back to normal and completed the task. Egoraptor easily shot his target and went to go get more ammo. Remember this for later. Akileezmight was there being a motivator and even helped out Ninja (ninjanomyx's new nickname) when he felt woozy carrying three bags of ammo. The main thing was of course Burn who missed many targets and cost them lots of time. Not only that, but she didn't carry any ammo on the way to the slingshot. The judges caught that, and it did come to bite her in the ass later. Remember this as well. Suzkaiden also caused a slip-up. She got her target, but it fell due to a rolling melon, so she kept shooting THINKING she needed to hit another one. This was a misunderstanding, and nobody SAID anything, but Burn thought something. It was just a mess-up, and I can understand that. What I can't understand is why Suzkaiden would help Burn set up the shot when the rules stated THEY HAD TO MAKE THE SHOT ON THEIR OWN. Geez.

Then the Black Team came up. It all started off well with everyone getting through fine. RealityPalez got his shot out and went to get more ammo, being slightly cocky but not by much. Skyd1ddy did need some chances, but did get the target. J-Tight also needed some time to get the shot, but he did. Kwajamonster needed help too, but once again, overall good. Sadly, kyrstipryde is where the damage came. She went to get more ammo EARLY, before she took the shot. This caused the team to fall into a standstill until she came back, which she did, and she made the shot after a few tries. Notice how this description is much less in depth…

So yes, the Black Team won. Their prize was a copy of the book "Uncharted: Drake's Journal" written by Nolan North (the man who voices Nathan Drake) and they would also receive a visit from Nolan North. They DID show this, and it went very well. He seems like a nice guy and very down to earth as well. Not only that, but he gives a special performance of Nathan Drake for everyone, which was worth the whole episode. He surprised the Black Team by giving them three PSVitas to use for a bit which were "loaded" with Uncharted: Golden Abyss. We got to see some gameplay with the very obnoxious ESRB rating to help. The gameplay looks pretty good, and I still stand by it saying it is easily one of the only games I would buy for the Vita.

Sadly, the Tan Team lost. This means that, one again, Suzkaiden, Burn, and Egoraptor were on a losing team and on the chopping block. This doesn't necessarily cause drama between Suzkaiden and Burn, but more of the "alliance" between Krystipryde, Kwajamonster, and Burn. Also, the Tan Team has a team meeting, in which they all agree that none of them could be picked out to be eliminated, which is understandable. Sadly though, Burn brings up Suzkaiden's misunderstanding. This causes some "Uh-Ohs" and is never really resolved. This won't be good.

But for now, it's time for… the… resolution. Get ready folks.


So… yes, this is what I've been leading up to. This is the part of the episode that I truly was pissed off at. It always seems to be this doesn't it? Well yes, and ya wanna know why? Because once again, the judging panel made bullsh*t decisions. Wanna know what they are? Well, we first need to get through the events that transpired.

First off, as I previously mentioned, after only ONE QUESTION (and the first question asked), Burn throws Suzkaiden under the bus. Akileezmight in an interview clip said he was ticked off by this for the same reason I was. There was a clear understanding that nobody was going to through someone under the bus, and he was upset with Burn. Suzkaiden then takes the gloves off and starts to scream her points. Burn mentions the misunderstanding, she fights about it, the typical. The judging panel also mentions Burn not carrying any ammo, which is understandable, as well as how she was dead weight last week even being captain. Ouch… But what really got me hooked was the opposite team. Kwajamonster and Kyrstipryde both speak up for Burn about Suzkaiden. I do respect that, and it also proves my alliance theory, but that was slightly uncalled for. Not only that, but RealityPalez defends Suzkaiden due to their ALLIANCE. It was heated, but soon it went downhill… FAST…

It turns out, the judging panel decides to call out egoraptor. Seeing how he has so far been on a losing side all three challenges. Brent Gocke keeps this on his back, but that isn't valid (I'll explain later). John Garvin (the guest panelist) also pointed out that he should've been with his team helping his team about shooting the melons from the slingshot. We will be discussing why both of the reasons are invalid in a few moments.

Sadly, after everyone spoke up about relationships in the house, the judges took the judging upon them. This is where things go wrong.

So, let's recap, the contestants on the chopping block are:

1. BurnNibelheim for not carrying any ammo as well as missing many shots. Also, add on last week being the dead weight after being chosen as captain.

2. Suzkaiden for helping Burn when not supposed to as well as communicating poorly

3. Egoraptor for being on the chopping block for the third time as well as not staying to help his teammates with the melons.

So, who got eliminated. Well… RANT TIME!

ELIMINATED CONTESTANTS: Egoraptor and BurnNibelheim

Yup, a truly odd DOUBLE elimination... not shocking... just odd.

Now, I understand Burn's elimination. She's shown many areas where she has been showing weakness in leadership. While these challenges may have nothing to do with the gaming industry, leadership as a whole is important. I still think though that Suzkaiden should've went home for helping Burn (which is against the rules) and also the misunderstanding. While it was just a mistake, it did cost them time. Also, I am going to go bullcrap on the reason she is staying. Because she has "passion"? No. Wrong. False. Every contestant has passion, so are you telling me that she shows MORE passion because she screams aggressively and speaks over contestants to get her point across? Yeah, a stupid reason. She really needs to go home and fast.

But easily the biggest WTF moment came from eliminating egoraptor. Look, the reason I am pissed is not because I am one of his fanboys. It is because he was eliminated for the wrong reasons. So, instead of formatting this into a paragraph, I am going to state why both points they made about egoraptor were flawed in its own section.

A) "Because you are on the chopping block for the third time."

First of all, the last challenge was not his fault. He was on a losing team, but only because of Asuukaa and Suzkaiden. He even tried to give them tips and help them, with no such luck. None of that was his fault, and on this challenge, that was also true. He shot his target and made the SMART MOVE by getting more ammo. Trust me, with some of the shots they made, they may have needed that ammo. He was not anywhere close to the reason they lost. Also, this is getting a little ahead, but if you were upset he was once again consecutively on the chopping block, why not confront him last week? They didn't, so what's the point this week. Two is bad enough, but apparently three does it for them. None of these challenges were lost by him, and it is unfair to judge him because of that. I don't know if this is bias or something, but it is poorly judged.

B) "You should've stayed with your team to help them with the melons."

Where to begin. First of all, this is contradicting the rules. Proved by Suzkaiden, if you helped your contestant, you were breaking the guidelines. The contestants had to shoot the melons themselves. Just saying "pull back" or "keep it close to you" doesn't help much. There isn't much you can say to help. Maybe if Garvin said he should've stayed to MOTIVATE them, that would be a different story --


Two is enough, three's a crowd as they say. Also, as I've said, it is a smart decision to go back and get ammo. I don't see how in the hell that wouldn't be. Players were constantly missing shots, so ammo was a necessity. Also, he made his shot, so not being there was ok. Akileezmight was doing a fine job.

In other words… bullsh*t. Utter, utter, bullsh*t.

So yes, egoraptor is off. I honestly wished he stayed longer, but because he was cool, not because I am a fanboy. And also, to everyone who thinks THE TESTER is doing this for views, shut up. That is not the reason he is on the show. This proves they don't care about egoraptor's fanbase. I do expect some hate mail though.


Not only was this elimination one of the worst in Tester history, it was also one of the most poorly judged, most poorly reasoned, and most poorly chosen elimination I have ever seen period, and I watch a SH*T TON of reality TV. It pains me to see such a terrible elimination, and it blows last week's out of the water.

As for the rest of the episode, the show proved to me once again it can't come up with good GAMING RELATED challenges, and that they can't let go of drama or resolved problems that deserve to be. We are off to a GREAT start…

- Larry :)

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