Flapperdoodle's Gaming Blog Ep. 4: Rayman Origins First Impressions!

Posted on November 30, 2011 - 9:15pm by Flapperdoodle


 So far, besides for some control issues, Rayman Origins is a solid title. Review coming soon!

Update (Dec. 5th, 2011): Thank you SO much to g1 spotlight for... well spotlighting this article I highly appreciate it! Thank you to Woodyman, Ivan2294, and Smoke108!

Dear Readers,

So, Black Friday happened. I am not exactly a shopper... period. I mean, when I want something like a video game, clothes, movies, or maybe even a book, I go buy it, but I don't buy things consistently. But, as I was reading through some pamphlets about Black Friday at places like Best Buy, Target, and of course, Gamestop. And, as I was reading the typical console bundles and regular game exposure, when I saw an interesting deal. It said that Rayman Origins (a game I've wanted for a while) was $20 off. I decided to take up the offer, and so I bought it!

Today, I am here to discuss my first impressions. I have so far played through the entire first world and about half of the second world. And, while the game doesn't necessarily dissapoint me, I am a little annoyed with the game so far.

Let's just get this right out of the way, it's a good game so far. The game has very good looks, the controls are overall tight, and the ideas put in is pretty fun. The game at times can be fun and fast-paced action. There are these moments where there is speeding water streams and if you fall into them you move incredibly fast and jump high to catch Lums (I'll explain later...) and it makes you feel good when you actually pull those things off. There are also these vine like creatures and a flying ability you earn in world two. All of these put together equals a creative platformer that you can definitely find awesomeness in.

World 2 (forgot its probably ridiculous name) has a musical concept to it. For example, the ground is made up of piano keys which, if you fall on one of them, the key will play a musical note. There's also this digareedo (I hope I am saying that right) thing where if you fall into one of the holes, the note will play. The concept isn't used very well and is just... there. But, the music in the game itself is OK. Not many of the pieces are really noticeably memorable, but, there is one theme I LOVE. When you collect one huge Lum, there's this cheery theme for a limited time making every Lum worth double. It is so catchy and so cheery. Love it... for sure.

The thing that is annoying me is the life system. I mean... the game is very similar to DKCR. DKCR has a two heart life system where, at times you could get back a heart after losing it. Rayman Origins does pretty much the same thing. In fact, Rayman Origins is like DKCR is more ways than one. They both are trial and error, very challenging throughout the game, and can make you so f*cking angry you'll want to explode. I got made because I kept dying, but I only blamed myself... and the controls.

It's not that they are bad, in no means. There is just something about them that makes them floaty and combursum at times. It may just be the level I was playing, but the controls seemed less accurate. I've tried two out of three control styles; wii remote sideways and wii remote and nunchuck. They are both good ways, but I have to see if the classic controller is as good.

And, no, I haven't gotten to try to multiplayer, and I doubt I will be dissapointed in any way. The characters are really cool, unlockables are made well, and I feel the whole Lums to get Electoons thing works very well. I hear that the backtracking is gonna be rough, so I better get ready. Overall, the game is creative and fun, but the controls are kinda annoying me for some reason. Maybe it was just that level, I don't know. We'll see, and besides, I gotta beat the game first. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more awesome reviews!

- Larry :)

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