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Dear Readers,

Lizards, earthworms, and dragons alike, prepare to get boners of nostalgia while simultaneously remembering the recent game memories. It is time to talk about one of the oldest, one of the greatest, one of the most loved genres in gaming history. Strap on your jetpack of water, stock up on jellybeans for your blobby friend, and get ready to do a lot of jumping. This is...

It's been a while, but I am back to give you guys the goods with my own original series in which I discuss the best things about the best platformers. This week, I am making a triumphant return to the series with a topic that I'm sure everyone can relate to; and that topic is


Ah yes, the standard for any major platforming game. Bosses are the big moment of every world, level, or stage. We all wait for it anxiously as we grab every item, jump over every pothole and defeat every enemy. The boss is the climax of each level, and without a boss, each level or world feels extremely empty. Whether this boss is a major threat, a comedic villain, or your perfect equal, the boss always gets you pumped up and ready to kick ass. These four games more so embody than the boss itself rather than the levels they belong in. Let's delve right into It!

Super Mario Galaxy

Mario sometimes gets a bad reputation for boss fights, considering about 60% of them are simply Bowser himself, but many of Mario's 3D installments have some cool boss fights, one of the best examples being Super Mario Galaxy. I remember many of Mario's baddies from this game; like King Kaliente, Baron Von Freeze, Dino Piranha, and even all of those Bowser Jr. Armada battles. Every boss in the game barely every spoke, but each one embodied a different personality just by seeing there emotion. The design of each boss was unique, fun, and each one felt like it belonged in the Mario series. Each one was different, with each one taking on a different feel for the player. When I see Bouldergeist, I feel sorta disturbed but also ready to kick that bosses ass. When I see Bugaboom, I get creeped out a little bit, but I also get a strange craving for ground pounds. The fights may not have been the best they could be, but the bosses themselves are very well made and oozing with awesomeness.

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

As many people know, I am a sucker for superhero games, and with Avengers on the mind, let's discuss another Marvel hero that made a pretty ok game, Spider-Man. Now, discussing Marvel and Marvel only, Spider-Man has one of the greatest rouges gallery of all time. Shattered Dimensions took this idea and ran with it, similar to Arkham City. So many awesome villains are in this game, like Deadpool, Venom, and even lesser known ones like Scorpion and Electro. Some levels were pretty good, some weren't as good, but no matter what, the fact that so many awesome villains were well-represented makes me happy inside. Plus, because of the four different styles, some villains feel different because of different eras. If you played the game, ya know what I mean. I love me some superhero games, and this is no exception in terms of boss fights.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Zelda is a much more action adventure game than a platformer, but the game is technically a platformer, and since it has awesome bosses, I decided to add it on this installment. This game is a classic to so many people, but for most it is the great level design, the dungeon gameplay, and the expansive world the game is portrayed in. But for me, because Ocarina of Time was one of the first Zelda games I ever played, the bosses in the game were actually extremely awesome. Many people were saying how amazing these fights were, and I believed them, but when I actually played them… well, that is a whole other story. When I reached Gohma's lair, I was actually pretty damn scared with this boss, and I think this is what OoT does best when it comes to their bosses. Each boss really makes you feel intimidated, and makes you second guess yourself as you battle said boss. I remember Volvagia scaring the hell out of me, and because of this, my multiple beginning attempts were ruined. But each boss makes you summon enough courage from yourself to go woop them to shreds, and you do eventually. Overall, solid bosses here. Each one gets you scared, but in the best way.

Sonic and Knuckles

If there is one Sonic game that has a badass list of bosses that totally resembles Eggman's badnick squad as a hole, it's Sonic and Knuckles. I mean… Eggman brought everything he could for this one. He brought the Egg Golem, the Great Eggman Robo, the Eggmobile, and of course, the Egg Missile Doomsday Device and the Egg Bomber: Doomsday Device. Hell, he even got Mecha Sonic to fight some of his battles. Every boss in the game is so badass and the spiriting on each one makes it look intricate and stunning. Playing each boss is fun, but I'd rather just look at some of these bosses. I mean… just look at Mecha Sonic. He's so well made. His whole physique is awesome, and just the fact that there is a Mecha Sonic in this game blows my mind. All of these machines just have so much power, and each one has its own abilities to use against you. This is truly a great game to look at if you need inspiration on how to base a game's boss list off of mostly one solid character. Who knew Eggman had all this crap lying around. You'd think he'd use it someday to kill that damn hedgehog, but nope, and sadly, I don't Eggman really got any other armada then the one he had here. Sorry buddy…

Well, that was another epic episode of The Perfect Platformer. I hope you enjoyed, and I also hope you stay tuned for next week, because I've missed THREE episodes of The Legend of Korra, and due to me being busy with school, friends, and especially SIDETRACKED, I missed the chance to review any of them, so throughout the next week, I'll be doing my best to take the time to review each one and get caught up. Plus, the next episode of The Perfect Platformer is gonna focus on sidekicks in platformers, possibly playable or non-playable, I don't know. Either way, sidekicks… yeah. Thanks for reading guys, and don't forget to check out the first episode of SIDETRACKED which aired this past Thursday. Be sure to give me your feedback!

- Larry :)

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