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Posted on July 14, 2012 - 9:01pm by Flapperdoodle


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Dear Readers,

Quick, you better grab some oil to keep me from rusting, cause I don't wanna rust up before another episode of my favorite show where Flapperdoodle takes a look at the best of the best of all of the different platforming games all over the place. Whether it be certain characters, certain levels, whatever it may be, Flaps wants to talk about it, so let's begin another episode of…

Today, I will be ripping a page out of the book of ScrewAttack, as I discuss a topic they recently covered on The Best Ever, and that would the exquisite concept of,


Yes, the platforming genre has had many a robot in many different franchises. They vary from main characters, to playable characters, to enemies, to bosses in MANY cases. Robots are just so expendable in how they can be used or shown. The design possibilities, the powers and abilities you can give them, and even if you want to give them a personality, there's plenty of ways to do that too. Robots can be just straight up evil, or maybe nice and intelligent, who knows? These four examples of robots are not only creative, but they are totally awesome in their own way.

The Robot Masters (Original Mega Man)

Derp. How can I discuss robots in platforming without mentioning the entire original series of Mega Man? From the first installment to the latest 10th installment, Mega Man has had some truly awesome robot masters. It's not only their attacks and their themes, which are awesome. But it is also how each one has their own uniqueness to their concepts and their designs. I love how Shadow Man looks like a ninja with the throwing star on his head, since ninjas and shadows go together seamlessly. I love how Napalm Man has missile launchers for hands, and overall looks like a machine that would handle Napalm. I also love how Frost Man has a body looking like an igloo and hands looking like they were made out of snow. The series has this talent of making their robot masters perfectly fit in their names and roles. Sure, some designs could be a little bit more inventive, but overall, these looks are very awesome, and I can tell Capcom put true effort into creating these designs. Add that to (mostly) awesome theme music for each and a well put together stage and ability organization, and you got yourself one hell of an army Dr. Wily!

Mecha-Bowser (Super Mario Sunshine)

Ha, and you thought I was gonna mention FLUDD. No way, that robot sucks, however this robot on the other hand kicks some serious butt. Mecha-Bowser has been seen throughout the Mario series. It has made subtle appearances in the Mario Party series, the Mario Tennis series, and even in Super Mario Galaxy at a point. But he was at his strongest when he was a boss in Super Mario Sunshine. When you go to Pinna Park, he's the first boss, and he isn't the easiest boss. I found him one of the harder bosses in the game, so either Mecha Bowser is hard, or I suck at Super Mario Sunshine. Either way, you have to fight him on a roller coaster, and then you have to shoot water rockets at him, but you also have to avoid the large flames and the bullet bills. He can be tough, but he is a very fun boss and always keeps you on your toes. Not only is this boss cool simply because he can breath fire, but he's a larger Bowser. Bowser is awesome and powerful enough as is, but now we have a giant, metal, scarier version of him? I'm down. Now I will admit, him in Super Mario Galaxy was pretty cool, but I never liked his over colorful redesign. I like him designed like Bowser; same color palette and same overall tone. In this case, fire be good.

Impact (Mystical Ninja, Starring Goemon)

Oh boy, you wanna talk obscure? Let me introduce you to Impact from the Goemon series. Essentially, to sum it up in the best way possible, he is a huge ass robot with a huge ass smile on his face that Goemon can control. He has long arms that can smash practically anything, and he has one hell of a theme song. Mystical Ninja, Starring Goemon is one of the most not well known Nintendo 64 games out there, yet it can be found easily. The game is the journey of Goemon and Ebisumaru to figure out who "maimed" Oedo Castle. The game is a very fun platformer, and I recommend you try it out, but the large robot sections of the game where you play as Impact are very fun as well. It's essentially beating the sh*t out of things. And honestly, the cutscene before these segments made me laugh so hard at first it isn't even uncanny. And then, the theme song… oh my god. It is so ridiculous yet catchy it is insane. Right when I heard "DASH DASH DASH!" and the Japanese masculine singer, it had me hooked in the guiltiest of ways. Plus, I love the innocent large smile on his face, like he is so damn happy that he is about to kick some ass. It's a lot of fun guys, so be sure to try out this game soon, and look out for that "DASH DASH DASH!".

GLaDOS, Wheatley, Atlas, and P-Body (Portal and Portal 2)

Where to even begin guys. Portal  is a fantastic duo of games that deserve a 100% playthrough from all of you. One of the best aspects of the games is without a doubt, the cast. Every character is hilarious and has their own charm and personality, but while Cave Johnson is frackin' amazing, the robots take the lying cake. GLaDOS is 50% of what makes Portal's comedy work. Her robotic voice mixed with her sarcastic sense of humor make for near perfect timing. On the other hand, the duo of Atlas and P-Body don't have voices, so they need to rely on body language to get their point across, and don't worry, this works all the time with flying colors. I love Atlas and P-Body, mainly because of how cute they are and overall how their personalities are reflected off of one another. Then there is the little bastard Wheatley, who is the most subtle out of all of them, but yet, his nervous attitude makes him extremely lovable. Wheatley was just one of those characters that I loved going on a journey with because of how much he made me laugh. All of these brilliantly written characters together make up a team of incredibly well rounded robots. I am happy I got the chance to play TWO games with them.

And there you have it, four franchises that have awesome robots in it. Hopefully you can expect more of The Perfect Platformer in the coming months. Next time, it's gonna be the 10th episode! So expect more than just ME in that episode. FORESHADOWING!

- Larry :)

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