Flashpenny's Dammit-I-Can't-Think-Of-An-Original-Title Interviews # 3: super munkky

Posted on July 1, 2012 - 8:57am by Flashpenny


Man, I miss super munkky. He was a cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything.

This is like, what, the fourth interview this past hour? Eh. Anyway here's me interviewing Super Munkky.

Flashpenny: What is your favorite video game? 

SM: Probably Crash bandicoot 3. I think that it was the perfect platformer with just enough zany humour for it to be funny but still retain its appeal beyond five year olds.

Flashpenny: Favorite movie?

SM: Probably Monty Python and the holy grail. There is nothing better than being asked a question and saying "NEE"

Flashpenny: Where did you get the idea for your g1 name?

SM: Well basicly my xbox tag used to be wingwang666 but it sounded saft so I changed it. I didn't know what to do so I asked people what I should be and someone said I was a monkey for changing it but spelled it munkky. I thought I am a super munkky and that became my username for pretty much everything else.

Flashpenny: Who is your favorite video game hero?

SM: Spyro the dragon. I grew up with him and crash and I thought he had more of a personality.

Flashpenny: Favorite video game villain?

SM: Probably the locust queen from GOW2. I thought she was a dark layered villain and I really did hate her which is something a lot of villains fail to accomplish.

Flashpenny: Favorite movie hero?

SM: Probably Rambo. He is so freaking bad ass and he is a great character even though I don't really like Stallone as an actor.

Flashpenny: Favorite movie villain? And for the love of all that is good don't say Darth Vader! He's the answer to that question on my other two interviews.

SM: Darth Maul HA no seriously I am going to have to go old school and day MacBeth because it is a beautiful transformation from hero to out and out psychopath.

Flashpenny: Yup, nothing says evil like a dude with a chick's name.

Where do you get the idea for your blogs?

SM: Honestly? I just get inspired by other people like my music was bertram my interviews was waluigi. Oh except for my novel. That one was me doing an essay on MacBeth and thinking I could write something like this. I made it slightly less dark and my screwattack script was written. Then I turned the trailer into a novel.

Flashpenny: Favorite final boss?

SM: God um... I think ripto in spyro 2 was my fave as he was fun yet challenging. Plus who doesn't like beating up little umpa lumpa wannabes.


Flashpenny: Of course. After all Willy Wonka never seems to pay those guys and they stay loyal.

Favorite regular boss?

SM: Another spyro one. It has got to be Buzz from spyro 3. He is just so stupidly easy and has a great design. It is just a fun boss.


Flashpenny: Favorite video game level?

SM: Probably any level from the sly cooper series. They are all brilliant.

Flashpenny: Hear, hear. My favorite was the first Canadian level in the 2nd game.

Have you ever played a game that was hyped-up by the gaming community and when you played it you felt it was a good game but deserves nowhere near as much credit as it got?

SM: Yes and it is a game I despise for the hype. Hold on *FLAME SHIELD ACTIVATE* OK it is COD4. I don't know why but I just never liked this game. I thought the story was lacking, the gameplay was good but nothing revolutionary and the multiplayer was just adequate. Not amazing just OK. It still gets mentioned on best game lists and I just didn't enjoy it.

Flashpenny: What is your favorite movie climax?

SM: Saw. I don't want to ruin it but I thought the build up was excellent and the ending blew my mind. Easily the best ending ever and my favourite horror movie of all time.

Flashpenny: What is your favorite video game track?

SM: Honestly I don't really pay attention to the music in games but one I do love is great mighty poo from CBFD. It is just so freaking funny.


Flashpenny: What is your name?

SM: Ben Potter (not harrys cousin)

Flashpenny: What is your quest?

SM: To make give enjoyable blogs to the world.

Flashpenny: What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

SM: Damn it tell me, is it european or african?

Flashpenny: Uh, I don't know that. *plummets into Gorge of Eternal Peril*

Well now that I'm dead (and I'm typing this with a keyboard made of sulfuric acid in Hell), the interview's over. Hope you had a fun time!

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