Flashpenny's Dammit-I-Can't-Think-Of-An-Original-Title Interviews # 4: RADDman

Posted on July 13, 2012 - 8:50am by Flashpenny


 Hey RADDman, if you're reading this, I just want to let you know that I miss you buddy.

Well here's my next interview with the very funny g1 RADDman



Flashpenny: What is your favorite video game?

RADDman: My favorite video game of all time would have to be Super Samsh Bros. Melee. This game is one of those "perfect" games, in the way that I can find nothing wrong with it. The only nitpick, actually, is the clone characters. However, the simple solution for this is simply not playing as them.

Actually, I wanna mention that I dislike it when people hate on the characters in fighting games. If you don't like them, just don't play as them! There's also the whole "tier" system that says which characters are the best to play as. Maybe it only works when you talk about CPU-only battles (I love those), but some people are better with certain characters than others! 

Flashpenny: Favorite movie? 

RADDman: My favorite movie of all time is definetely Watchmen. I don't have an actual list, I just have a favorite movie ever and favorite movies for certain genres. Check it out: 

FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME: Rorschach! Er, um, Watchmen

FAVORITE ANIMATED MOVIE: The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland (1951 Disney adaptation), The Three Caballeros (tie)


FAVORITE SCI-FI MOVIE: The Empire Strikes Back

FAVORITE ESPIONAGE MOVIE: Goldeneye (am I the only one who remembers the movie version?)

FAVORITE ADVENTURE MOVIE: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Cruystal Skull (screw the critics, this movie was f*cking awesome!)



Flashpenny: I actually like the movie Goldeneye more than the game. 

Where did you get the idea for your g1 name?

RADDman: Okay, I thought you'd make some sort of witty comment on Stardust. Whatever.

I got the idea for my g1 name from a good friend of mine, Jeff Rodriguez. We were in the fifth grade together and he came up with a nickname that cracked people up everytime they heard it. He was Super Rad Turd the Third! We all thought that the name was both ridiculous and awesome (ridiculously awesome or awesomely ridiculous?). Sadly, he moved to Brazil for a few months, came back in some of my classes in the 6th grade and moved to Jacksonville. I decided to turn Rad to RADD with all caps and an extra D for awesomeness and donned the name RADDman. I may be RADDman, but Jeff will always be the original Super Rad Turd the Third!

Flashpenny: Who is your favorite video game hero?

RADDman: My favorite video game hero is myself, of course! I don't think any of you know it yet, but I'm one of the stars of a little known platformer/adventure/beat em up game with RPG elements and a fighting game based on the game in the same disc. It's called RADDman's RADDventure (I know, the title's great), and it was made following my blackmailing to Nintendo. I told them they had to make it or else. They did, but their brilliant team of lawyers pointed out that they didn't have to release it because I never said they had to when I made them swear they had to make it. I nodded and backed out, but I did keep a copy.

Just kidding, my real fave is Link. He's a cool dude.

Flashpenny: lol

Favorite video game villain?

RADDman: Favorite video game villain? That's a tough choice, there's lots of bad ones out there. I'd have to go with Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. Sure, he's actually just some dude who went berserk after realizing he's a clone and he looks sorta like a girl and his only claims to fame are killing Aerith and a kicka*s theme song ...

Damn, forget him! Either Kefka because he's just evil for the fun of being evil or GLaDOS for not givng us our cake. You can also include Bowser in Mario 64 for trying to keep us from our cake (also he is GIGANTIC and his theme song in the last battle is scary as sh*t).

Flashpenny: You mean this one?


On that note who's your favorite final boss? 

RADDman: Damn, that's a tough choice. Who is my favorite final boss? I'd have to go with Bowser 3 in Super Mario 64. I think I've already explained why, but I'll say a little more. He is absolutely bada*s in this fight. After two hits, he destroys the edges of the satge and changes it from a circular field to one shped like a star. To me, that's one of those moments in video games where you have to pause and say "Wow. That was EPIC."


Skip 2:25 in.

Flashpenny: Yeah. Totally true, especially since it's so hard to actually kill him the third time.

What is your favorite regular boss?

RADDman: I know. That boss battle is a real b*tch.

My favorite not-final boss battle is either from The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker or Pac-Man World 2. I love the fight in Dragon Roost Island, but I love how they reinvented the Pac-Man series with platformer action and machines piloted by the ghosts that sometimes require some real thinking to pinpoint the weak spots. I especially love the first boss in PMW2, Blinky's Giant Frog. I used to play that battle over and over again.

Flashpenny: What is your favorite video game level?

RADDman: My favorite video game levels are Great Bay in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Whomp's Fortress and Bob-Omb Battlefield in Super Mario 64, Ice River Run in Pac-Man World 2 and all the stages I played so far in House of the Dead: Overkill. No wait, make that all the stages I've played in ANY of the House of the Dead games. That is probably my favorite series, and my favorite games are tied between Part 3 in the arcades and Swearing Policeman ... I mean, erm, Overkill.

Flashpenny: Favorite movie hero?

RADDman: I would say Indiana Jones because he's awesome and the ultimate man (besides John McClane, who also stars in a series with four movies I love), but there are other choices too! Like ... um ...

- Harry Potter (never mind, too annoyingly serious and not funny)

- Rocky Balboa (nope, don't like him as much as Indy)

- Sam Witwicky (nuh-uh, too nerdy, although I like saying his last name over and over)

- Bobby Pendragon (sorry, no movies based on the Pendragon series just yet)

- Edward Cullen (just kidding, Twilight sucks)

- ...

Forget it, Indiana Jones FTW! 

Flashpenny: Favorite movie villain?

RADDman: This one's easier. Darth Vader. He's freaking awesome, with the voice and the costume and the lightsaber and the heavy breathing and just everything! I also must give honorable mentions to Judge Claude Frollo and the Joker (Heath Ledger), two villains you seem to like very much as well.

Flashpenny: How awesome would it be if they all melded together (basically Darth Vader taking down the Mafia before singing about his lust for the female lead in front of his fireplace)?

RADDman: That would be damn awesome if it were to happen. Especially if the female lead in the fireplace was Megan Fox! Yeah ... :)

Flashpenny: Favorite movie climax? 

RADDman: It would either be Luke Skywalker's first battle with Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back, the baptizing/murder montage in The Godfather, the big fight scene in Rocky II and III, or the final gangbang of your self-concious in the end of Alice in Wonderland. I'm telling ya, that disney movie can get seriously messed up.

Flashpenny: What's your favorite video game music track?

RADDman: Damn, I have no definite answer to that. Some possible candidates:

- "One-Winged Angel" from Final Fantasy VII (it's on par with the Imperial March from Star Wars, I swear!)


- Temple Theme from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link


- Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog

- Ice Cap from Sonic 3 & Knuckles


- "Back in the USSR" and "Can't Buy Me Love" from The Beatles: Rock Band (you never specified what you meant by "video game music track")


Flashpenny: All fine choices.

Have you ever played a game that you felt was hyped up too much by the gaming community and when you bought it you thought it was good but you were let down (it's how I feel about Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy and Conker's Bad Fur Day)? If so what?

RADDman: Before I answer the question ...


Anyways, I seriously thought that Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl were both overhyped by the gaming community. I've already created a blog about SSBB, but I think I should talk about MKW. The AI sucks, some of the stages are next to impassible and the battle mode was incredibly inferior to the N64 version. Items were also very cheap. I was never snaked or destroyed by a blue shell (in an unnervingly bad way, at least) until I played that game. Best racing game ever? NO. Mario Kart 64 is, in my book.

Flashpenny: How ironic is it that I feel about Brawl the way you feel about Galaxy and that I fell about Galaxy the way you feel about Brawl?

Where do you get the ideas for your blogs?

RADDman: I get my ideas for "What's Busting My Balls Today" from whatever's annoying me at the time. Say, my overlooked and underrated review of Coldplay's disasterpiece "Viva La Vida". I think of memories about the album, listen to the songs again and write my opinion about them. I'm also planning on making the last "WBMBT" soon after the release of my autobiographical blog (which was inspired by my fifteenth birthday on October 2). After that, I'll be doing "RADDman's Thoughts on ...", where I think about something and write (or maybe even make a video!) about it with my own hilarious spin and viewpoints on it. Yes, that's what I'll be doing after What's Busting My Balls Today #13, people.

Wow, I feel like Arnold Schwarzennegger when he announced his candidacy for the governor of California on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. *insert maybe-hilarious-and-maybe-not Family Guy cut gag.*

Flashpenny: Well that's all folks. Hope you had a fun time doing this RADDman. This is Flashpenny, signing out!

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