Frank`s Thoughts Episode 6: Game Grumps.

Posted on July 31, 2012 - 11:13am by FrankHaggar


Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Frank`s Thoughts and this time it`s about the uprising channel called Game Grumps starring Jontron and Egoraptor Playing Games and having a blast. But is the future bright for the show or is it slowly taking a step back?  Let`s find out!

So if you never heard of the show here`s a quick little recap: Game Grumps is a Youtube channel were the reviewer/ entertainer Jontron ( Jon Jaffari) and animator/ gaming analyzer Egoraptor( Arin Hanson) come together to play some games together and making a show out of it.The reason? They wanted to play more games and making something together which I´m all for. It`s similar to a let`s play but a bit more "flexible" like giving commentary on other things in then just the" Okay and then your gonna do this and go here" scenario. Nothing wrong with let`s plays though they can be entertaining( g1 Flapperdoodle and Youtuber DspGaming comes to mind)


For example the first episode of their Link to the past play was a discussion between the two about which game of "Link to the past" and "Ocarina of time" were superior. Egoraptor taking Link to the past`s side and Jontron defending Ocarins of time. The discussion was very interesting and showed how good both of them are at discussions and analyzing games etc. But the best part out of it is how good they bounced of each other mostly since their such good friends and can take critique very well.

Speaking of critique the show has gotten an immendusly amount of fans over the last couple of weeks since it started. The show now has over 100, 000 subscribers and isn`t slowing down either. However the show has gotten some not so positive feedback. One of the more popular ones is that the concept is ript of by the popular Yotube channel Continue? Starring Nick Murphy, Paul Ritchey, and Josh Henderson.

This show is about three friends playing a random old-school game and giving commentary over it/ reviewing it and bouncing of each other`s opinions. Then after playing the game for about 30 minutes they each decide to either to continue or not. Now some people say that Game Grumps is ripping the concept off but as Continue has stated by them self is that the idea of a couple of friends playing games on a couch isn`t their copyright. Besides there friends with Jontron and i think both shows are unique in ther own right.They both do diferent things so why argue about it? I`m subscribed to both so I``m gettting two awesome shows.


Another complaint that has bin brought up is that Game Grumps are a bunch of hypocrities( i hate hypocrities) in that they hate let`s plays yet have a similiar show format. This has however being misunderstod allot since the original " hate" came from when they were playing Kirby Super Star Egoraptor says: Welcome back to let`s play and Jontron interrupts him by saying" we don`t mention that word here". Now this was clearly a joke and shouln`t be taken to seriously. Claims that for example Egoraptor ben talking slack about let`s plays have never bin found. And i havn`t found the so called proofs that Jontron hates let`s plays either.

However both Jontron and Egoraptor seems to take critisism with Game Grumps a bit childish at time. For example to deal with haters they say: To the haters eat a d**k and more in that formula. Just no. Egoraptor, Jontron if you ever read this.....

You are better then that!

I know you don`t say it often but come on. And btw i love that your so open in Game Grumps but sometimes.....just think a bit before you talk okay? But this is very rare though and the haters are very annoying so i get it but still.

But enough about the negative let`s talk about the happy stuff. Game Grumps is a fantastic show and it`s extremely funny. The games they are playing are really fun to watch either if it`s them derping around in Kirby Super Star , laughing at Pokemon Emerald or testing their skills in Mega Man 7 they are all fun to watch. but by far the best show they have is Goof Troop. Or as i like to call it.

Look at my Photoshop skills.....

What´s so great about there Goof Troop vids? Well first of all it has some of the most funny moments in the show, there both unfamiliar with the game so it`s always suprising to them what`s goning to happen. And this game is heavily based on co-op and with these to it results into chaos and laughter all the way. It`s just fun to watch and shows of there great personalities. There Goof Troop videos also made insperation to this amazing song.

By the Youtuber liltommyj

You think that`s all? Nope! There Kirby vids inspired this magnificent tune :D


And there Mega Man 7 episodes to this song.

By Youtuber waterflame89

In conclusion: Game Grumps is a fantastic show that has great persona, chemistry and you just can`t stop laughing with them. Having a daily dose of Game Grumps is never a bad thing in my book( two new episodes everyday). I hope it continues to grow and I wish the best for them. First i thought the Game Grumps boom would slow down but i don`t think sit going to happen :) Thanks for reading this blog and have a nice day. Feel free to leave good and constructive feedback and tell me your thoughts on both mine and Game Grumps show. Check out Continue? while your at it.

Also look at my new logo i made weee

Haggaring Out

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