Frank`s Update:Plans for the future of my Blogging

Posted on April 21, 2012 - 2:06pm by FrankHaggar


Hello everyone Frank here with an Update blog about my future at Screwattack. I have a couple of ideas i wanna show you so let`s get right to it!


Art and Comic-Series


If there`s one thing i love to do it`s drawing. There`s just something about it that i just love. Either if it`s painting Video game characters, Animals, Music Albums whatever. I just love it. This feature will not be so frequent simply cause i take my time with my art. Although i do have 3 Pictures i have yet to colour that`s bin laying on the "To do list" for quite a while. This i belive will be done about the Summer since i tend to do less gaming and more painting that time of the Year(and my parents nagg me about playing Video games with the Sun shinning)

Now about the comic aka The Freelancers. I anounsed this a while ago and the project is still going. Again School takes up alot of my time but it`s still going strong :) I have done about one page now just to test how i want to do the show. One thing that i noticed is how some times the text would be to big,ugly etc. So my idea is to simply paint the picture and via the Blog put Text under it. Although i`m still not sure about it. Also i`m going to do some Fan-art to Gajiin Goomba :) And i could make my own logos instead of borrowing random pictures.....




Top 10`s


I plan to do a couple of Top 10`s includig Top 10 Mario Kart tracks, Top 10 Fighting game characters and Top 10 favourite Music Artist and bands. These will come upp every once and a while if i have the need to post something.. I will not become the new Woodyman with these Top 10`s but hey everyones got a shot eh`.

I can do it?




The Fighting Game renaissance


Ah yes my most ambitius project. Honestly i have yet to figure out how i will do this show. One idea is to talk about each thing that it has broughten for example what new characters have showen up, controversy, features and the History behind it. But i think i have to play a few more fighting games to talk about it including Super Street fighter 4 AE 2012(played Vanilla) Blazeblue and Soul Calibur 5( big fan of 2 and 3). Also i think it would be cool to feature what other g1 think about the respective subjects.




 Reviews and the G1 forecast


I will continue to do Reviews with DaGameReviews Account along with Tuvaya simply cause it`s fun. I`m planning to review Rayman Orgins, Sonic Generations and i`m already working on a Mega Man 2 review. It`s a good way to learn how to wright well, formatting things and learning Video Game history along the way. As for the Forecast i will continue to be a reseacher. I can`t tell how much this has helped me at School with researching, deadlines and Teamwork. Hurray for helping the community!


Let`s go!



Small Storys


I`m thinking about doing a couple of Small fan-fiction storys abou my favourite games. I did one for Woodyman`s Literary Luminary that turned out decent. This would be a good way to learn how to spell better which i`m not super good at.........Some ideas include Kirby, Pokemon and Sonic. These could be serious, quirky dosen`t matter. Just small little story about Video Game worlds. Or other medias........?





Swedish Music and Music showcase


Now this is a very special thing to me. As a Sweed if there`s one thing i`m proud of it`s our Music. And i thought i would show you some of it in a blog. And so i did. And guess what? It became one of my favourite blogs. I think i`m going to do 3 artist/bands per episode. I will show you two songs per entry, talk a bit about there History, lives and more. And yes i will help you with Sweedish a bit. Wanna know what Snake is on Sweedish? Orm. Sounds funny? It`s because it is funny. My only rule to be featured on this show is if the Arist/band lives in Sweden no matter the orgin of their family. That`s it. Come from Spain but now lives in Sweden and makes Music? It counts!

I`m also thinking of doing a blog series were i showcase underated artist/bands. This show would be international so everyone`s got a chance :)

Hope you found this enjoyable and if you have any suggestions or ideas leave them in the comments. Heres a couple of links to se what some of the ideas came from(exluding the Fighting Game renaissance)






Btw just a question: Am i a good g1? Just wondering....... And also i`m going to try to be more active on the forums. Maybe i should have a forum friday every Friday when i am more active there ? Don`t be afraid to contact me if you have a question or something in the line like that. Well see you later. Haggaring out.

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