The FREE codes continue with the Gamescom Giveaway!

Posted on August 23, 2012 - 7:00pm by Sean Hinz

The StyleGuide contest went over fairly well last week, but this week we are going to kick it into overdrive! First and foremost, congratulations to all the winners from the last week. If you look back through my wall we gave away a couple games, access to betas, and some Xbox live codes.

Now for this week, we have the master list of codes, but I have added some Death Rally codes as well. So how do you enter? Why it is just as easy as it was before.

To enter simply comment or Recommend any post that is listed under the Gamescom Event page.

To make the deal even sweeter, if you subscribe to our International correspondent Andrej Preradovic you can also win. So go read Andrej’s Introduction post, check out the Gamescom Event page, and get pumped for another awesome week of video games!!!! Here is a list of everything you can win:

  • PC - MK Soundtrack
  • PC - E3 Borderlands 2 Loot
  • PC - World of Warcraft guest pass
  • PC - Diablo 3 guest pass
  • PC - Diablo 3 guest pass
  • PC - Diablo 3 guest pass
  • PS3 - ModNation Racer Sack Boy
  • PS3 -Executive Status for Syndicate
  • PS3 -Tribal Pack - Fallout New Vegas
  • PS3 -Sweet Tooth MP Skin for Starhawk
  • PS3 -Limited Edition DLC for Crysis 2
  • PS3 -Dead Space 2 Online Pass
  • Little Big Planet Karting Beta
  • PC - PA: Rain Slick Precipice Ep. 3
  • PC - PA: Rain Slick Precipice Ep. 3
  • Zombie Maps for COD: BlOps
  • Xbox - Limited Edition DLC for Crysis 2
  • Xbox - Grunt Funeral Skull Halo Anniversary
  • Xbox - Female Master Chief Avatar
  • Xbox - Anarchy Edition - RAGE
  • Xbox - Divinity II - Blood Echelon Armor set
  • Xbox - Wasteland Sewers - RAGE
  • Walking Dead Episode 1
  • Quantum Conundrum
  • Xbox - Homefront Online Pass
  • Xbox - Bulletstorm Online Pass
  • Xbox - Kombat Pass for MK9
  • Xbox - 2-day Gold Pass
  • Xbox - 2-day Gold Pass
  • Xbox - 2-day Gold Pass
  • Xbox - 2-day Gold Pass
  • Xbox - Max Payne 3 DLC #1
  • PC - Death Rally
  • PC - Death Rally


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