Free ghost game shocks Xbox Live Arcade

Posted on June 28, 2012 - 8:00am by Ferret75

Have you ever heard of a downloadable game called Haunt? The horror adventure game was designed specifically for the Kinect hardware, having been developed by the company NanaOn-Sha. The group is more formally known for their musical PaRappa the Rapper and simulation Tamagotchi games, but they took a creative chance by releasing this unique title last January.

In case you haven't been too interested, now is your chance to go check it out. From now until July 2, Xbox Live users can download the Kinect title for absolutely free. According to the official announcement by Microsoft, the game has to be downloaded through the console by accessing a new "Kinect Central" section via the dashboard in order to be available at no cost. It requires the Kinect hardware to play, although you may still be able to download it in case you're planning on purchasing the add-on sometime in the future.

This is an official trailer for the older arcade game. You can download it for free while on the console itself.

Haunt is controlled via physical body movements. One hand controls an active flashlight, and the other hand is used to open objects such as doors. Many of the enemy encounters require the player to make certain gestures in order to defend themselves, such as avoiding some hurled wood by doing quick dodges. The adventure element consists of free-roam gameplay, allowing the player to explore the limits of the surrounding mansion.

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