The Furby gets reborn... Hasbro, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?

Posted on July 9, 2012 - 6:00pm by Kaibaman41

Editor's Note: I added the video so you can see Satan's spawn in action!

In a move that well nobody saw coming, toy and video game publisher Hasbro has revived the Furby after 14 Years since its launch in 1998.  In case you forgot what they looked liked, hereit is.  Yes, these toys from hell have been brought back and will get some modern tweaks to it...  What kind you ask?  Well, here’s what Hasbro Engineer Don Cameron had to say in a recent interview about its revival.

"You never know what Furby might do or say. For example, Furby can differentiate between the tone of your spoken language, the sound of another Furby or the rhythm of a song for dancing. Furby can understand high frequency audio codes to "talk" with your iPad or another Furby"

Yes the toys from hell can now talk to your iPad using Audio Frequency Codes...  I had a Furby growing up and even without batteries the DAMN THING TALKED if you bumped into it, and I'm sure a lot of us that might have had one had similar, if not far creepier, experiences from this thing.

No word yet when Furby will come back, but I assure you I will not get its modern day reboot.  What are your thoughts, fellow g1s? 

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