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Hello and welcome g1's. I suppose you may be having a sense of deja vu, considering we've already tackled this subject before. However, there are so many gaming soundtracks out there that we just had to do another one, and once again we have a bunch of great, yet odd choices. Interested, let's take a look at:

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Those of you who've played the demo of Chasing Aurora know just how important a good soundtrack is. About two people will know what I'm talking about, possibly less. Anyhoo, what does it take for a soundtrack to be the best? Well first of all, it obviously has to be really good. Secondly, it has to stand out among all the other 'good' soundtracks. And what could possibly stand out more than JET SET RADIIOOOOO!

Ahem. Sorry, that happens sometimes.

Think about it this way: Jet Set (or Grind, if you're American) Radio was not named after a character, nor a MacGuffin, nor after what you are actually doing in the game. It's named after the in-game radio station that plays this one-of-a-kind soundtrack. This is how good the developers knew it was.

There are other soundtracks with a unique style, sure, but Jet Set Radio's is a whole bunch of unique styles all crammed into one delicious...decibel...doughnut, or whatever, shut up.

I've been listing to this soundtrack regularly for the past eight years now, it's on my laptop, it's on my 3DS, my's's coming's laughing at me! O GOD WHY IS IT LAUGHING?!

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The best ever soundtrack in a game in my opinion is the soundtrack from Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories.

The music captures the atmosphere of the entire game through the settings and the tones. For example: if the game wants you to just be having fun and messing around it'll let you know. The music at the start in Ancient Egypt is quite cheerful and fun but when it comes to dueling your rivals and the antagonists you're shown exactly why the music is like this. The music for bosses is intense and while the themes of the evil mages are serious and very well composed.

My personal favourite pieces of music in the game are in the tournament in the modern day. The preliminary duel theme for early in the tournament is great and gives you the sense that this is all fun and games but as you progress the music gets gradually more intense culminating at the end of the tournament with the duel that pretty much anyone with any knowledge of Yu-Gi-Oh could guess. Seto. Freaking. Kaiba. The music creates the feeling that it could be the final showdown of the game right there and then, but no, you're just about half way done. After winning the tournament you go back to Egypt to finish what you started and stop Heishin's plan.

I'm going to be completely honest, without looking up the soundtrack online I'd have never heard it all because I've never made it to the end of the game. I get *slight spoilers* through the labyrinth and up to the 2 guards, I can beat them but then I can't beat Seto. I've had this game since it came out (It was a present for my 6th birthday but came out a couple of weeks after) and to this day I can't beat it. Honestly throwing something like a 10 duel boss rush at you is not fun, especially as you need to do it all in succession with no saves. Imagine it like the Elite 4 in Pokemon.

Anyway I'm getting off topic and a review may be a story for another day. The soundtrack is one of the best I've ever heard in game, sets the tone perfectly throughout the game and is pretty memorable. It's also one of the main things that keeps me coming back to the game. Well that and that I want to one day defeat it.

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It was really, REALLY hard to decide what soundtrack to use here. I'm not even saying that this is the Best Ever Soundtrack, but it is one of the best. Some of my honorable mentions include the soundtracks for FFVII/VI, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and every game in the Ace Attorney series. Now then, time for the actual entry.

Pokemon Black/White Version 2's soundtrack is made up of many songs that were in Black and White, but what it did add to the soundtrack was good. Really good. Considering Black and White had pretty good soundtracks already (with the best songs being N's Battle theme and Route 10), Black and White 2 added a ton more of amazing songs, from Route 19 (the winter version being my favorite first route theme in the series), Hugh's Battle Theme (My favorite Rival Battle theme in the Series), Aspertia City (HNNNNGGHHHHH!!!!), Colress's Battle Theme, and much more.

Black and White 2 were also the first games (and also the only games) in the series so far to have two things: songs with vocals (specifically the Nimbasa City Gym Theme and Colress's Battle Theme) and unique themes for each of the gyms. I can easily say that I was disappointed that X and Y didn't have either of these, seeing as these two small additions made B/W 2's soundtracks that much more enjoyable. There's also an entire location in the game that I go to just to listen to the songs there: The Pokemon World Tournament.

For those who don't know, the PWT is a place where all of the Gym Leaders from each game in the series (besides Koga) are able to be fought. Depending on what region the gym leader you're fighting is from, they'll have a kick-ass remix of their battle theme of the gym leader battle theme from that region. Also, when you eventually unlock the ability to fight champions, they will have a remix for each of their battle themes too (except Alder). And, if you manage to get to round 3, you'll hear what is one of the best battle theme in THE ENTIRE SERIES.

I could talk on and on and on about this game's amazing soundtrack, but I can go on for forever, so I'll just have this link here for you to listen to the soundtrack Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go listen to the the champion battle theme. OH GOD IT'S SO GOOD!!!

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I’m honestly not one to pick favorites when it comes to overall soundtracks. Even games with the most phenomenal compositions will have at least one song I don’t think is particularly good, or good, one that isn't up to snuff with the rest of the tunes. It leaves me preferring to list off favorite songs rather than soundtracks. With that in mind, if I was forced to choose I don’t think any video game has as consistently good of a line-up of music as Guilty Gear!

The most amazing accomplishment the series can be praised for is offering character themes that feel unique to each character, yet incredibly unified as a whole. Everything from the upbeat feel of Blue Water Blue Sky to the tense, ‘Eastern’ aura of Momentary Life, to the jazzy, suave essence of Haven’t You Got Eyes in Your Head define each very different character perfectly, yet are united by 1 mighty force: Beautiful, pure Hard Rock and Metal!

As a series, Guilty Gear has had its ups and downs, but Daisuke Ishiwatari’s godly music composition has been a constant. Even stuff like the REALLY mediocre Guilty Gear 2: Overture had fantastic music. The soundtracks may be severely lacking in any sort of subtlety or nuance, but considering how overly prevalent moody tunes have become, even in action-heavy games, I can’t say I missed them. Sometimes raw melodic, catchy, invigorating tunes are all that are necessary. Especially in a fighting game where action is the big focus. Nothing gets me excited for a round more than hearing the theme song of pirate captain wearing a trench coat and sunglasses crash through the speakers.

As I said, because I like to judge songs separately from the soundtrack they’re a part of, I normally pick and choose specific songs from a variety of different games to listen to on the go. Rarely do I keep an entire album’s worth of songs from a specific game on my music player. Guilty Gear is the exception to this. Every single song in Guilty Gear XX’s OST is on my MP3, and are the songs I go to whenever I need something to get me pumped!

The vocal renditions of the tracks are good as well, but they don’t top the feeling I get when listening to the original songs. I haven’t seen too much of Guilty Gear Xrd since it hasn’t been released stateside yet, but if there’s one thing the game better have, it’s the same fist pumping energetic music that has been a staple in the Guilty Gear series.

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The best Soundtrack in video games is the one from Halo. Which one? All of them. It's just too hard to pick.

Since my g1 name is a reference to the Halo series, I might as well go with one of my favorites series of all time, that also has an excellent soundtrack. Firstly, I should pick out which one, and out of all the Halo games, I have to say that Halo Reach has my favorite soundtrack. Now get ready for me to blather on and fanboy the hell out of this soundtrack!

While I do like the more heroic themes from the first three Halo games, I simply love the way Reach combines those with the somber tone of ODST. The music in this game just fitted scenes perfectly to me, particularly in a scene where a city was being destroyed. The game does use one song from ODST, but I didn't mind, because at least it was a badass theme. Lastly, to me this is a great soundtrack because I managed to remember most of the songs, even when I was done with the game. Now I've got the sudden urge to punch a grunt just to teabag it as I listen to the Reach OST and especially Overture again.

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When it comes to picking what can be called the "best soundtrack" to a game, you need to take a few factors into consideration: How it sounds, how it matches the tone of the game, and how it makes you feel when you hear it. That's why DmC: Devil May Cry gets my pick for the "Best Ever" soundtrack in a game.

Now, before you all come after me with torches and pitchforks, hear me out. I know everyone with a brainstem hates this game for what it is, but there's one thing you have to admit: This game has a sick soundtrack. Noisia and Combichrist both did an excellent job making a wubby, gritty, just-want-to-destroy-everything-and-everyone-around-me OST. Let's break it down, shall we?

So, first part, how does it sound? Amazing. Bam, boom, nothing more to it, roll credits. As a fan of both Noisia and Combichrist (before DmC), none of the music they created (or in the case of Combichrist, provided/created, since some of their music was pre-existing) is lacking whatsoever. It all sounds just like it normally would if made for a regular album, and that's actually a good thing. Nothing sounds forced, or watered down at all.

Now, how does it make me feel when I listen to it? It's simple, when I play this OST, I want to suit up, grab a sword, and start slashing the crap out of demons. You hear any track of of the soundtrack, and you immediately feel like a badass that can take anyone on. The mix of metal and aggrostep is just perfect for this type of game, because it fills you with adrenaline and makes you feel like you really could take down that Hunter that's been chasing you down a pier, or that you're really in a demonic nightclub that's transforming before your very eyes. And that brings me to my last point....

...which is how well it matches to the game it's in, which is obvious if you've been reading this far: Perfectly. In the twisted, distorted setting for DmC, you'll fight enemies in cities, boardwalks, factories, nightclubs, mirror-worlds, etc., and for each new environment comes a great new track to get you in the mood for demon slaying. I don't even know what else I can say about this soundtrack that I haven't said already. It's good. Go listen to it.


And that's it. What's you favorite video game soundtrack? Let us know in the comments below. This has been another episode of The G1 Best Ever. We hope you enjoyed it

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