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Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of the G1 Best Ever. Mario Kart started of course as another Mario spinoff, but has risen above that and became one of the highest selling franchises ever. With 8 on the horizon, we felt it was time to discuss some of our favorite tracks. Its time for:


Rogueish Gentleman
BS is also the abbreviation of 'blue shell'. Think about it.

My Best EVER Mario Kart track is the single most batshit insane, amazing track in Mario Kart history! I am, of course, referring to Airship Fortress, the Mario Kart 7 version.

Let's start with the setting. I love fortresses, and I've always had a weakness for things that are clearly not meant to fly but do so regardless. So a track that let's me race on a fortress and an airship is automatically pretty far up on my list.

So the race starts on the walls of one of Bowser's many smashed up fortresses and instead of giving you a second or two to prepare for the race ahead, like less awesome tracks would, you are IMMEDIATELY exposed to a full broadside, unloaded for your racing pleasure. After you dodged the Banzai Bill barrage you jump aboard the ship. You'll instantly find yourself surrounded by Monty Moles blocking your path. This mole based mine field is the least insane part of the track. Wrap your head around that, as you drift around a sweet 180° turn on your way below deck.

This is were things start getting crazy: I'm sure you remember the pointless fire jet things that do not contribute to the ship staying in the air in any way, but apparently were specifically designed to burn the crew...? But that 's tame compared to the fact that a flying ship almost entirely made of wood IS FILLED WITH LAVA. While the lava is not an obstacle, just the fact that it is visible through the floor grates adds a whole new level to the insanity. The moment you've made it past the silly fire engines things you'll be shot from a cannon directed at a hole in the fortress's keep. A hole apparently caused by the cannon. Bowser at some point gave orders to fire the cannon at his own fortress. Not even surprised anymore. Once you've landed near the top of the tower you'll drift your way down a satisfying spiral and on to the next lap.

Only a track that can fit this much Mario Kart madness into a 40 second lap deserves the title Best EVER

That guy
Keeper of the blue shell

In my opinion the best ever Mario Kart track is Maple Treeway from Mario Kart Wii. It's a fast paced racetrack set high up in the maple trees you go through the beautiful Autumnal foliage. Maple Treeway is one of those tracks that's simple enough to be easy to get through but complex enough to pose a challenge.

Aesthetically it's very appealing the eye. The warm summer colours highlight the track and give it a very good Autumnal feel. The mix of orange, brown, red and yellows gives the track a very warm feeling just like those Summer months during the transition into Fall. The music that accompanies the track is very fitting, fast and up pace enough to fit with the fast paced gameplay of the kart racer while managing to remain calm and peaceful, again just like those lazy days in Summer/Fall as the leaves on the trees.

Maple Treeway is a track that is incredibly simple in its layout, very few twists and turns that should really pose much of a challenge to the typical Mario Kart player but is simultaneously a potential challenge The leaf piles that can drop items such as the banana peels and turbo mushrooms and surprise you for better or for worse. The track can also be made trickier by the wrigglers that are in the middle of the track. Crashing into one of them will bring you to a complete stop and you'll have to reverse and drive around it. There's also a few absolutely ridiculous shortcuts (that are almost certainly glitches) that allow you to skip half the track in order to be able to speed run the track.

In conclusion Maple Treeway is a simple track with a fantastic design , easy enough to get through but challenging enough to potentially be a problem. The music on the track is fantastic, it's both my favourite track in Mario Kart Wii and the series in general. I really hope that it will be reused in a later Mario Kart title

DEATH BATTLE Researcher,
His Cleric’s domains are Friendship and Imagination...

Any series noted for having some of the best racing games of all time has to house a large number of awesome courses and tracks. Mario Kart isn’t immune to this because my best ever Mario Kart track is not 1 course in particular. It’s every Rainbow Road course throughout the entire series!

Alright, if forced to choose one I’d go with Double Dash’s Rainbow Road for having my personal favorite course layout and a beautiful city background that gives a neat feeling of continuity, but the climax to every Mario Kart game is racing across the Rainbow Road. Purely from an aesthetic standpoint the road always emits the colorful vibe the Mario series is known for perfectly. I mean, it has to since it’s a freaking rainbow stage!

More importantly from a gameplay standpoint, the track is always exciting! Even the original, fairly basic, SNES Rainbow Road was pretty twisty turvy by the standards of the original Super Mario Kart. And everything past that has continuously amped things up. Be it that awesome pseudo-shortcut in Mario Kart 64, the giant cannon in DS, the half pipe boosters in Mario Kart Wii, or the Moon-like segment of Mario Kart 7, the Rainbow Road always has something interesting to present. The awesome course song is a nice cherry on top.

Some people complain about the Rainbow Road always being a rail-less, 1-way ticket to death and frustration, to which I respond. Uh yeah, it’s the final course of the final cup! It’s supposed to be a very pretty looking, but very treacherous path that only the mighty can traverse, much like Norse mythology’s own Bifrost! Mario Kart DS’s European website goes as far as to call it, “The race to end all races.”

Besides no matter how much annoyance one feels when falling off the course into people still go onto it! People still race through it with all their might! Or at least my friends and I do. The Rainbow Road has housed many final confrontations between us as a matter of fact.

It’s also one of the few Mario Kart tracks not based around a previous location from the Mario franchise, and that has appeared in other Mario titles like Mario Hoops 3-on-3, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and most recently will be appearing in the new Super Smash Bros. Of course there will be a brand-spanking new one for Mario Kart 8 too. I’m not sure what this one will bring, but with any luck it will be packed with all the niftiness the past iterations of Rainbow Road have.

Noble Team 1                                                              
The Double Dasher
Still wears diapers

Out of all the installments in the Mario Kart series, one is just perfect for me for invoking the most chaos in the series, and that game would be Double Dash. Now to me this game is Mario Kart at its best and worst in part to having two racers to a single cart, but one track in this game takes this principal to the next level. Which track is this?" you might be asking, well to me it's none other than Baby Park from Double Dash.

Now what makes this track the best to me personally is truly how chaotic it can be, well that might be in part to how small the track is to begin with, as it takes less than a minute to complete a lap. The thing is that once you race with others whether AI or other people, this track becomes an absolute cluster fuck of items, as you'll be constantly avoiding banana peels (sometimes giant ones), while at the same time trying to avoid the other projectiles and traps. If you do come out of this race in first place it's really satisfying to win after that chaotic run. Plus the music to this track isn't all that bad, maybe not the best of the series, but still pretty good overall.

So yeah if you want absolute chaos the next time you play Mario Kart look no further than the Baby Park in Double Dash, but avoid the DS take on this as that version is a complete snore in contrast to the Gamecube version.


That's it. What's your favorite Mario Kart track? Let us know in the comments below. For more Best Ever, subscribe to G1 Features.

Also, as said in the TL,DR section, we're looking for another G1 Best Ever member. If interested, let us know. Until then, see you next time

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