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Hey g1s, how's it going.

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Let's get back to business, shall we. On December 30th, I posted a tremendous blog called the g1 Community Top 20 Zelda Boss Battles! Two months later, the next installment has arrived. It's another Zelda one, this time the Top 15 Zelda Dungeons. What can I say, it's been 2 months in the making. It's not as grand as the previous aforementioned one, but still is a really solid list.

The list was ranked the same way the last one was. I took all the lists g1s sent me and put them through my excellent and carefully crafted point scoring system. And *Ta-Daa*, I got a Top 15.

Without further ado, here is the list. First the Honorable Mentions.


Honorable Mentions


 Earth Temple

The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker



 "I like the whole concept of this dungeon. You are forced to figure out which way to reflect the sunlight to find Jalhalla. It's a lot of harp playing, and it's a good thing . I like the harp."


 Forest Temple

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess



 "Almost every dungeon in Twilight Princess I felt was too long except this one, it's the perfect length. Also you get to collect monkeys, which is undeniably awesome."


 Inside the Great Deku Tree

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time


Mr. West:

"It's the first dungeon of the game, and it sets the creepy tone that is present in all of the other dungeons. When you played through it the first time, there was a sense of urgency, because you knew that if you failed, the Deku Tree would die. It was also the first dungeon to make use of the 3D space, and going into first person mode to use a slingshot was revolutionary for Zelda. And the boss was awesome."


 Catfish's Maw

The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening



 "You enter a fish into possibly one of the most annoying yet intelligently annoying dungeons. You meet a boss that reappears four times, you collect a hell of a lot of keys, and you get the Hookshot. It's a nice dungeon, but the bats and Stalfos can get annoying."


 Dark Hyrule Castle

The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap




 "This is my favourite final dungeon in any Zelda game. Everything  about this dungeon - the music, the puzzles, the level design, the final boss fight - can be summed up in one word: awesome!"







Top 15


 15. Forsaken Fortress

The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker

Points: 8


"Metal Gear Zelda!"  - Mr. West

The top 15 kick-starts off with the Forsaken Fortress.


Mr. West:

"Metal Gear Zelda! I kid you not, the first time that I played Wind Waker (the first video game I ever played), it took me and my dad a month to get passed this. That was probably due to the fact that I was scared out of my eight-year-old balls. The atmosphere was so perfect , and the Moblin guards were so scary that it really felt like you were trying to get out of an intense prison. You can't honestly tell me that you haven't shit your pants when a Moblin suddenly turns around and almost catches you."



 14. Talus Cave / Skull Woods

The Legend of Zelda Four Swords / The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past

Points: 9

Talus Cave


"It's hilarious to mess with your friends!" - Flapperdoodle



 "This one isn't one for being impressive gameplay wise, but multiplayer fun wise. I have a hell of a lot fun of playing this dungeon with my friends. It's slippery platforms allows you to push your friends off. It's hilarious to mess with your friends!"


 Skull Woods




"Not only did you need to escort a creature through the level, when it suddenly became that moth? ZMOG! :D"



 13. Eagle

The Legend of Zelda

Points: 9


"Who doesn't remember the feeling you get when you first step foot into the first dungeon." - 2200 



"This is a level I find the most memorable as it was my first experience with a dungeon in a Zelda game and it was the first time when I heard that haunting  dungeon tune. I loved it!"



"The first dungeon in the original Legend of Zelda. Level 1 the Eagle set the path for future dungeons in the game. Who doesn't remember the feeling you get when you first step foot into the first dungeon, or the room just before the boss. Those Wallmasters that phase through walls, grab you and slowly drag you away....to the beginning of the dungeon...Noooooooooooo. Let's not forget to mention the boss, the dragon. As easy as it is to defeat it, it's still an awesome boss.

Of course this dungeon is really easy to navigate through, especially compared to the later levels (seriously Nintendo - Levels 7 and 8 - What were you thinking?), it's all about the feeling, atmosphere and is a really memorable level."



 12. Ganon's Tower / Swamp Palace

The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker / The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past

Points: 10

Ganon's Tower



 "This dungeon's got it all. You get to play in four mini dungeons, fight most of the past bosses, get a boss battle that's at the same time a maze, you climb a giant stair case loaded with Dark Nuts and Moblins, you fight a giant puppet monster, scale a catwalk, and at the end there's epic roof battle with Ganondorf, which results in one of the most awesome finishers in the history of epic roof battles....This dungeon deserves to be number 1"


 Swamp Palace



"The level that stuck out the most in my mind out of all the Zelda's, is the Grave Yard/Sewer level in Link to the Past where you first get the Hookshot. I loved the idea of starting it off by going between Light and Dark Worlds."



 11. Shadow Temple

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Points: 10


"This is an annoying temple, its almost to the rate of the Water Temple" - Flapperdoodle 



"This is an annoying temple, its almost to the rate of the Water Temple... but lets not get into that. The temple has the Eye of Truth which is easily a cool item. You need to whip it out to go through secret doors. You also use the wing boots, which allow for some fun air walking! It overall is a well constructed dungeon."



 10. Ancient Cistern

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

Points: 10


We are now starting the Top 10 with 10 points!


Mr. West:

"WHAT??? A WATER TEMPLE THAT ISN'T AWFUL???? Yea, the Water Temple in Skyward Sword was nothing extremely special, but it gets a TON of bonus points for not sucking chode. The use of zombies in the dungeon is awesome as well, and the boss is, like every other Skyward Sword boss, epic and amazing."



"Skyward Sword in my opinion had weak dungeons., probably due to the fact that the over world was like a dungeon itself and the developers thought the players would get tired of playing through dungeon-like areas. However, this dungeon is incredible and I love that it was the first dungeon in SS to have more that one level to it.

The creativity in this dungeon astounds me. After I beat it, I felt like playing through it again.

Having  the “Heaven”, “Earth” and “Hell” levels to it added a ton to the overall experience and joy of playing  through it. I especially liked the underground part, where you have to fight a herd of the undead zombie Bokoblin, that part was pretty awesome!

The whip is a great item and is used frequently through out the dungeon. Some of the uses for it stand out, like when you whip a Bokoblin from the other side of the steel poles and steal the key hanging by his waist to open the door. Things like that are pretty cool.

When talking about the dungeon, how can I not talk about the epic boss that was Koloktos. Koloktos is the best Dungeon boss in the entire game. Combined with an awesome dungeon, this made for one magnificent experience."



 9. Spirit Temple

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Points: 13

"The Spirit Temple overall is also one of the best designed dungeons that test the skill of any player, regardless of skill level." - 2200 


 Noble Team 1:

"It had incredible music that fit the scene well and the fact it's the only temple in Ocarina of Time that lets you play both kid and adult link, plus the boss fight with Twinrova was amazing  just an amazing temple that I remember with so much detail."



"Easily my favourite dungeon to play through! It had it all: perfect length, Mirror Shield, puzzles, Mirror Shield, awesome mid boss/ boss, Mirror Shield and feeling all so satisfied once I stepped out of it after defeating Twinrova……and Mirror Shield…

Atmosphere is a big part of Zelda games, they have to feel right. The music for the dungeon definitely adds a lot to the experience. The difficulty of the Spirit Temple is JUST right, not too frustrating and definitely not straight forward walk.

I love puzzles in Zelda games, some of them really test your wits, like that one puzzle in Skyward Sword (you know the one). The Mirror Shield provided a unique experience when puzzle solving my way through this dungeon. Though some of the Mirror Shield puzzles aren’t anything special, but the dungeon is still fully equipped with a lot of good ones (more than a lot of dungeons in OoT - except for the Water Temple).

When talking about the Spirit Temple, how can I not mention Young Link’s portion. Going back in time to do a small portion of the dungeon with him and than coming back as an adult to finish the rest was really something. It also added a lot to the story.

The Spirit Temple overall is also one of the best designed dungeons that test the skill of any player, regardless of skill level.
……………………………….......................................................................................................................................... And Mirror Shield."



 8. Great Bay Temple

The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask

Points: 15


 "You enter it through a turtle... epicness..." - Flapperdoodle

Truth be told, I did not like this dungeon much.



"I like me some puzzles man, and Great Bay is a perfect example. The puzzles are fun, but challenging, and is one of the hardest dungeons in the game. Plus, you enter it through a turtle... epicness..."



"This is my favourite dungeon because it was the first to give you a legitimate use for the Ice Arrow.  Manipulating  the current to access new areas of the dungeon was also brilliant. I had a lot of fun with this dungeon."



 7. Snow Peak Ruins / Sandship

 The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess / The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

Points: 16

Snow Peak Ruins

 "If I could live in any dungeon in the Zelda universe, this would be it." - Hiatus



"You may remember I chose Blizzeta as one of my favorite bosses. Snowpeak Ruins is my favorite dungeon. I personally think snow levels need to be done RIGHT, and this succeeds. Not only does it look beautiful, it also has interesting character development with the yetis living in the Ruins. It's a nice and slightly relaxing dungeon... for a while."



"If I could live in any dungeon in the Zelda universe, this would be it. Granted, the repairs would be a bitch, and the frequent Wolfos attacks would be quite bothersome, but I would still want to live in this mansion for one reason: There's a Yeti inside, and he can cook!"



  "Dude. It's a freaking  pirate ship." - Mr. West



"I think we can all say the time stones in skyward sword are awesome. In the 5th dungeon they're not just used to open up closed off small areas but their used to split the dungeon into to separate worlds. its like the time travel in ocarina of times last to dungeons but much less tedious."


Mr. West:

 "Dude. It's a freaking  pirate ship. A pirate ship that time travels and is attacked by a Kraken for the boss battle. Nuff Said."



 6. Sky Keep

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

Points: 16


 "The ENTIRE Dungeon is one big puzzle." - 2200

Errrrrrrrrrrr......... Oh right. Spoilers Alert.....Well it's too late for that. Enjoy the rest of the list.


Mr. West:

"The dungeons in Skyward Sword were by far the best in the entire series, and this one was a compilation of of all of the previous ones. The purpose of the dungeon wasn't to get an item and then go to the boss; it was to get the three Triforce pieces. I thought that it was awesome how the game forced you to use Wisdom, Power, and Courage to get to each piece of the Triforce. You had to use Wisdom to move the rooms and find a path to a Triforce piece or key, then you had to use Courage to get through each room, and you had to use Power to defeat the mini bosses scattered among the dungeon. It was the first time that, when you got the completed Triforce, you felt that you earned it."



"The final dungeon in Skyward Sword and the most unique one that I had the honour of playing. Sky Keep isn’t your average Zelda dungeon, well there are enemies to fight and puzzles to solve. However the ENTIRE Dungeon is one big puzzle.

Now this is creativity at it’s finest. Using the Puzzle slider to change and manipulate the rooms to collect the 3 pieces of the Triforce is something I had not experienced yet. Each of the 8 room are also very puzzle like (well most of them anyways).Of course at first it makes for one huge headache to solve it, but after getting the hang of things, it’s awesome.

I want to see more dungeons like Sky Keep in future Zelda titles. Imagine changing and manipulating the dungeon layout using the Wii U tablet controller. Yeah it would be awesome, wouldn’t it."



 5. Lanayru Mining Facility

 The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

Points: 17

"Best Dungeon in Skyward Sword" - CommanderZaktan  



"Best Dungeon in Skyward Sword for few reasons. The timeshift stone puzzles and the Gust Bellows aka the game's physic item. The area feels very abandoned and the machines aren't working, but when you hit the timeshift stones, it functions again and you might use the timeshift stones to get across. For example, you need a mine cart to get across the bridge, from the past. The boss fight can be tricky sometimes, if you use the Gust Bellows to find the boss when it goes under the sand."



"Timeshift crystals. It's all about the timeshift crystals. I love timeshift crystals. Enough talk about the timeshift crystals.

The Lanayru Mining Facility is dungeon composing of deep thought out puzzles using timeshift crystals. I've already stated my love for puzzles in Zelda games, but I can't express it enough with this dungeon.

I loved the layout and set up of this dungeon......everything, but for the Gust Bellow. My least favourite item in the game. Also the Giant Enemy Cra....I mean Scorpion was a pathetic boss and annoying when it would dig underneath the sand and I had to Gust Bellow it out. No boss fight should be this tedious. At lest the excellent dungeon made up for it."



 4. Great Palace

Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

Points: 17

"This dungeon is sooooo god damn hard" - dreamkaster64 

I'm glad at least one dungeon from the 2 NES Zelda games made it into the top 5!



"This dungeon is sooooo god damn hard,the only check point in the game is located at the beginning of this dungeon.There are newer and deadlier enemies, it has invisible walls and 2 bosses back to back, and the feeling  you get when you beat it is like no other."



"The Great Palace from Zelda 2 is a worthy challenge that is so big  and menacing  that you are given your first checkpoint in the game at the start. Being able to get through it is no simple task and the music sticks to me to this day. The final battles at the end will challenge you...unless you abuse a trick or two. : P"



Prepare to be shocked!........



 3. Water Temple

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Points: 19


"It is truly “PERFECT”!" - 2200 

I can't wait to read your negative responses about this.



"I don't remember that many Zelda dungeons, but I will say my favourite is: the OoT Water Temple. Fusing both heavy puzzle solving as well as an extremely tense battle against Dark Link makes this a temple that sticks in my mind."



"Let the hate begin. In my opinion and yes Quote me on this -

“The Water Temple is the BEST designed dungeon of ANY Zelda game to date! Period!”

I can care less about all the complaints that I hear about it. Eiji Aonuma's first dungeon is his best!

The way it is designed, having a upper, middle and lower level and changing the water levels to one of those levels to access parts, or change other areas of the dungeon, is really complex and awesome.

Imagine this, the water level is half way, I use iron boots to go to a room at the lower level. Now this room will be different depending on the water level. If there is no water there, than it will function differently and I may or may not be able get to another area using that room, and vise-versa. This creates for some complex puzzles. About an hour of playing through the dungeon, I knew everything about it. I knew where each wall was located that allowed me to manipulate the water and how to get to them. I knew where each room was, what was the contents of that room and how to use the water level to change it to my advantage. The fact that I can use whatever key I want and won't have a problem later makes a complex dungeon such as this even more complex. The way you progress through the dungeon is excellently crafted and fine tuned. It has the perfect balance of progression, exploration and puzzles.

It is truly “PERFECT”! In addition to this, it doesn't hurt that you get to fight a epic mid boss confrontation with Dark Link.




 2. Stone Tower Temple / Forest Temple

 The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask / The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Points: 20

I didn't want these to dungeons to be together, but they got the same amount of points and were both placed number 1 on 4 lists. Well maybe it's better that way.

Also-Why ISN"T Stone Tower Temple 1st place!?! What's wrong with you guys?!?!?!?! Why didn't more people chose it!?!

Stone Tower Temple


 "epic" x12 - 2200



"At first it's decent dungeon with the mirror shield puzzles and use all transformation masks, but when you get the light arrow, you can go back to the entrance and shoot the switch. After you shoot it, everything will be UPSIDE DOWN! This is pretty clever gimmicky, and there are some switches in some rooms to advance. And of course one of the best bosses in Zelda history, Twinmold. 2 giant worms that i hard to kill if you have the Giant's Mask and it's easier to hit them when you're huge. And yes, you get the Great Fairy Sword if you get all the fairies."



"Stone Tower Temple is numero uno on my personal Top 10 Zelda Dungeons.

This dungeon is just plain epic.

Getting to the temple by climbing up Stone Tower is epic.

The Music is just epic.

Using the strange statue powers from the Elegy of Emptiness to solve puzzles is epic.

The mid boss battle with the Garo Master and Gomess is epic.

Obtaining the Light arrows is epic.

Going outside of the entrance to the temple, shooting the crystal with a light arrow and flipping the whole tower upside down is epic.

Having the sky beneath my feet is epic.

Navigating through the now upside down dungeon is epic.

Battling new and challenging foes is epic.

Adding the Giant's Mask to my collection of masks is epic.

Finally facing the enormous Twinmold while wearing the Giant's Mask to match it's size, is epic.

Have I mention how epic it is yet?"


 Forest Temple

 "Forest Temple, Ocarina of Time. THAT IS ALL." - REVULSIVE



"Forest Temple, Ocarina of Time. THAT IS ALL.

Oh, you want some insight, then?

 By far the best music on the soundtrack. I absolutely cannot get enough of the music in the Forest Temple,  just thinking about it makes me want to listen to it.

Hunting  for the poes is a unique and clever design because it prepares you for the boss. How do you find the poes? Shoot the paintings. How do you kill Phantom Ganon? Shoot the paintings. Brilliant!

The overall aesthetic is very appealing and completely fitting with the actual name of the temple. It looks like a temple that's been in the forest for hundreds of years. The overgrowth of plants and trees makes it feel just as aged as it's supposed to be.

You rescue Saria. She's a childhood friend to Link. The only other Sage that even comes close is Darunia, and even then Link barely knows him. It makes sense that Saria would be the first one Link rescues, and it's satisfying to do it."



"When I was a kid, this dungeon scared the crap out of me. The environment, the music, the ghosts and general creepy vibe of the whole dungeon. This dungeon marked a great change from playing  as Young Link. It was dark, it was edgy and it was fucking  creepy. Ending  off with one hell of a great boss fight, everything about this dungeon grabbed your balls and made it known that everything past this point was going to be great."










 Before we get to numero uno of our awesome list, let's recap.

15. Forsaken Fortress (TWW)

 14. Talus Cave (4S) / Skull Woods (ALttP)

 13. Ealge (LoZ)

 12. Ganon's Tower (TWW) / Swamp Palace (ALttP)

 11. Shadow Temple (OoT)

 10. Ancient Cistern (SS)

 9. Spirit Temple (OoT)

 8. Great Bay Temple (MM)

 7. Snow Peak Ruins (TP) / Sandship (SS)

 6. Sky Keep (SS)

 5. Lanaryu Mining Facility (SS)

4. The Great Palace (AoL)

3. Water Temple (OoT)

2. Stone Tower Temple (MM) / Forest Temple (OoT)

Number 1 is...

*Que Music*














 1. Goron Mines

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Points: 24


Shocking isn't it. I bet not a single person expected Goron Mines to be number 1 on our list. It was really close, Stone Tower Temple and the Forest Temple lost by ONLY 4 points.



"I never appreciated the iron boots in Zelda games until Twilight Princess.There used to their most creative extent in that games mainly in the 2nd dungeon. Not only can you walk under water but you can also stick metal surfaces so you can walk on walks and ceilings. "


Mr. West:

"The Bow and the Iron Boots were the two best Items from Twilight Princess, and this dungeon utilizes both of them. Walking upside down was fun as hell, and shooting down enemies on on the way to the final boss made me feel like a badass. This was also a dungeon that made sense considering it's setting. The guard mini-boss, the elders that give you key pieces, the monster infestation, and the imprisonment of the final boss were all given context, which was a refreshing change from tradition."



"Most people hate Twilight Princess; I consider it my 2nd favourite Zelda game to date. This dungeon might be one of the MANY reasons why. It’s ranked #4 on my own personal Top 10 Dungeons.

The main reason why I like it so much, has to do with progression. The way you progress through it. I’m talking about Iron Boots and Magnetic walls/ceilings. There's not a whole lot I need to say about it. Puzzle solving and progression using the Iron Boots is creative, intuitive and best of yet it's a simple concept that goes a long way.

I just really like this dungeon, even if it's not number 1 on my list. Also you get the must useful item in the game, the Hero's Bow."




This concludes our epic journey across Hyrule's/Termina's many wonderful locations. Chalk full of evil, monsters and death at every corner. Thanks for stopping by.

Before we leave, I would like to thank g1s:


Noble Team 1






Mr. West




Thank you for contributing! This list would not have been possible without all of you.


For my next list and every list afterwords will be decided by YOU. In your comments give Top 10 suggestions that I can use as future g1 Community Top 10s. Remember to pick topics that appeal to the majority. It doesn't need to be Top 10 favourite, or Top 10 best, it can also be Top 10 worst, etc... Be creative!


This is g1 2200, and I shall see you later!

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