g1 Events Update 10/2/2012: DUN Dun duuuuun...

Posted on October 2, 2012 - 12:30pm by g1 Events

Yo g1's JHawk99 back again for your g1 Events update! Today we have some sad news... ProJared has left ScrewAttack, we wish him luck in all his future endeavors and thank him for all the great content he produced here at SA, you will be missed Jared. Wow REVULSIVE must be heartbroken!

With that out of the way lets move on to g1 Movie Night!

Movie Watched: Cliffhanger


Previously on g1 Movie Night: Inspired by Terrible Thursday the gang decides they should watch Cliffhanger for movie night! It was a horrible idea, and not much was said about the actual movie! But at least we got to hear Joe sing in a Sylvester Stallone voice, thats a plus right? RIGHT!?

g1 Movie Night is held on a weekly basis every Saturday at 6:00 PM EST. Moderators choose a movie or take a suggestion from a g1 and put it up for vote, the movie that wins is viewed via the synchtube feature in Tinychat.

Well with Anime Night on its off week and no new announcements, I figure we can go straight to Cartoon Night! But just so everyone knows: Next Anime Night is Friday October 5th



Previously on g1 Cartoon Night: we had a pretty solid lineup! Ch-ch-ch-chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, X-Men, Megaman, and Transformers Beast Wars were all watched with Animaniacs as the intermission! Where we heard the two dirtiest lines in cartoon history! "I'm a Naughty Doctor." and "Yeeees..." But we got an announcement from Joeshadowman: He's going to culinary school! Because of this he will be unable to host g1 Events on a weekly basis for a bit.

g1 Cartoon Night is held on a bi-weekly basis cycling out with g1 Anime Night every Friday at 6:00PM EST going until 8:00, but unlike Anime Night it does not use the marathon structure. Instead it is played in the form of a Cartoon Block with four shows each getting one episode as apposed to one show getting four. The next Cartoon Night Friday October 12th

Sorry about the lack of a show teaser, those are done on off weeks.
 But its time for g1 Game Days!


Well we have good news and bad news, the bad news is: The Gotham City Imposters game day was a bust. The good news is: g1 A Zero 2 Hero has offered to host a Xbox 360 game day for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, which will be held along side JHawk99's PS3 game day.


Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Platform: Xbox 360 Host: A Zero 2 Hero
Date: Saturday October 13th Time: 4:00 PM EST

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Platform: PS3 Host: JHawk99
Date: Saturday October 13th Time: 4:00 PM EST

Uncharted 3

Platform: PS3 Host: JHawk99
Date: Saturday October 27th Time: 4:00 PM EST

Wanna join in on the fun? add the Gamertag "A Zero 2 Hero" or PSN ID "JHawk99" with a message saying you're a g1 and you'll be invited as soon as the game day starts!

Have a Game Day planned in the future? Let us know! Make an announcement blog with all the details (game, platform, date and time, who's hosting it, etc.) and we'll add it here! (Don't wanna do that? No worries! Just send JHawk99 all the details and we can sort things out to announce it here.)

Well g1's hope this made your day just a little bit better (doubt it) But until next time, I'm JHawk99 and this has been your g1 Events update

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