g1 Events Update 5/22/2012: THE UBER UPDATE

Posted on May 22, 2012 - 2:59pm by g1 Events


HOLY CRAP ! Lots'n'lots of after dark highlights, good work Shiz!

Yo g1's! JHawk99 with THE UBER UPDATE

Hey g1's JHawk99 with a HUGE update. But first lets get this out of the way. Ever since JETZ joined g1 Events everyone has gone to him for anything related to the events, some of you know this most of you don't. JETZ is not the one to go to for g1 Events! That would be me ESPECIALLY for game days!

Now that we're done with that, OBLIGITORY HOST INTRODUCTION HO!


Founder of g1 Features (not to be confused with g1 Events), JETZ.acx hates to see drama whereever he goes. Most likely the reason why JHawk and Joe haven't torn each other apart, the Jetman is the unofficial g1 Events' peace keeper.


The co-host of g1 Events is loud and annoying at times, but he's usually a great guy to hang out with in the chat. He also has a certain obsession with orange.


Like a ninja hidden in the shadows, AbnormalKayla hosts the g1 Anime Nights with a silent lip. Unaffected by any trolling the chatroom might send to her, she's usually sitting down calmly...or perhaps she's too shy to prove otherwise.


Proud and ambitious JHawk99 is the founder of g1 Events and is known to clash horns with Joe many times during the events. While people may question his tastes and authority, know this: he's always there for the g1 community, and will do everything to ensure they're having a blast.


 Ah ScrewAttack how I've missed you. On to Movie Night!

g1 Movie Night


Now with arabic subs!

 Last week we saw a frog fight a god on easter island. This week we don't know what the hell we'll see, thats up to you.

The Wizard

Choice of: JHawk99

Men In Black

Choice of: JETZ.acx


Choice of: Joeshadown

Previous Movie: SGT.Frog Super Movie 5

 Well its about goddamn time! On to CAWIFO-I mean g1 Anime Night...

g1 Anime Night



 They deserve the caps! Anyway heres the June schedule.

June 1st

Anime Night: Yes

June 8th

Anime Night: No

June 15th

Anime Night: Yes

June 22nd

Anime Night: No


Anime Night: Yes

Woah didn't realize we had five fridays this June! On to the poll


Choice of: AbnormalKayla

Dragon Ball Z

Choice of: JETZ.acx

Sailor Moon

Choice of: Joeshadowman

Previous Anime: Fooly Cooly

 You had better not fail me g1's...Now For you're After dark highlights brought to you by Shiznita!

g1 After Dark



 This is a doozy we have 2 days of straight after dark for you're viewing pleasure. PREPARE TO HAVE YOU'RE FACE MELTED!

I-I'm actually speechless. I don't know what to add to this.

ITS! ITS! 1006...




*sigh* Well anyway, thanks for the screens Shiz! You can view the rest at the g1 After Dark Thread! So any news on cartoon night?

g1 Cartoon Night



 Well that sucks. Don't worry I'll talk with JETZ if we get a date we'll let ya know.


g1 Game Days




For those who didn't see what the game is we'll be playing:

Halo: Reach

 Blarg! Honk Honk!

We had to postpone this one due to low Give'a'shit levels. Its gonna happen for realsies on Friday May 25th at 3:00 PM EST add JHawk99i or we can't invite you to the game. Please actually show up this time...


Well until then, see ya!



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