g1 Events Update 6/4/2012: The Abbreviated Update

Posted on June 10, 2012 - 9:20pm by g1 Events


Due to some really bad storms and a big week for my family, I was unable to attend some events last week. Because of this there will not be after dark highlights.

Editor's Note: Sorry about posting this so late but E3 coverage got kind of nuts over the past few days.

Yo g1's! JHawk99  with another update.

 Hey guys This ones gonna be on the shorter side, due to E3 and some problems I've had In real life.

Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way here are the host intos yadda yadda yadda.


Founder of g1 Features (not to be confused with g1 Events), JETZ.acx hates to see drama whereever he goes. Most likely the reason why JHawk and Joe haven't torn each other apart, the Jetman is the unofficial g1 Events' peace keeper.


The co-host of g1 Events is loud and annoying at times, but he's usually a great guy to hang out with in the chat. He also has a certain obsession with orange.


Like a ninja hidden in the shadows, AbnormalKayla hosts the g1 Anime Nights with a silent lip. Unaffected by any trolling the chatroom might send to her, she's usually sitting down calmly...or perhaps she's too shy to prove otherwise.


Proud and ambitious JHawk99 is the founder of g1 Events and is known to clash horns with Joe many times during the events. While people may question his tastes and authority, know this: he's always there for the g1 community, and will do everything to ensure they're having a blast.


 Now we go on to Movie Night as usual.

g1 Movie Night


 I wasn't there so no quotes today.

 Hey guys just so you know I can't get a hold of Joe so his choice will be TBA. I'll post on our wall if we get a choice from him.

 Pokemon: The First Movie

Choice of: JHawk99

 Men in Black

Choice of: JETZ.acx


Choice of: Joeshadown

Previous Movie: I dunno

 That was quick, you know the drill.

g1 Anime Night



There was an over abundance of it. Here are the dates also, all g1 viewing nights are at 6 PM EST We've been getting questions theres your answer.

 June 8th

Anime Night: No

 June 15th

Anime Night: Yes

 June 22nd

Anime Night: No

 June 29th

Anime Night: Yes

 Theres the schedule here are the choices. And we're having the same problem with Kayla and Joes still unavailable so JETZ gets a freebie. Again we'll update you if we get any choices.


Choice of: AbnormalKayla

 Fairy Tail

Choice of: JETZ.acx

 Casshern Sins

Choice of: JHawk99

Previous Anime: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT

 Toonami is back bitches! Now i'm sorry but there will not be after dark highlights today sorry. On to any news related to g1 Cartoon Night.

g1 Cartoon Night



 g1 Cartoon Night will be held for the first time on June 17th at 6:00 PM EST

Now JETZ wants to know what shows do you want to see? And how would you like to see them? I.E Like a Cartoon Block or one show per week. And we only have one show locked in that show is... Animaniacs

 We look forward to you're feedback in the comments. 


 Now g1 Game days.

g1 Game Days



 Now if you want to see how Halo: Reach Game Day was. Watch Screwin Around with Halo: Reach. Thanks to Bryan for breathing some life back into Game Day!

 Now what is the next game? Well i'll tell you. Its....



Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS3)


 Hadoken, Hadoken, Hadoken, Hadoken...

This Game Day will be on Friday June 15th at 4:00 PM EST. To Join send a Friend Request to JHawk99 on PSN. Keep in mind its first come first serve so get you're invites in early! I look forward to getting the crap beatin out of me.


But until then, this has been JHawk99. Now if you'll excuse me I have Skyrim to play.

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