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G1 Features The Resurrection: Update #1

11/26/13 6:20pm

Hello g1's. A few weeks ago, I talked about the change of management of g1 Features. How the account had kind of fallen apart due to neglect, and how we were bringing it back to a new audience. When I first posted it, I was really scared it was going to be all for nothing. Would people still care? Would they want to do content? These thoughts raced through my head.

But then it was posted, the response was nothing short of incredible. I was expecting only a few responses, not over 40 of them. A lot of that has to do with Screwattack featuring it, but regardless, thank you.

Of course, because so many people responded, I had to do some cuts on people. If your name is not on the list, I'm sorry. It could be that I either missed you, or too many people responded for me. In any case, here are some of the latest updates


G1 Interviews
G1 Interviews is going most swimmingly. In fact, we have 2 new Interviewers ready to do the job. Master Wayne and Bygjuce
Here's how its going to work. Once every 2 weekly, you'll get to see a interview from these guys. One week, Master Wayne may be doing it, and Bygjuce the next. Whether its video, audio or written is up to the person that is interviewed and what they prefer. 
We already have some interviewees, but if you're interested in being interviewed, send a comment saying you're interested, or DM either me, Wayne, or Byg over here. We also may approach you if you're lucky. There's no set release date, but you can see the rebirth of G1 Interviews as early as THIS WEEK! Exciting stuff.
The Podcast 
As before, the podcast is still in its very early stages. We're looking for ways to record, scheduling, and even the structure of the podcast isn't set in stone yet. What is set in stone, is the people on the podcast, and that's me, Madhero15, along with FrankHaggar, BigJoe91, and SideSmash
There's no confirmed release date yet for the podcast, but we hope to bring you something soon. Nothing can replace SideTracked, but we'll sure as hell try.
The Best Ever
Boy you people sure were excited about this one. In fact, of all the proposed project, this one was the most responded to by a mile. I had a feeling it would be, but daaaaaaang. In any case, the response has been so large, with 11 people joining the project, and 2 whom I still waiting a response for (you've been DMd). Therefore, G1 The Best Ever will be split into 2 groups. Here's group 1:  Bygjuce, Flapperdoodle, Prowler64, Quater Circle Forward,  Walter the Awesome, and Whatthefnu
For Group 2, we have BenNiGeLing, Branch,  Leader of the GodForsaken, LousyTactician, and NobleTeam 1
Scheduling and topic wise, nothing is planned as of yet. Right now I have in mind that it is done bi-weekly as well (so both groups doing 1 Best Ever every month) but that could change depending on some upcoming discussion I'll be having with the people. That said, I'm proud so many people are interested in this project, and I hope we're able to get something wonderful.
The Editors
Often going unappreciated, the editors are very important, making sure that everything looks tip-top and in pristine condition. We have 3 separate categories. The first one are of course the text editors, who'll look at the text and kill those nasty spelling errors and grammar mistakes. For this, we have Bygjuce (yes, him again), and Gear 12
Then we have the audio editors and video editors, who make sure everything sounds great and has that G1 Features trademark. This task is laid upon g1s DRQ and Flapperdoodle.
And finally, the people responsible for the logos, banners, and other stuff. I'm jealous of their talent, and can only wish I was part of this team. Someday...... IN ANY CASE! Our Photoshop team. Animark, Flapperdoodle, and Walter the Awesome.
I'll talk with you guys later. There's a lot of work to do, since they're responsible for all the logo's for all the different shows.


Now these are the shows/members that are now known. However, I have good news: WE ARE STILL HIRING PEOPLE! 
In the past weeks, people have given me ideas that I would like to see made, and I hope you're interested as well.
What wants to be a Screwattack Millionaire 

A lot of you wanted to be a contestant of this show. Unfortunately, none of you said anything about wanting to be quizmaster. Maybe its because I didn't explain properly how this show would be done, and for that I apologize.
The gameshow can be done in either written or video, depends on what the contestant wants and what is possible to do. The best possible method would be to use Skype or something, where you can see when someone is writing or not, therefore making sure people don't cheat (which unfortunately does happen). 
The basic structure is that there are 15 questions (this is the number of the show, this could be lessened), with a safe point at around the 5 and 10 question mark. There are 3 lifelines. In this case it would be 50/50, Phone a Friend (ask someone else on Skype), and Search, which lets you look up the stuff on the internet for a brief period of time.
If you're interested in doing this, you're also responsible for making the questions. So yeah, I hope that explains everything. We need quizmasters, and I really hope you're interested
  • Quizmasters
Indie Shack
A LOT of people asked about this feature and if it could return. Well, ask, and ye shall receive. Indie Shack was a old feature on G1 Previews, and was usually just 1 guy talking about some indie games, be they new, interesting, or just something you should check out. This can be anything from a simple browser game to the next Limbo/Braid/Journey.
Now, in the original, it was one guy doing it, and in the new version, I would like to see a more established group doing the Indie Shack. Reviewing cool indie games, either free or paid for. What more do you want? We also need people to of course look for the cool indie games.
  • Reviewers
  • Indie Game Searchers
G1 Debates
An idea by g1 SierraFoxtrot, the idea is extremely simple. 2 g1's, 1 moderator, 1 topic, and a whole lot of arguing. I already have 2 people in mind who I want as the so called debaters, but that doesn't mean that you're not allowed to participate as well. There are so many topics in the game industry to discuss, so I think it could be a lot of fun. We also need moderators to make sure that everything stays civil.
This can be done in both written and video format, depending on the people who're willing to do it. 
  • Debaters
  • Moderators

And that's it. I once again would like to thank the people who have volunteered themselves. Hopefully, we can help G1 Features grow even further. Once again, thank you

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