G1 help for a new Twitch show I'm working on.

Posted on April 4, 2012 - 4:43pm by EuphioEich

Howdy G1's,

I'm starting development for a new show that I'm going to do on Twitch this summer since I don't have a job or internships heading my way (Coughscrewattackemailmepleasecough) So instead I'm going to Livestream a new show where I play through (and rage like a dumbass for your entertainment) some of the hardest games ever made. The One Rule I have is it has to be difficult by design and not by glitches or shittiness.

So here's where you lovely sexy G1's come in. For season one of my show I'm going to play the 10 hardest NES games. Who's going to decide what the 10 hardest NES games are? You smexy G1's!

I really need your help and support if we're gonna make this the best show it can be =D

Post in the comments below your top 10 hardest NES games and which ever games get the most votes wll form my top ten and will decide what games I will play through for you all!

Thanks Again Hope all is well!


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