g1 Interviews: Femme Fatales PART 1

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Feature brought to you by: g1 Alpha Unit

The g1 community is strong, valiant, and welcoming. Our efforts to be the best group on the internet never cease, and we shall continue doing so for a long time. We've covered broad subjects over  the time span of our existance, and with the exception of spam bots and trolls here and there, we have a group of hyper-intelligent people who are able to handle the aformentioned subjects. 

Over time, one subject has started exploding into popularity: Girl gamers. For some reason, female g1s now more than ever have started taking liberty to become a stronger part of the g1 community. And as everybody knows, gaming isn't restricted to one gender, and many girls now know to make it heard. 

Since I am the best g1 in the history of mankind (or at least the best g1 in the U.S. state of California), I have made it my duty to check out the opinions of women in the g1 community. Cuz you know? I'm badass like that...Okay, I'm not badass, but I try.

Now here's our interviews!




  • Skype:  vick1393
  • Twitter: g1hypercombo64
  • Friend Code:  1332-7713-7257



Alpha Unit: How's it going?

hypercombo64: its going pretty good, how are you?

Alpha Unit: Been good even though the day's been a bit slow. Well, how's it going on ScrewAttack?

 hypercombo64: good good, im quite rather looking forward to watching this weeks sidescrollers once we are done with the interview.

Alpha Unit: Ah, I see. Is Sidescrollers your current favorite show on SA?

hypercombo64: i'd say, that and clip of the week i'm always excited to see. I am enjoying their new Best/Worst ever stuff that they are doing now.

Alpha Unit: Ah, I see... Well, how long have you been visiting ScrewAttack and where did you first hear of it?

hypercombo64: on my own i have been visiting the site on a frequent basis for about 8 months or so. How I first heard of screwattack was my friend showed me ScrewAttack's top 10 top 10's on gametrailers and then clip of the weeks this was about a year and a half ago.

Since he showed it to me i slowly started getting into it on my own checking out the other shows. I didnt make a g1 account till about September 2011 though.

Alpha Unit: And what do you mostly do around ScrewAttack? You don't have blogs up?

hypercombo64: I sometimes go on the forums... sadly not as much as i want to. Mainly I just read other g1's blogs and comment. Sadly no I don't blog really, I am working  on one at the moment though about an experience I had in a used game store in Pheonix Arizona called fallout games. It'll be my first blog , which I am quite excited about. I would like to get more blogging done it's just a matter of coming up with ideas for blogs.

Sorry and to add to your what do you do checking out the original content and partners stuff I also enjoy.

 Alpha Unit: Ah. When you're blog comes out, I'll be sure to spread the word. Hmm... Well, what video games are you playing at the moment?

hypercombo64: Right now I'm working my way through Super Mario RPG, and on the go I am working on Legend of Zelda Minish Cap on my 3DS thanks to the ambassador program that and i also just picked up a Sega Genesis and Earthworm Jim, so i've been playing some of that.

 Alpha Unit: And what is your favorite video game ever?

hypercombo64: I would have to go with Ocarina of Time, its one of those games I can play over and over and it never gets old. I enjoy every playthough of it.

Alpha Unit: So why is it your favorite game?

hypercombo64: The story, I got so into it when I was a kid I almost couldn't put the game down, once I was done one dungeon in a temple I had to move on to the next. Characters as well. from Malon to Ingo to the carpenters that you have to save in Gerudo Valley. Even Navi. Some people say she's annoying but I love her. And the gameplay as well. I kinda fell in love with the game all over again when they re-released it on the 3DS, I really enjoyed the gyro sensor that they put in with the slingshot and arrows and such. just a fun little feature.

Alpha Unit: What is probably the single worst game you've ever played?

hypercombo64: I'm trying to search my memory thinking of really bad games I have played... sadly none really come to mind. I could tell you games that are really bad from reviews and such... I'm sure I have played some N64 game that I rented as a kid that was terrible. But honestly none are really coming to mind that i have personally played.

 Alpha Unit: Well, what was your first game system?

hypercombo64: That i could call mine was my N64. i didnt own alot of games on it, I had Ocarina of Time, Pokemon Puzzle League, and Mario Party 2. However I did rent alot of N64 games and I still have my same N64 with the purple controller. My game library for it has expanded since I was a kid though of course.

 Alpha Unit: Here's a question you probably saw a mile away: Why don't many girls play video games?

hypercombo64: This is kind of a funny question to me haha I know a lot of girls that play video games. Heck most of the ones I do know play them. It might be because it is such a "guy" thing to do is why some girls dont play them, that or they think that are to violent or just think they are stupid.

 Well, any last words?

hypercombo64: Not exactly to sure what to say haha, thanks for the interview! It's always a pleasure talking with you Alpha, weather on twitter or comments on SA =]






  • Twitter: GaaraofMYdesert
  • Gamertag: GaaraofMYdesert




 Alpha Unit: How's it going?

GaaraofMYdesertHAHA: I'm doing great today. How about yourself?

Alpha Unit: Oh, it's been a pretty good day. Well, what have you been doing around ScrewAttack? No new blogs or projects?

 GaaraofMYdesertHAHA: Honestly since the new upgrade and layout of the site I've haven't been doing much. My little odd video of my MegaFAIL videos are the only g1 related thing I've done. Also I'm not much of a blogger. I can't sit and type on a computer for too long. Projects?...Hmmm. Well I was thinking of uploading my old SGC 2010 videos. Good thing I saved those! Just watching them again made me wanna share it again with everyone. :)

GaaraofMYdesertHAHA: Also I've just been lurking  here and there on SA and keeping up with videos as much as I can. ^__^

Alpha Unit: Hmm...Well, how did you first discover ScrewAttack? AVGN? Gametrailers maybe?

GaaraofMYdesertHAHA: My friend Brennan, also known as g1 shiro_shishi was actually the one who introduced me to SA. I've watched AVGN before all this but I never knew he was connected to SA until Brennan told me. That was in 2009 I believe. I became a g1 that same year. :)

Alpha Unit: Ah, interesting. What was the first thing you did as a g1?

GaaraofMYdesertHAHA: Yeppers! He's awesome. The first thing I did as a g1 was to do a blog, Haha! It was just an introduction about myself and what I like and whatnot. I believe I had Batman and Halo in there. Surprised the hell out of me to find out the next few minutes already a few g1s commented and welcomed me. I was so happy. ^__^

Alpha Unit: And what do you think of ScrewAttack's current layout?

 GaaraofMYdesertHAHA: I'm still trying to get use to it. I don't know if that's a bad or good thing. But all in all I don't really mind it. My only problem with it is that we can't upload videos like we use too. Now we have to link videos from other sites. It's not hard to do, just feels like more work.

Alpha Unit: What is probably your favorite show on ScrewAttack?

 GaaraofMYdesertHAHA: That's not hard. ALL OF IT! lol Clip of the Week is my most favorite and BEST EVER! is starting to be. :)

 Alpha Unit: Which g1 do you most admire?

GaaraofMYdesertHAHA: Oh there is so many! Let's seeeeee....

 Hybrid Rain is my most admired. He has done so much for SA and the g1s.

Also we're brother and sister! (Inside joke) lol

Alpha Unit: You knew Hybrid since birth?

GaaraofMYdesertHAHA: lol No I have not. It's our own little joke because another g1 made a comment that he thought me and Hybrid really ARE brother and sister because we apparently look like it.

Alpha Unit: All right, now let's move away from the ScrewAttack shtick... What's the first video game you've ever played?

GaaraofMYdesertHAHA: First video game...Super Mario World. My dad bought it when I lived with him. He was pretty good at it...and a little stingy. He was always on it! D:

Alpha Unit: And what's your favorite video game today?

 GaaraofMYdesertHAHA: It would have to be the Xenosaga series. I absolutely adore those games so much! So much greatness.

Alpha Unit: And what is your favorite console ever?

GaaraofMYdesertHAHA: I don't really have a favorite, even though I'm on my 360 most of the time. lol

Alpha Unit: What's your favorite game on the 360?

GaaraofMYdesertHAHA: That would have to be Dead Space. :)

Alpha Unit: And what's your favorite aspects of Dead Space?

 GaaraofMYdesertHAHA: I like scary stuff, and Dead Space was it! Sure cheap scares but that didn't stop me from screaming and being paranoid for a week. I'm serious, I was afraid of going to the washroom that was only across my own room!

 Alpha Unit: Uh, really? Hmm...Well, any last words?

GaaraofMYdesertHAHA: lol Yes really, though that was at night, not day time.

Last words?

 I love you SA and g1s. <3

Also g1 shiro shishi is a bitch!






  • Gamertag: Akiterra
  • Steam: Akiterra
  • PSN: Akiterra




Girls, “Girls”, and MMOs


Alpha Unit: How's it going?

Akiterra: Good. Finally caught up with my classes so my next post for Diary of a Gamer Girl should be better than the quick post I put up earlier this week. XD

Alpha Unit: Hmm...Diary of a Gamer Girl is an extremely popular series. How'd the idea for that blog series come up?

Akiterra: Well, it was actually Gaijin Goomba's idea for me to start it. We were discussing different games and how people act and I shared some of my experiences. Since he had started his video blog, he suggested that I start my own. I was really hesistant at first because I really didn't know what kinds of response to expect but I've found a lot of support and many gamers, male and female, that have had the same or similar experiences. I honestly would not even started the blog if he hadn't supported me to do so.

Alpha Unit: Did you really expect the series to get popular?

Akiterra: Nope. Maybe like 100 views or so, tops. But I never expected for my first post to be on the Community Showcase in about a day's time or one of the top 15 Blogs of the Week. I figured maybe a few people would read my posts and that would be it.

Alpha Unit: Are you planning to write any other posts besides the "Diary" series?

Akiterra: :/ I actually hadn't thought about it. I guess that possibility can't be ruled out but finding time between work and classes while be the deciding  factor.

I mean, if I think of something different to start and have extra time, maybe, but I honestly wouldn't start expecting it at this time.

Alpha Unit: How long do you expect the series to last?

Akiterra: I haven't actually thought that far ahead just yet. I guess as long as I have something to discuss and share with the community and still can work on my computer, then I will keep the blog alive. I do want to keep trying to have a post up every Monday but with my new schedule I may have to change that. I will be sure to let everyone know. <(^.^)>

 Alpha Unit: Hmm. What game or console made you a gamer?

Akiterra: Good question. The Atari was the first console I ever played on. I absolutely loved Q-Bert. That is definitely my earliest gaming memory. I also remember playing  Frogger right before my dad sold the Atari to get NES and then I was hooked on Mario. :D

 I acutally remembering playing Frogger as I heard my dad saying he was going to sell it. I wanted to play it as much as possibly before that happened. I could never get past the traffic to the water.

I wanted so badly to beat Frogger before he sold it. And I never got the chance.


Alpha Unit: What is your favorite video game today?

Akiterra: Well, favorite video game of all time or out of the eight I'm currently bouncing back and forth between?

 Favorite game of all time. Chrono Trigger. Hands down. If I had to choose one game to play for the rest of my life; it would be Chrono Trigger. The original release on the SNES. Out of games I'm currently playing, Final Fantasty III on the DS.

Alpha Unit: What is your favorite game console?

Akiterra: Hmm. I gotta go with the SNES. I love my PS3 to bits and pieces but I have so many great memories with my SNES. Chrono Trigger, Super Mario Bros, Earth Defense Force, Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter. I played my SNES every afternoon when I got home from school.

Alpha Unit: I remember you mentioning that other kids made fun of you for playing video games and being a girl at the same time. Why did they taunt you?

Akiterra: I honestly have no idea. Maybe it was just to single someone out to make fun, maybe because gaming  was really a boy's thing back then and it was almost unheard of for a girl to play video games. I was actually really shy as a kid and tended to keep to myself and made pretty good grades. Perhaps I was just an easy target since I didn't fight back.

Alpha Unit: Now more than ever, women play so much more. Why do you think more girls have gotten into gaming lately?

Akiterra: I know that, like myself, many females have played games since early childhood and hadn't expressed it openly until recently and by recently I mean in the past few years. Gaming has become incredibly mainstream with online play and developers trying to reach out to different audiences. Playing video games is no longer a thing that "geeks" or "nerds" do. There are games for everyone. I've even seen videos of 50+ year old grandmothers whooping tail at games like CoD. Playing video games in one's free time isn't just a boy thing, it is an "everyone thing".

Alpha Unit: Here's a question I've wanted to ask for a while, where did the username "Akiterra" come from?

Akiterra: Ah. Akiterra was really just a name that I came up with a whim. I had started playing  Diablo 2 back and high school and well, my assassin needed a name. I haven't played the game in years but I still have it. And a copy of my assassin, who is level 82 by the way. No hacks. For realz. <(^.^)>

Alpha Unit: Well, any last words for the g1 community?

Akiterra: I love you all in the most plutonic way possible. <(^.^)> But seriously everyone, thank you for all the support and sharing your experiences in the comments. I love that we can acutally discuss gender roles in video games and then apply the comments to actually events rather than just comments like, "LAWLTROLLOLOLOOOLOLOLOLO", and the like.





Of course not! Next week, we're continuing  with even more female g1 interviewees! Hey, and I might interview Lauren Moore to boot! (I'll email you soon, Lauren.) Just wait till next week... Next week.

 Oh, and I'll try to make up a schedule for people who want to be interviewers in a couple of days...Just wait till next week...Next week.

Fun Fact: All the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are female! Did you know that? I'm serious. Watch it again! 

Alpha Unit.

(Next week)

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