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You will miss g1 Interviews, but I will not miss removing Skype time stamps.

I remember starting g1 Interviews a year ago as a way to put the limelight on g1s, and you know, it was an instant success. Chatting with you guys really changed my life for the better, and I now know what really makes a gamer and a friend a friend tick like a time-bomb. Whether it was asking you how was your day, or what your favorite console is, or whatever the hell you're doing, I was always bound to get this unique response that wowed me for either 45 seconds or to no end. It was indeed what you'd call a "wild ride", and it was a chapter in my life I'll look back on it and be like "Yup, I wasted so many hours doing this...Fucking Skype time stamps."

*starts packing things in suitcase* Well, it's over chums. *puts boxes in back of truck.* I think we're done here. It was a cool little shindig, but Alpha can bitch no more of the flat-lining g1 Interviews. I'm sure every interviewee and interviewer had fun, but it's time to flush our beloved fish down the toilet. It really was a labor of love, but in the end, it wasn't meant to last...Or maybe... It was getting better.

Despite the bitterness I felt after the views and comments went down, it's a signal for me to throw in the towel, take a break, move on to other endeavors, and come back fresh for a g1 Interviews reboot starring Andrew Garfield as Alpha Unit. I can guarantee this is for the best, as I really do need a break, and the fact Andrew Garfield has way better hair than I do. (the one thing I hated about him was the fact he wasn't an orange, lasagna-eating cat who hated Mondays)

So here it is females and males, a g1 Interviews that has every g1 of the Year except the Psyduck, because he stopped responding to my emails when everyone else just said "Yes" on Twitter, and then handed me a Skype and handed me "Pretty much any night" as the time, except for Woody who did it in the morning for some reason.

Yeah, I should quit stalling, here's the g1 Interviews. You don't have to get off my lawn, I never took care of it and it's full of dog-crap anyways.

New Line Cinema




An Alpha Unit Blog

Written and Directed by Alpha Unit


Hybrid Rain Man



  • Gamertag: g1_HybridRain
  • Steam: HybridRain
  • PSN: g1_HybridRain




Why should you support the 48 HOUR SGC MARATHON - Part 1

ScrewAttack Magazine Issue # 17 - SGC WOOOOO! Edition


 Hybrid Rain: how ya been
Alpha  Unit: Don't interview me!
Hybrid Rain: lolololololol
 Alpha  Unit: So you're down with doing the now?
 Hybrid Rain: if you want: :)
Alpha  Unit: Okay *ahem* How are you doing? Tell us a little bit about yourself, please.
Hybrid Rain: *out of the interview* I'll first write the whole thing on Word and then paste it here so one sec and patience please :D
 Alpha  Unit: *nods*

Hybrid Rain: Hello there! wow... I think I've been here before… same room… different times now. So hey, what about me…? Well my name is Gerardo aka g1 Hybrid Rain. I live at the moment in Bogotá, Colombia (South America) but been a proud g1 since 2007.
 Back in 2008 I became g1 of the year and went to both SGC 2009 and 2010. Best weekends of my entire life.

Alpha  Unit: 2007, eh? Interesting, you've been touring the site for quite a long time there. So how exactly did you discover ScrewAttack? (And SGC would've been awesome if I had joined ScrewAttack earlier...)
 Hybrid Rain: Now I wait patiently for SGC 2013, I hope to meet more g1¡s and by that time I have done more awesome projects with the community.
 Alpha  Unit: But yeah, how'd you find out about ScrewAttack?
 Hybrid Rain: I think many of you have heard the same story not just from me but from most g1s from that time it was the same. I saw the Angry Video Game Nerd the Fester’s Quest episode and I laugh my ass out with it. Finding this on the internet made me wonder what was the whole deal, so for some days I watched a lot of episodes from the AVGN and suddenly I wanted to know more from the site and got into ScrewAttack.com, what a site. It was really simple and there was not much to know about the g1’s, I became more active until they updated to Version 3.0 and to be honest, for me, it is one of the best Versions the site had.
 Since then I’m here. I’m trying to do my best working with the community.

Alpha  Unit: The AVGN brought me, too. The Batman episode. I only got my start in late V4, how was it like back then?

 Hybrid Rain: It was a fun experiment. The crew tried to improve the blog system and even did a version suitable for multimedia and internet use like video, images and much more; too bad they decided to scratch that on Version 5 but what can be done about it. Still, I think what really got the community more united and stronger in such a small time was that it was run more by the g1s. Mods like Debaser were active g1s and mods that took control over any negative situation and even helped on the spotlight of g1 content, it was different back then but right now we must work with what the site is giving us at the moment and I think it will improve in the following years.

Alpha  Unit: Huh. So what kind of projects did you primarily do back in the day?

Hybrid Rain: Back in the day people knew about me for doing the infamous ScrewAttack Caramelldansen and basically gave me the opportunity to become g1 of the year on 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7Zj9h7Gnu8 but also because during that time I was more involved in the blog system and show new users what the g1 community was all about. Basically I helped stop the “first wars” and the trolling; respect and tolerance is what we worked back then. Kind like the bronies actually… *raises flame shield*. Later I work on the weekend edition of Hard News during a year and later I started working on my own video projects which I shared with the community. The last project I worked was the ScrewAttack Magazine, which unfortunately will cease production on December due to the lack of views and interest, it was a fun project but right now I’ll just have to close another book and start another one.

Alpha  Unit: Aww...Sad. Terra_Corrupt once told me that the g1 community had this short and everchanging attention span...Sad to hear that, so, how did that magazine get started?

Hybrid Rain: The magazine idea started during the semester I learned design and how to use Adobe InDesign. I was watching ideas for new content on the site, something original that no one had done before. I was watching Extra Credit or Daniel Floyd, on that time, and when they started posting their videos on The Escapist Magazine I noticed that the site, actually didn’t have a “magazine” or was related to the magazine business (as far as I know, I spent like an hour looking on the whole site at that time and no sign of something related to a magazine). I checked different sites and no one worked on a magazine so I said “why not?”. Gotta be honest I was really happy to see the support I received during that time, g1s were helping a lot during that time but as time passed the views started to went down, the editors didn’t have articles to work on and so the reason why the mag is ceasing production next December. Kind of fitting actually we are going out of business just like Nintendo Power, sad in deed but I had fun with it, the SA crew even did some articles back in the day and getting people for the interviews and amazing artwork for the cover of the magazine was awesome. We were on the internet for 2 years, I think I did the best to keep a high quality product every month but I couldn’t work anymore, it was a magazine done by g1s for g1s and without the g1s help the project felt.

Alpha  Unit: Ow. Ow. You got me right in the heart, dude. But y'know, there will be that one g1 that'll attempt to bring the magazine back I guess. What kind of g1 stuff do you do now?

 Hybrid Rain: Yeah btw thanks for the help you gave us in the last months btw anyway...
 I thank all the g1s who supported the mag, sorry can't name you all right now but, thank you.
 I'm on a hiatus right now, the mag was what got me working right now... I tried back to do a show with the g1's but apparently there was no interest at all since I didn't get no attention or response so yeah... I have ideas right now and a new camera, Canon 7D people. Crazy VFX coming soon...

Alpha  Unit: I heard you were doing work on a ScrewAttack documentary that got cancelled. Is that true?
 Hybrid Rain: Yeah, I was working on it. I was going to be the Director for the documentary but unfortunately doing a documentary that big required money, equipment and traveling to the USA. I was willing to do the trip and all but yeah… money was one of the issues. Believe it was a great plan.
Alpha  Unit: Okay, I'm sad now. Umm....Think happy thoughts...Think happy thoughts... Uh, any big projects coming up that will definetly not get cancelled?

Hybrid Rain: Hard to say. I really want to do a show with the g1 community but I’m really worried because of the attention span, I have my personal thoughts about it and mostly I blame the website’s version but that’s as far as I will talk about it. But I have a new camera and a bit of time… maybe I’ll try to do a good show for the g1s. Something different to Dah Random Show but better… wait a minute… I forgot about Dah Random Show!? Hahahahaha. Oh what a show…

 Alpha  Unit: Wait, what is this show you are talking about?

Hybrid Rain: Back in Version 4 I did a comedy/spotlight show where I acted randomly with songs, interpretative dance, whatever you can imagine, and I spotlighted the work of the g1s like blogs or videos. Unfortunately all those videos were deleted on Version 4 but I still have a few on my Hard Drive. It was fun to do every week but I wanted to keep it on ScrewAttack only so when Version 5 was launched the show died with V4. Maybe it could return.
Alpha  Unit: Neat. Let's go with your personal gaming life now. First game you've ever played?
Hybrid Rain: Mmm… I think was the Spiderman game on the Atari 2600. I thought for a long time that was Super Mario 3 but then I realize I played that game years back… o the memories…

Alpha  Unit: First console?

Hybrid Rain: I wanted a Nintendo during that time. But my parents bought me a Super Nintendo, the one bundled with Super Mario World, during that time I didn’t know much about gaming consoles and was kind of disappointed that I got a SNES instead of a NES; I really wanted to play TMNT 3, my favorite game on that console but instead I had TMNT Tournament Fighter. Later on I loved my SNES and understood that I had the newest one and I was having a lot of fun! TMNT Tournament Fighter was my first 2D Fighter and I was enjoying Super Mario Wolrd… just awesome. Good times.

Alpha Unit: Any last words, you sexy bastard.

Hybrid Rain: Wait... that's it? D:
 *sniff* but... I just got coffee and donuts D:
I will always be a g1 till the end of the internet. If you need support I'll give it to you, I would love to do more stuff on the community but work, life and new opportunities have appeared on the horizon so those are priorities in my life
Thanks to everyone who have supported me and I wish you the best, ScrewAttack right now is not perfect but is our home town and we must live in it and improve it.
 Thanks for this opportunity! :D



Terra_corrupt Man






ScrewAttack Secret Santa - Let's Go



Alpha  Unit: First question up: How are you today?

Terra_Corrupt: I'm not too bad I guess, just home after a weekend up in Dublin for Eirtakon (Anime Convention) and one of our lectures was cancelled today so SUCCESS :D

Alpha  Unit: Good day, huh? So, any big projects saved up for ScrewAttack?

Terra_Corrupt: Well just today actually I made the blog for the Return of ScrewAttack Secret Santa. It was a pretty massive thing 2 years ago so I hope that it gets to be as big once again :P Other than that I've been pretty quiet on the whole ScrewAttack front

Alpha  Unit: So why is it that you've been quiet?

Terra_Corrupt: Well time is one thing, not much of it these days. I'm not very comfortable with the site as it is now but that's my own problem. I think I've had my time on ScrewAttack to be honest. It's true for me and it's probably true for others too, the first 2 years are amazing and then everything goes downhill from there (v3 is GodTier)

Alpha  Unit: Everything went downhill for you? Are you sorta like a bitter old man wanting to relive his glory days as a war hero?

Terra_corrupt: Oh yes, definetly, I know that myself and I'm not the only one. We all want the "feeling" that ScrewAttack used to deliver to us. Now whether it's us who changed or the site or a combination of the two, I'll leave that up to ye :)

Alpha  Unit: And what was that feeling you used to get? How did it change?

 Terra_corrupt: Hmmm... it's hard to describe... The biggest way things change I believe is that people leave. Most of the guys on TPS and DTT for example were v2 and v3 forum vets. I myself owe a lot to a g1 called Silent Protagonist. In v3 we used to all get on Skype and have fun times while making blogs using HTML which was how men did it. I had my gripes with v4 but it did wonders for the community. There was a real feeling of connection there Now, everything just... "feels" isolated, like you're alone... I dunno... :D

Alpha  Unit: You think we're ever gonna get back to the time where we had that "feel"?

Terra_corrupt: You see this is thing. That "feel" is already being had by newer g1's... So in a way, it's already happening to them :D Whether it's the same kind, I don't know
 But will things for me go back to the way they used to be? No.

Alpha  Unit: WHY?

Terrra_corrupt: g1's have left, people have lost interest, no one communicates anymore
And for me, the site just doesn't provide that connectivity it used to
 (All opinions are owned by Terra ltd. of go fuck yourself if you're butthurt inc.) :D

Alpha  Unit: Hmm...So why did you join the site in the first place? How did you discover it exactly?

 Terra_corrupt: I joined ScrewAttack because of Guru Larry :D
In Ireland and the UK he and Wez used to be on TV for XLeague and when we finally got Internet in our house circa 2009 one of the first things I looked up was where those guys were
They were apparently part of "ScrewAttack Europe" so I joined, posted in the forums, where Larry himself used to post and the rest is history :D

 Alpha  Unit: Ah...And when those guys stopped being affiliated with ScrewAttack, how did you feel?

 Terra_corrupt: A bit dissapointed... More annoyed with how the main site handled the whole situation. But by then I was already involved so much in the community aspect of things it didn't stir my feelings about the Community

Alpha  Unit: In your "glory days", what did you mostly do?

Terra_corrupt: Well in v3 I mostly just posted shitty blogs and videos to the site, derp around on Skype and lurk the forums hardcore. I made lotsa friends and was bro
 v4 I guess were my "Glory Days" in where I got to be sorta well known. First it was "Who wants to be a Screwionaire" which got popular for some reason. Then I did ScrewAttack Community Radio which was massive for about 3 episodes. Then came the g1 database and to round off the year, ScrewAttack Secret Santa :)

 Alpha  Unit: What do you believe won you g1 of the year?

Terra_corrupt: ScrewAttack Secret Santa to be honest :D Also endorsement from awesome people like digitaldebaser and PeanutButterGamer :P I guess I just kinda "knew" everyone aswell :D
 Alpha  Unit: Let's dwelve into your gamer life. I do this quite a bit. Um, what was your first video game and console?
Terra_corrupt: First Video Game is a bit strange consdering my current trade.... Spice World for the Ps1. Now, first Console... Mega Driive baby :P Got it from my cousins with Aladdin and Garfield. Later that year I bought Sonic 2 and the obsession started :D
 Alpha  Unit: What is your most favoritist video game off all times?

Terra_corrupt:: That's harsh bro...
I have 3 games that hold the number 1 spot for me, each for their own reasons.
Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger and Zelda: Majora's Mask. Currently I'm replaying through Majora's Mask so for the sake of argument I'll say that one for the moment :D

Alpha  Unit: Uh, almost time to wrap up this thing. Any last words for the g1 community before we sink into the apocalypse?





Woodyman Man


A man of wood.




Woodyman's 26 Video Game Facts! (That may or may not be true)

Woodyman and JETZ.acx's Top 5 Horror Levels from Non-Horror Games


Alpha  Unit: *straightens tie* *sits* Ah, yes, hello.

Woodyman: Welcome to g1 Interviews, glad you could be with us today.

Alpha  Unit: ...LET ME DO THIS... I mean, you are doing my job, sir. Would you kindly let me do it?

 Woodyman: Fine, I'll let you do it.

Alpha  Unit: Okay, so how are you doing on this fine, supposedly rainy day.

Woodyman: I'm doing just fine, I was doing some landscaping this morning but luckily got called outta work because of the rain.

Alpha  Unit: Gotcha. So, Woodyman, do you have any large projects for the g1 Community at the moment?

Woodyman: Hmm... for the g1 Community? Well since the SGC Kickstarter reached its goal, I have 10 lists or reviews I'm doing for 10 g1s. I plan to do those in November after "WoodyWeen". Once those are done, I'm sure TMoFG will be done as well so I'll have nothing on my plate. For December I'd love to hose a Christmas Tinychat Party like I did last year, and I've had an idea to make a literary project where each numerous g1s add one line to a creative story until we have an entire short story. Besides that, I have nothing much on the docket. With Grad School beginning shortly, my job, and everything else I do, I don't know if I'd have the time to do much else. Also my "g1 Community" ideas are often done with little to no planning and on a whim like TMoFG, and taking over the g1 Spotlight.

Alpha  Unit: Ah, I see. So tell us the story of how the g1 Spotlight became a twinkle in your eye, will you?

 Woodyman: Well the g1 Spotlight in v4 was done by Bryan. It was my favorite part of ScrewAttack because every time I saw my name on there it inspired me to write more, and every time I didn't see my name on there it inspired me to write better. After a while I've noticed that the g1 Spotlight was coming infrequently or not at all. I asked Bryan what the situation was on Twitter and he said it wasn't doing well in the # of views so it was scrapped so he could focus on other things. On a whim I asked he'd mind if I took it over, he said it was no problem. I believe that night, or the very next day, I posted a blog telling the g1s that Bryan was no longer doing the g1 Spotlight and that I took it over. Now I was still a relatively new g1 then, I've been following the site since 2007, but never really posted anything until v4, so I knew I was gonna need help... especially because I'm lazy, busy, and prone to getting burnt out. Therefore in the same blog I asked for volunteers to help write/research for the g1 Spotlight. The amount of volunteers and support I got was outstanding and it showed me I wasn't the only g1 missing the Spotlight. So once I told my researchers and writers what to do, and made a schedule we began. It's been over a year now and the Spotlight has evolved and changed but I still do my best to proof, edit, and make the Spotlight the best it can be, and up to the high standards I have for it.

 Alpha  Unit: Sounds like some pretty epic stuff. This earned you the "g1 of the Year" title, you proud of it?

Woodyman: I wouldn't say I'm proud of earning the title, because that implies that I'm really only interested in it. I'd more say that I'm humbled. I do the Spotlight and everything else because the g1 community is just amazing and deserves it. I didn't do it for the fame. The fact that I was picked out of so many amazing g1s, just makes me feel like what I'm doing is right, and the fact that so many g1s support it and me always brings me up when I'm feeling low.

 Alpha  Unit: So I'm guessing you didn't really feel any different or planned to do anything different as soon as you earned the title?

Woodyman: one moment...When I got the title, I did feel different. I felt like I had to give back 1000% what I used to to the community because of their support. Since they believed in me so much, I felt like I needed to do everything and anything I could to help them out and to meet their expectations of me.

Alpha  Unit: And what do you think the rightful g1 of the year needs to do?

Woodyman: Do you mean how does someone become g1 of the year? or what does someone who has that title already need to do?

Alpha  Unit: Either is fine. I was going for the former.Shoulda worded that better.

Woodyman: I think that if you want to become g1 of the year, you've already lost. I've said numerous times and still believe that if you do stuff for the community JUST to become g1 of the year, then you're doing it for all the wrong reasons. You'll eventually tire yourself out, or the g1 community will see through your charade and not support you. If you do end up winning, it will be a hollow victory because of the lack of respect you have for the g1s, the community, and yourself. Besides all that, help the community, be new or creative, show support, and behave in a way that'll teach other g1s by example.

 Alpha  Unit: Yeah...This isn't about me...Moving on. Well, how did you join the ScrewAttack community?

Woodyman: I wasn't referring to you, I was speaking in generalizations.

Alpha  Unit: Oh good. *shifts eyes* Yes.

Woodyman: How did I start following SA? or How did I start posting blogs?

Alpha  Unit: The former, please.

Woodyman: Like many g1s, I started following ScrewAttack because of the AVGN. I can't remember which review of his I watched first, although I believe it was his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles review. When the Youtube video was done, I followed a link that led me to ScrewAttack.com I believe it was the v1 or v2 version of the site. When I began watching it was really only Craig, Tom, and Liz, I thought their videos and content were okay, but I was really hooked on the AVGN. Slowly I began to watch more and more ScrewAttack content but the thing that sold me on the site were the Intern Interviews conducted by Unaware Steve. He interviewed Mickey, Ben, Jose, and Stu. I was literally laughing my ass off at these interviews. Since then I began to visit the site on a daily basis and then I just got sucked in.

 Alpha  Unit: And the man of wood found a new home. Eh, let's shift away from ScrewAttack things for now. Um, what was your first console and video game?

Woodyman: My first console that I played was the NES, although my parents owned an Atari 2600. I got it for Christmas one year when my parents noticed that I was obsessed with playing one of those store machines that you find in WalMart, KMart, and all of them. I got the NES that was packaged with Super Mario Bros 3, so I started off with that one, then quickly moved onto many more.

Alpha  Unit: What became your favorite console?

 Woodyman: I had the NES for a bit, but when I began to actually get "good" at gaming, I got a SEGA Genesis. That was my favorite console, because that's the one I played the most. My motor skills were more defined, I had the time to actually play it, and the games were so bright, colorful and fun. I grew up with my SEGA Genesis, and it made me a gamer.

Alpha  Unit: You are the second Genesis person I've had. An overwhelming majority of people have gone with the SNES. I heard some say PS2 or Xbox 360, though.

 Woodyman: The PS2 was amazing, but I'm blinded by nostalgia.

 Alpha  Unit: Where did the name "Woodyman" come from?...Okay, Mega Man, but why did you use it?

Woodyman: When I was a kid one of my favorite games of all time was Mega Man 2. I played that all the time with my friends trying to master it, especially Quick Man's stage. When I was a kid, my friends and I always pointed towards an odd or ugly video game character and said "that's you!" We'd do this all the time, but the character that  I was cmpared to the most was Wood Man from Mega Man 2. It was just a childish nickname but it stuck. When we were playing games my friend started calling me Wood Man, and then it just progressed to Woody. When I made my account for ScrewAttack I wanted something to do with one of my favorite video games. It was a tie between PsyCrow from Earthworm Jim and Woodyman from Mega Man 2. I eventually decided with Woodyman, just because I was known as something similar to PsyCrow on my early internet days, and wanted something different. Since calling myself Woodyman, I've always wanted to change it, but it's the name I'm known by. I accept that it's a name that makes people laugh, because it makes me laugh too.

Alpha  Unit: Whenever you make sexual jokes, people always mention you're made of wood, don't they? What would you call your favorite game of all time?

Woodyman: Yeah, I got some jokes about being made of wood or sexual jokes all the time.

Hmm... my favorite game of all time. This is such a tough question for me because the answer changes to much. Right now I'd have to say it's The Legend of Dragoon, an RPG for the original Playstation. I bought that game on a whim just seeing it in the local Walmart and picked it up because it was cheap and the back case looked really cool. It was purely by chance, I didn't even know the RPG genre continued because the only ones I played prior to it would be Final Fantasy I or maybe Zelda 2 (If you consider that to be an RPG). However, The Legend of Dragoon was a game I bought on chance, but I loved every minute of it. I played that game more that any other game I own, and for now it's my favorite... but ask me two weeks ago, or ask me tomorrow and the answer might change. I can't chose my ultimate favorite... it's impossible.

 Alpha  Unit: Pray tell, why did you start blogging on ScrewAttack?

Woodyman: When I started blogging on ScrewAttack, I started off with an idea. I called myself a part-time gamer, because I didn't know much about nerd culture besides video games and becuase I didn't have time to game too much. Also I just really disliked the terms hardcore, and casual gamer so I tended to stay away from those. I figured with my limited knowledge I could write stuff that'd appeal to gamers more like me... I started off listing 3 games at the end of each blog and then have the g1s pick which one they wanted me to review. The first was a review of Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal... and I'm glad that got lost in the v4 shift. Well after blogging for a long time, and interacting with the g1 nation, I know way too much nerd stuff so I can't consider myself a part-time gamer anymore so that idea ended. I discovered that I had a talent writing humorous and stupid lists (douchebag heroes, fatass badasses, and Muppets to name a few) so I continued doing that while doing other blogs like reviews, poetry, and short stories more sparsely.

Alpha  Unit: Why do you write so many lists then?

Woodyman: I write lists because they are fun for me to write. They're easier than a review because you don't have to finish an entire game to write one, however they're much more difficult than many people think. For every well made list there are just as many bad ones. I enjoy writing lists because depending on the list itself, I can talk about numerous genres, eras, and aspects of gaming in just one blog. In an upcoming list I go from Doom, to Ocarina of Time, to Minecraft. There are no other types of blogs that allow me to do that. Plus lists allow me, and my readers to get nostalgic, get entertained, and get informed.

Alpha  Unit: And what do you say to readers that skim it, go to number 1, and go to the comments?

Woodyman: If they do that then they are missing the entire section where I make a point and defend my opinion. In my opinion, if someone does that then they don't care about my opinions unless they coincide or go against their own. It's fine with me, because I know I tend to write a lot (even this interview) but that's because I have a lot to say. I know sometimes my opinion will be different, so at least I explain myselg fully. Also, I don't write for my audience. I'm greatful they read my work, and I wouldn't be ANYWHERE without them, but the main reason I write is because it's something I love to do.

 Alpha  Unit: I haven't provided many questions, but man, do you provide some detailed and lengthy answers. I gotta go somewhere, so any last words for the community?

Woodyman: Thanks for all the support, and YOLO! (Sorry I had to say it)
 Alpha  Unit: You didn't just say YOLO did you? *space time continuum breaks*
 Woodyman: YOLO!
 Woodyman: I approve of that.
Alpha  Unit: *Giant universe explosion*
 Woodyman: *Extra life*


Birdman Dodd Man

Things did not work out. The end.



My productivity, work-ethic, and the overall quality of my work...In a nutshell. Or image.

Yeah, you know... I didn't want to write this. I wanted to be holed up in my own room to play 360...But I can't hold it back, it's time to say good bye. It's something I didn't really want to do, but I just got to.

There shall be no tears, fellow pimpin' g1s. g1 Interviews is over, and even if you're a bit saddened, nobody read these anymore anyway, it's best I get back to being lazy and prostinate on other fronts. I shall continue blogging, playing video games, and saying the stupidest, most randomest things ever in one-hundred and forty characters or less.

Other than blaming the g1 community for not giving this support (which is very naughty of me), I have little else to say. From this day forth, I will continue assuring you, like everyday before, that marvelous things are on the horizon, and no apocolypse is going to get in the way of that so long as our white, male god stands front watching our small, blue, extremely-insignicant marble we call a "planet".

There...Nothing more to get off my chest....Await a new beginning now...

...Buh-bye now. Go on! Scat! Go on, now, get! Get out of here you big, dumb animal! *wipes tears*

Alpha Unit.


But no seriously...I'll be catching ya....Thanks...

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