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 Nah, it's not happening. But think about it...It clearly says "g1 Interviews".

I have been having internal troubles lately. Family, friends, my mother forcing me to use the PC much less, ScrewAttack's recent glitch fest and...Um, yeah. With all my frustrations in mind, I had to take two weeks off from doing major things on ScrewAttack, so I basically took a hiatus until I could get my entire life back in proper order. And boy did it feel gooooood...

Once I was finished with my breather, g1s were coming to me and asking "Alpha, where's g1 Interviews?" It's right here, I needed to take a break lest I suffer from overworking myself into a minor burnout. No, I have plenty of ideas, but if I work myself to death, I would lose all passion for writing, the g1 community, and the big plans I have been wanting to set forth for others to see. I needed this little moment's rest. 

Do not worry, I am posting a new schedule for g1 Interviews within the next few days give or take if I'm forced to go out of town (every once in a while, I leave town for 3 days to head for my cousin's place). I am guaranteeing great things from yours truly, and g1 Features will strive to bring you the best g1 content outside of ScrewAttack Magazine. Seriously.

Ignoring my 44th practical joke aside, I present g1 Interviews, which presents g1s themselves. Sit down and enjoy, my friend...Unless you don't. There are those g1s that don't happen to like me...I know who you people are...I'm coming for you...

(Also I apologize for the lengths of the first two interviews...I kinda felt I rushed them...I don't know, that's for you to decide...I'll try to do better when I interview again.)

Now here's our interviews!




  • Gamertag: Typooz
  • Steam: Bigjoe91
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/BigJonathan91




 Gamebreaker : Feeling of Accomplishment
Top 10 Generator: Screwattack Blackout Impacts


Alpha Unit: All right, so what have you been doing on ScrewAttack as of late?

bigjoe91: Well I'm in the process of writing a new top 10, but lately, I've been collaborating more than creating. Helping out SIDETRACKED and Dallinag.

 Alpha Unit: So can you tell me what your Top 10 is? What are you doing for SIDETRACKED?

bigjoe91: My next top 10 is supposed to be a subscribers choice for celebrating the all important 25 subs. However, I received nothing as far as suggestions go, so there's you hint. And for SIDETRACKED, I do what I usually do, a top 10. I'm also trying to scout for other people to participate in these countdowns.

Alpha Unit: You seem to like helping out SIDETRACKED. When did your participation for the show begin?

bigjoe91: I think it was around the second episode. I really like the idea of having a small countdown at the beginning of the show. It reminded me of late night shows. It's quick to write and pretty funny to think of, so it's not that big of an effort.

 Alpha Unit: (Thanks, the top 10s were my idea) Is there anything else you plan to do with SIDETRACKED?

bigjoe91: When I get a good mic, I might be interested in co-hosting. I'm moving soon so I'll have more privacy to do stuff like that.

 Alpha Unit: Are there any g1s in particular that you seem to enjoy?

bigjoe91: There are a lot of g1s out there that I enjoy. I'm almost starting to like the community more than the staff. I always liked you, Dark Magician, Woodyman and Flaps since pretty much my beginnings as a blogger. Lately I've grown quite fond of Guru Guru and Lousy Tactician. I'm also one of those people that appreciate Stickman's character.

Alpha Unit: Hmm, how did you find out about ScrewAttack?

bigjoe91: I was in college and saw their list of Top 20 SNES games. I listened to their other countdowns and Video Game Vaults. I finally decided to actively join around their 24h marathon this year.

Alpha Unit: Who or what inspired you to start blogging?

bigjoe91: I don't remember anyone in particular, but I was browsing through the community blogs. Then I looked at the How-To video and it seemed simple enough. Some friends of mine had talked about my previous attempt at blogging a couple of years back. All of these situations encouraged me to give it a shot.

Alpha Unit: Let's get a little personal...Uh, what was your first video game?

bigjoe91: First, let me put some pants on 'cause you're starting to scare me! My first game was Super Mario Bros. on the NES. My parents say that I was laughing everytime my father hit the bricks with Mario. I've been watching since 6-8 months old ans probably started playing at 2 years old.

 Alpha Unit: What is your favorite game of all time?

bigjoe91: I have a really hard time with that question. I guess I have to go with Super Mario Bros 3. A fun game full of secrets, easy to play, hard to master. Every time I play it, I just feel satisfied.

 Alpha Unit: Any last words for the community?

bigjoe91: Thanks to everyone in the community for welcoming newcomers! Also, get off of your asses and help out once in a while. It's a great feeling and it's easier than it looks!

 And thanks for having me!



2200 ( AKA Cannon Dancer?)



  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/g1_2200
  • Steam: Gill2200




g1 Community Top 10 Fighting Franchises! [g1 Contributors Needed!]
g1 Community Top 10 E3 Announcements from Recent Years! [g1 Contributors Needed!]


 Alpha Unit: So how's it been going with you?

2200: It's been going pretty good. Been busy with writing my finals and playing video games on my free time.

Alpha Unit: What kind of video games are you playing?

2200: Just recently I finished A Link to the Past and now I'm playing through Final Fantasy 4. I also started playing Link's Awakening on my 3DS.

 Alpha Unit: I see you like the classics.

2200: Yeah, for the last few years I've been going back and playing through older games. I guess I just like them better.

Alpha Unit: So you're a retro gamer sort of?

2200: Pretty much.

Alpha Unit: What was your first game console and first video game?

2200: Well being a 90s kid, I grew up playing the SNES, but I never owned it. I had older cousins that did and would go over to their house to play it when I was really young. I don't remember exactly which games I used to play, but I know I did play games such as: Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Mortal Kombat, etc... The first game console I owned was the N64 and the first game I got for it was Mario Kart 64.

Alpha Unit: Ah, so you've kinda grown into a Nintendo fan?

2200: Yeah, I grew up with Nintendo, so I continue buying their consoles and games. With that said, I'm not a opposed to other consoles.

 Alpha Unit: How much time have you spent with Microsoft and Sony's consoles?

2200: Plenty, other family members, like my cousins and most of my friends have cosoles, like a XBOX, or Playstation. So I have a lot of expereince with other consoles.

Alpha Unit: What is currently your favorite game ever?

2200: I've mentioned this quite a bit and the g1s that know me, already know my favourite game, it's the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

 Alpha Unit: A lot of g1s love that game, I wouldn't consider it underrated so much anymore. So is Zelda your favorite game series?

2200: That's a pretty tough question; There's a lot of series that I like. I'm pretty indecisive.

Alpha Unit: What led you to coming to ScrewAttack ?

2200: Like many g1s, I dicovered them through GameTrailers in 2008. I watched all of their videos there and I really liked them. Their VGV were informative and pretty humorous, the Top 10s were really interesting and is there anything that I have to say about the AVGN that hasn't already been said? I was hooked. I found out they had a website, so I checked it out, this was during V3. I really liked the site, the content they produced for it and the community. For several months I lurked on the site, watched all of SA's videos, read a ton of Comunity blogs. And soon after, signed up as a g1 myself in 2009.

Alpha Unit: When did you become an active g1?

2200: During V4, though I primarly used my account for writing comments on videos and blogs. It was really late in V4's life cycle that I truly began being interested in blogging, so I made a few lists that were pretty successful. Then shorly afterwards the site transitioned to the New SA and I started blogging more. I also started frequenting the Forums more.

 Alpha Unit: What projects are you currently up to?

2200: I'm working a monthly feature for g1 Features, known as Community Lists, basically what it is, I get a bunch of g1s to write me their personal top 10s on a given topic, then I compile all of them into one list. I'm also planning to start writting a blog series, a retrospective on one of my favourite game developers, who are now an inactive studio. And I have a few random blogs in the works.

Alpha Unit: Did you ever figure out who's Cannon Dancer?

2200: Still a mystery

Alpha Unit: Interesting. Any last words?

2200: I would like to say thank you to the g1 Community and ScrewAttack. It's a great place and I've made many firends here. Plus all the support I've gotten from everyone on various projects I've done before. Also, I encourage people to try out the g1 Forums, It's an awesome place.










The MisterBo Retro Collection: Jackal
The MisterBo Retro Collection: Combat


Interviewer: Brettman

Brett: Yellow Bo! What's new?

Mister Bo: Well, not much. Just doing my thang.

Brett:So how's the MineAttack pixelart desert?

Mister Bo: IT'S HUGE!!!!!!!!!!SO BIG!!!!!!!I have some stuff from the old mineattack if you want to see it. I GOT'S PICTURES!!!

Brett: (Sounds like me) Has it really grown that much since Wendsday? 

Mister Bo: Well, thanks to REVULSIVE (who has no life) he pretty much tripled the size of the place.

Brett: Yeah, I was going to mention him. We need to do something about him. Do you two still have a heated rivalry?

Mister Bo: Yeah, but it's dying down.

Brett: Yeah? Well I was hoping he didn't do the Dragonzord

Mister Bo: Well, for your sake. I hope your right.

Brett: Yeah, I get you. So tell me and the rest of the g1s a little about yourself, and why your so awesome

Mister Bo: YOU THINK I'M AWESOME!!!!!!!!


Mister Bo: Awesome. Well, I'mMisterBo. g1 since... Man, how long has it been? August of last year according to my profile. I started out writing retrospectives on different video games and video game series. They were called "Video Games: Before and After"

Brett: Sound sweet, they still on the new website?

Mister Bo: No.  The majority of those blogs were moved to blogspot when I first wrote them. The rest were put on a SanDisk card that was stolen along with an X-box and a PS2 in October. Those were the only back-ups I had to the blogs I made before the switch to the new site.

Brett: Oh No!! You've been stolen from!?

Mister Bo: Yes.

Brett: Just like Craig!

Mister Bo: [btw here's a link for video games: before and after if you want to include it http://videogamesbeforeandafter.blogspot.com/?zx=59a95acb136bc78e]

Brett: [I can ;D]

Mister Bo: Yes, just like Craig. The lucky thing is that I had a mint in box copy of Phantasy Star for the Master System that wasn't taken.

 Brett: Haha!

Mister Bo: I want you to look that up on ebay. You'll understand why.

 Brett: Right now?

 Mister Bo: Sure, why not.

 Brett: Okay... searching.. searching.. Was it in the box or the game?

Mister Bo: In the box. Usually mint in box implies that it's in the box.

Brett: ;D Okay, tell us about some of your recent blogs

Mister Bo: My recent blogs? Well, the most recent one I've done is the g1 spotlight. I have some other blogs I'm currently working on though. Since the g1 tournament bracket finally ended, I haven't been really working on anything lately.

 Brett: So, who's your favorite memeber of the ScrewAttack crew?

 Mister Bo: Depends, I'm tied between Nick, Jared, and Craig.

 Brett: Probably the top three for me as well

 Mister Bo: I do like Kurt Cobain... I MEAN Sam as well.

Brett: Yeah? Did you see that Jared was looking for people to become official ScrewAttack reviewers?

Mister Bo: NO I DID NOT!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE TO BE ON THE SITE MORE OFTEN!!!! The thing is though, I'm more into retro games than anything else. When I get a new game at a store like GameStop or something, it's usually already 2 years old at least.

Brett: HAHAHA That use to be me! Yeah he tweeted it like four days ago

 Mister Bo: Must've missed it

Brett: I need to write a review to prove that he should hire meIt was like wild fire when he posted it! lol

 Mister Bo: Man, I think I need to finish my blog then

Brett: Yeah, he needs an example of your work (in a review since)

Mister Bo: I'M SO NERVOUS!!!!!

Brett: I KNOW RIGHT!?!?!

 Mister Bo: Any due date?

 Brett: Umm, I think there is... I don't remember

Mister Bo: THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! *Searches*

Brett: What are you looking for?

 Mister Bo: the tweet

 Brett: O I C

Mister Bo: Oh, new games... Maybe not so much.

Brett: Yeah, he said they'll send you copies

Mister Bo: Maybe so much

 Brett: Plus you'll need to write 1-3 reviews a week

 Mister Bo: Maybe not so much

Brett: [I like how were just talking like buddies and not really interviewing you!]Yeah, I'm super busy.. But I'd like to do it

Mister Bo: Well, I'm super busy too.

Brett: [you can alway reply to these comments]

Mister Bo: [I know]I've been working on my Zelda blog since mid-January

 Brett: [Okay, I thought you might have not posted it because I typed an actually reply to the interview] Yeah! I did that with my Princess blog... Did you see it?

Mister Bo: Maybe...

Brett: The one talking about Craig, Jared, Nick, and Sean... During Screwing' Around?

Mister Bo: Maybe not...

Brett: (The Alladin and Lion King episode) No?

Mister Bo: Nope. Sorry bro.Been to busy with real life stuff.

 Brett: Well, I started it in mid-late January and finished it sometime in Febuary... and it didn't post it on top of my blogs. That's what I was going to tell you about your Zelda blog. It'll hide it so you better tweet it!

 Mister Bo: Damn. Better get to work then.

 Brett: Yeap!

Mister Bo: I have an idea foranother blog too that I think might do really well.

Brett: Can you tell us?  Maybe a hint at least?

Mister Bo: Well, it might also be a bit controversial.

Brett: That'll be why it's so good[you don't have to tell]

Mister Bo: Well, I guess I'll give the topic.Twin Towers in video games. THERE, HAPPY?

Brett: Hmmmmm I'll need to see this one!  Hey, what are your thoughts on AC3?

Mister Bo: Couldn't really care either way. Looks sort of interesting but have no interset to buy it. 

Brett: Well, I want to get it solely for it being in America! haha 

Mister Bo: AMERICA!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!111 

Brett: THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYING BRAH!!!  Okay, Halo 4 thoughts?

 Mister Bo: I had my limit with Halo 3. 

 Brett: Did you see that I tried to be the first to post the Halo 4 first look video?

Mister Bo: I did see that. 

Brett: Haha! Yeah? Did you watch it? 

Mister Bo: No. Too many. I just saw it. 

Brett: To many? 

Mister Bo: Eveyone wants to be the first one to post about halo 4 Mister Bo: You were just another one in the bunch unfortunately

Brett: Really? I thought it was just me.... ScrewAttack is the one that beat me to it, (even though they said it was leaked for some reason?)

 Mister Bo: Huh. Must be mistaken.

Brett: [me or...?[

Mister Bo: [me]

Brett: [Okay ;D]Well, I think that's it bro..

 Mister Bo: Alright then. I think I'll work on that Zelda blog.

Brett: Well, maybe we'll colaberate on something?

 Mister Bo: Maybe.Depends on future events

Brett: Any last words for the g1s?

Mister Bo: Yes. Potato mansion. That is all.

Canadian Brony's magnum opus. Who's your fave character? 

Gaijin Goomba

1. Who is your favorite video game character?

Gaijin Goomba:"Bowser/Koopa. Hands down. He is the most epic video game villain, let alone character, in gaming history simply because of the diverse powers, minors, technologies, etc he has. He's been portrayed in MANY different ways from a slathering demon, to a mastermind, to a father looking out for his son. FAR more robust than Mario ever is or was."

2. Bowser has had some different "versions" over the years. (examples: Paper, Galaxy, Sunshine, etc) Do you have a preferred version? Or do you think they're all about the same?

Gaijin Goomba:"Bowsers Inside Story version just because of how much into his personality we get."

3. From what has been revealed over the years, what do you think is the TRUE relationship between Bowser, Mario and Peach?

Gaijin Goomba:"Bowser has a romantic obsession with Peach. No I don't think he'd ever admit it, but I really do think Bowser kidnaps her because he has feelings for her at his core. Proof? Peach Hime Dai-Sakusen: (Japan Mario Movie) Mario RPG: Bowser complaining about how he didn't get a kiss from Peach after beating bundit. I also think that he is looking for real-estate in the Mushroom Kingdom, but really? He could have always taken that for himself by the typical strategies of war. He ALWAYS goes for her first and then talks about taking over the world. Also in Inside Story, Bowser went to Peach looking for assistance, or at least to understand what in the world was going on. After everything, I think Bowser just want's some "forced cake."

4. If Bowser was to ever star in his own game (one ALL about him where you play as him throughout the whole thing), what do you think you'd like to see from the final product?

Gaijin Goomba:"Once and for all his feelings for Peach. WHY he has such HORRIBLE foresight. And I want to see him develop as a character instead of him being the half-stereotype that he is. He's got some of the best development potential of any Super Mario character."


 It's funny how they took off the glasses and put them back on.

 I apologize for my extreme absence, g1s. I love most of you (not sexually), so of course, I am not going anywhere for a long, long time. They said you can't really make friends on the internt, and dear sweet Zombie Jesus, this site can prove those naysayers wrong. This rich, diverse, and compact community is a community that is very rare to see in websites. I have learned so much from this place. It's sorta my home until I can get a "big break". 

As for the future of g1 Interviews: Don't worry guys, I'll try to post the "final" schedule for the Summer editions of g1 Interviews in the next few days like I said. So don't fret, this isn't going anywhere since it usually gets more views than g1 Spotlight when it does get posted. (Oh gee, some more of my narcissism). I can't really say "BIGGER AND BETTER" things are coming to g1 Interviews, but who knows, maybe time will tell. *shrugs* Maybe a big, Earth shattering idea will hit me. 

With that outta the way, it's Brettman's birthday! He did the interview for MisterBo, so everyone give him a little extra thanks. MisterBo's interview: fucking life saver. 


I hope the video below will compensate for the  short, but sweet absensce o' mine.

Alpha Unit.


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