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 Whelp, another week, another installment of g1 Interviews, right? *yawn* Yup. Another one. 

This week, we have Minecraft faithful over! Oh yeah, how about it Minecraft fans? You up to it? Yeah? Hell yeah! Get down to scrolling; it's time for yet another....





His contact info ran away




A g1 Battlefield 3 platoon
Mineattack 2.0




Alpha Unit: What's up?

NaiOni: Not much, talking to Kiwi…

Alpha Unit: The interview is set to be released in two weeks... I'm working ahead.

NaiOni: OK :P

Alpha Unit: So when are we doing this interview?

NaiOni: We can do it now, if you want.

Alpha Unit: All right. So how's it going?

NaiOni: I'm doing good, you?

Alpha Unit: Yes, I'm doing fine. I see you're a pretty big Minecraft fan. How did you discover Minecraft?

NaiOni: It was about one and a half years ago, a classmate was playing it. I tried it on his laptop, and just kinda... fell in love! :P

Alpha Unit: Right there, you decided you wanted to buy it?

NaiOni: I'm ashamed to say I pirated it at first, but when the when it entered beta, I decided to buy it!

Alpha Unit: *Spit takes* WHAT? Stealing is wrong!...But Notch forgives those that buy it later...

NaiOni: well, I felt so too, it felt wrong not to pay for a product made by an independent team, so I bought it. I ended up paying more, since it was more expensive during the beta than the alpha. Still, money well spent!

Alpha Unit: What are your thoughts on Creepers?

NaiOni: They have gone from being my deepest fear while playing, to becoming a mere inconvenience. Invincibility does that...I remember when I first played multiplayer with my friends on their server; we would hide inside when there was a Creeper. Sometimes, we forced someone outside to get the griever to follow him away and take a hit for the team. :P

Alpha Unit: Mmm hm. Well, let's deviate from the Minecraft thing for a bit. You like ScrewAttack? If you did, how did you discover it?

NaiOni: that was quite a while back! Probably in 7th grade. It was through GameTrailers. I first saw the Angry Video Game Nerd, then called the Angry Nintendo Nerd. I got curious about what screwattack was, so I watched a few episodes of the videogame vault and the top 10s and I was hooked! That was during ScrewAttack 2.0 :D I didn't visit the site much, due to all the broken links

Alpha Unit: Why did you decide to create a Minecraft server for the SA community?

NaiOni: I actually didn't create it…I used to be a regular member! Gliffie and Ivan2294 started it and I joined in early march last year. I remember TuddFudders was hosting it at the time. I became a moderator during the end of the first world we hosted. The server went into hiatus; after that we re-launched, but had some problems. We finally decided to move to a dedicated server, and a player stepped up to pay for it. He ended up trying to take it over, and grieved it; he left, and the server, again, went into hiatus. I decided, without any experience, to take over. That's the short version - well, shorter anyway.

Alpha Unit: And do you think you're doing a pretty good job?

NaiOni: I certainly hope so! There is no point in hosting a server if your community isn't having a good time! It's what gets me through the day.

Alpha Unit: Are there any troubles you're having on the server right now?

NaiOni: When I'm feeling down, the community always puts a smile on my face! Well, yeah…right now, an old grieving team we faught with is returning, and on top of that, we're having some problems with the CPU of the server…It causes a lot of lag. But I think we've found a solution for it! As for the grievers, they're not very good…they're just there. We could just ban them, but we're waiting for them to come back, so they can see us ban them! I want them to see that out security is pretty tight.

Alpha Unit: Who is currently the most prolific player on the server?

NaiOni: I'd say either Garlick1992 or Revulsive. Garlick is building a WHOLE CITY by himself, and Revulsive has pretty much taken over the pixel desert! That's one creative guy! And he's funny! :D

Alpha Unit: If I had creative mode, you should see that crap I'm willing to pull off!...But uh, I haven't earned creative yet. And don't know how... Well, how many hours do you think you've logged onto Minecraft?

NaiOni: I've probably got at least 6-7 months of playtime on Minecraft, if not more. I play a lot...

Alpha Unit: You have plenty of free time, don't you?

NaiOni: Actually, no. I go to school, I go to singing lessons, AND guitar lessons, I produce music, draw, paint and hang out with friends…

Alpha Unit: But you still do plenty of Minecraft, right?

NaiOni: All at the cost of sleep… yep.

Alpha Unit: How long do you think you'll be playing Minecraft?

NaiOni: Hmmm.... Good question. I have no idea, honestly. But I can tell you this: I'll host, or at least play on MineAttack as long as there's still a community!

Alpha Unit: But it's going to be quite a while, right?

NaiOni: Oh, yes! Minecraft is what you make of it. That's what sets it apart from other games. It doesn't matter how much stuff they add, it doesn't take from its simplicity - it just adds to the possibilities! If you're tired of it, just choose a different play style! It's pretty unique.

Alpha Unit: Any last words? To finish this off? Hmmm?

NaiOni: Well, I'd like to thank the community on the server for being so amazing, and ScrewAttack for making it possible! I'd also like to thank Glifie and Ivan for starting MineAttack. I'd also like to invite anyone who's interested in joining us, to do so!

I'd also like to ask Nick and Jared why they haven't been on for such a long time >:I






  • Skype: markpwnable
  • Gamertag:  MarkPwnable
  • Steam: Mark Pwnable
  • PSN:  Markpwnable




What is
a blog?



Alpha Unit: So how's it going?

MarkPwnable: Pretty good, it is Easter after all. And you?

Alpha Unit: Yes, a pretty fine Easter indeed. It's going great for me. Well, what's been going on lately on MineAttack?

MarkPwnable: Umm, well you know with Bukkit being finally updated were getting all the plugins ready, and were just trying to be more secure against griefings and all those fun things :D

Alpha Unit: So what fun things?

MarkPwnable: I heard you had a fun monster battling times…building things, livestreaming, helping out the newbies…trolling griefers… :P

Alpha Unit: What have the griefers been doing? What are you doing to stop them?

MarkPwnable: Well not too much recently, we do have a ban list which is practically over 9000 (literally). What’s been going on right now is Naioni’s infiltrating them and slowly changing their ways - but shhhhhh, double check with him if you can put that :P

Alpha Unit: You guys are secret agents?

MarkPwnable: The best kinds. :P More like Spies from TF2.

Alpha Unit: How did you discover the game of Minecraft?

MarkPwnable: Oooh, that’s a tough one… well, I think a friend of mine was playing it on his laptop one day and I asked what it was. This was in alpha of course, so everything’s breaking physics. And he just says "Minecraft" So I played single player for about 3 months until beta was released, then about 1 or 2 weeks before beta I bought Minecraft. It was all very exciting.

Alpha Unit: It is ranked AS your favorite game or ONE of your favorite games?

MarkPwnable: One of them. It’s great but there are just so many fantastic games… impossible to have it be my favourite, to pull a Mom, "I love them all equally".

Alpha Unit: What's the story of your adminship?

MarkPwnable: Well… I think of it this way. When MineAttack was announced, I spammed Ivan with PM's for the IP, and when he finally started sending them out I just jumped on and I was actually the first person on MineAttack other than the admins at the time. And then from there I got promoted to a mod, and when Gliffie and Ivan were becoming less interactive I got promoted…well and I can’t forget Nemesis! hes also always been an admin. Naioni became an admin around the same time as me, (2.0) and we’ve been pretty good friends ever since. But ya, it was basically, don’t log off the server for about, 6 months on end.

Alpha Unit: What's your main job as admin?

MarkPwnable: Mine? Well it’s me and Naioni as the main admins (Ivan, Gliffie and Nemesis are of course still admins), so he usually handles the really complicated things as the host, dealing with the company which holds the server, etc. I usually just help out as much as I can: choose mods… :P Umm and organize livestreams. And do my best to anti-grief the server. That sort of thing.

Alpha Unit: What problems or hardships are you currently trying to overcome?

MarkPwnable: Right now? Umm, well the griefing seems to have been dialed down to such a low number that its barely a problem, of course we get the odd one, you should’ve seen it when we had the big griefings. I'd hate to jinx it but were sort of in a really good position right now. Of course the womb 2 in Binding of Isaac is a hardship I have yet to overcome. :P

Alpha Unit: Have you been creating lots of pixel art?

Markpwnable: Not as much as I’d like, in 3.0 I counted over like 50 which I’d done in a month. Have you seen all of Revulsive’s, though? Does he ever stop?

Alpha Unit: He mentioned not really having a strong social life...Well, what are you currently trying to build?

MarkPwnable: Well I still haven’t made anything from Ninja Gaiden so I’m thinking of making that, or maybe a [Legend of Zelda] piece.

Alpha Unit: Is there anything you've done in MineAttack that you regret doing?

MarkPwnable: Ohhh, plenty. But I think the only thing I’d ever actually change. Would be…the first week of MineAttack, I basically rigged Ivan’s house (note I barely knew Ivan) to blow up the floor, the basement was really bad. I basically made it a minefield, and I got a lot of flak for that...they let me stay amazingly, and it’s a miracle I’m even on this server :P

Alpha Unit: How long do you plan on playing Minecraft?

MarkPwnable: as long as Mojang plans to support it. If it’s getting updated with interesting things I’ll always have a reason to come back.

Alpha Unit: Any last words for the community?

MarkPwnable: Ummmm, ya... MineAttack, the g1-driven Minecraft server! Feel free to drop on by at

:P Shameless self-advertising :P






Currently a theory, not a fact




Oops, the image died. So did the link.



 Alpha Unit: How ya doin' this fine day?

Monderetro: Well, I'm feeling a mixture of emotions. I'm excited, yes, but...also worried. Tomorrow is Prom, and while it's usually called for excitement, for me, it's not just excitement, but also a little worry. I don't want to get too much into detail, but if you want to know, let me know.

Alpha Unit: Okay, what have you been doin' lately in Minecraft?

Monderetro: Funny you mention that, because I haven't played Minecraft in quite a bit until today. I'm usually a farmer of sorts, since I don't like actively adventuring or mining in difficulties that's not Peaceful.

Alpha Unit: you're the farmer type?

Moderetro: Yeah. Like I was saying, most people can learn how to take care of crops on their own. So I also undertook the duty of caring for animals. Which are a BITCH to do, because I don't know if it's a bug, but I often find animals escaping from my pens even with all the gates closed. So, recently, I made a few renovations and I've added pits in the pens, so that they won't escape so easily. Ever since, I know that at least 1 person in MineAttack got the idea from me and used it.

Alpha Unit: Besides that, is there not much else you do?

Moderetro: Well, my role in the community is supplying the food storage at the Barracks, but I haven't done that in a while. Besides, I don't get out of my area often. Especially when there's no plug-ins. Yeah, I'm one of those people that keeps to him/herself.

Alpha Unit: So your relationship with the community isn't all that strong?

Moderetro: Nope. And this carries over into real life, as well, oh yeah, Minecraft, Minecraft, sorry. Which might be a good thing, because if I involve myself with some of the...ahem...drama that the community sometimes goes through, I'd fear for my sanity. I'm an incredibly sensitive person, and the slightest bit of negativity or sterness can have a fairly large impact on me, at least at the time. Which may lead me to think all sorts of stuff, like the afterlife, or, at one point, destroying every single mother-****er in my area due to me going THAT insane from the internet. I do try to be nice when I can, but I'm probably one of those "Beware the Nice Ones" kind of people. Although that may not be too surprising considering where I live.

Alpha Unit: Who's currently your favorite sprite artist in the game?

Moderetro: In what game? If you're talking about Minecraft, then there's really only one artist in Mojang for Minecraft AFAIK-OH! I do take a good look at the pixel art section once in a while, but I hardly remember the actual artists. They're impressive, but I wish we could have a more...level view. I do a lot of pixel art myself-actually, it's a hobby of mine-, but I don't know where to share it. Plus, I do it on my computer, and not in Minecraft.

Alpha Unit: So long have you been playing Minecraft?

Moderetro: Ever since mid-late November, when I first got it.

Alpha Unit: And you've been playing it a lot?

Moderetro: Initially, yes. That was also the time when I finally realized I need to cut back in the gaemz, because that's when I truly knew how addicting games can get. But as time went on, I steadily played less and less. I still really like it, though.

Alpha Unit: Have you unlocked creative mode yet?

Moderetro: If by that you mean earned it by the admins, officially no. I've had creative a couple times, but I never officially kept it.

Alpha Unit: So any last words for the community?

Moderetro: Be strong, and more importantly, be nice. I really don't want another fiasco along the lines of Dr. Who-oh, crud, CREEPER!

 Favorite Video Game Character

Shameless plug-in, mah boi!

 1. Who is you favorite video game character?

Alpha Unit:"Mario from Mario."

2. Mario has a special place in all of our hearts, but what makes him espesially stand out for you?

Alpha Unit:"He's just lovable, that's it. What kind of characters do we have nowadays? Gritty space marines? Sure, those are cool, but Mario's all about being fun. He's a character that appeals to all, and I really love him for that. When I was little, I wanted to be athletic and really likable, and I took cues from what I saw Mario do. He plays sports, rescues princesses, and has this ambition that only he can have, even he's only a fictional character. When I was little, I wanted to be him."

3. If you had to choose, what would you like the theme of Mario's next big game to be?

Alpha Unit:"Steampunk, time travel, or another tropical themed game would be awesome."

4. Mario has been in crossovers with Sonic, Punch Out and even Tetris! What would you like to see Mario crossover with next?

Alpha Unit:"I think something with Zelda or Metroid could be in order. Maybe a Mario Kart with characters from other Nintendo series would be nice."



I'm tired...*Yawn* Meh... *Wipes eyes* So what's up with you guys? Me, I feel a bit sluggish, and things could be better, but I love you guys...Even if you guys can be smart-alecks. 

Next week...Uh, whatever....  Astinganoi is hosting it. Enjoy...Meh.

 Oh, and I have something special in store...I want to say getting sidetracked is a bad thing, but it's not so in this case.


Alpha Unit.

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