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Naw... Mother 4 hasn't been announced. Now run off you little scamp! I think Spongebob is on right now!

Now here's our interviews!


JETZ.acx (Jetman)



  • Skype: jetz.acx
  • Twitter: @JETZacx
  • Steam: JETZ.acx
 (Note from JETZ: I DO have a Gamertag and PSN (both JETZacx), but I don't own a PS3 and 360 at the moment.)




This...is g1 JEOPARDY!
 g1 Digital Forecast: THE SCHEDULE!!!


Alpha Unit: Yeah buddy! How's it been going man?

JETZ.acx: To say in a word, tiring. But so much free time has allowed me to focus on g1 content...

Alpha Unit: How hard have you been working on creating g1 content?

JETZ.acx: Actually it's mostly about having the time to do it. Right now I'm getting really fast at anything I'm committed on doing, but it all depends on when I can do them. Other than that, it's relaxing...unless of course I have to do A LOT in a short time. Like that weekend where I had ...four blogs to post?

Alpha Unit: But is finally finishing and posting the material produced well worth the effort?

JETZ.acx: Oh, definitely. The praise, the views, how ScrewAttack actually acknowledges our hard work...it all stacks up and makes me and the rest of the g1s who collaborated with me to keep on doing it week after week.

Alpha Unit: What's the main reason you picked up Digital Forecast after ScrewAttack abandoned it?

JETZ.acx: It's...funny. Well, two reasons. One, g1s were asking for it. And two...well, Darkhyrulelord actually made the first attempt before me. And we both admitted that it sucked. So I jumped in and made sure that it was a better product overall. I pride myself to be a perfectionist - or at least someone who doesn't like to give out half-baked products. Besides, I was the first to actually hint on Twitter that it would be salvaged like the g1 Spotlight became thanks to Woodyman.

Alpha Unit: Where did the idea for g1 Features stem from?

JETZ.acx: Stickman said it came from V4's group blogs. That is entirely false. g1 Features came from the fact that I personally like to work with other people in projects. It's complicated to find a real answer to why I wanted to make g1 Features, but I think the whole concept - at least the one that's now on the counter, or better said, on the site - was me brainstorming about a way to make the account more than just a collaboration account. So I added regular features and "making g1s look good" into the blender. I'm still working on kinks here and there, but to answer your question clearly, it's all about me wanting everyone to get together and work as a team.

Then again...most of its concept today is actually helped thanks to how we worked on the g1 Digital Forecast...which can be traced on how Woodyman handled the g1 Spotlight. So I have to thank him for giving me the initial idea to ask the g1s for help.

Alpha Unit: What was the reason you wanted to adopt my Indie Shack (with Ferret75) and g1 Interviews articles?

JETZ.acx: The Indie Shack was already a concept that you and Ferret75 came up with, so being a collaboration project that had some really good quality, I think a boost from g1 Features would help a lot. It might be asking a lot, but I do hope it ends up as a video feature one day. I sense that some of its concepts feel a lot like what the Digital Forecast is: take three subjects, talk what it is about, and give your personal review.

 As for g1 Interviews, it's to prove one of the often overlooked goal of g1 Features: to make blogs really pop out and use the very best of the blog system's resources. In other words, to make it look *good*. And since you were practically needing some help on it...I just decided to jump in.

Alpha Unit: How did you discover ScrewAttack and what's the main reason you post content there?

JETZ.acx: Wow...I think many people would answer AVGN or something along the lines. I've been in like, 4-5 communities before joining ScrewAttack. Anyway, I learned about the site thanks to the Top 10s they made. Very professional, yet very witty and out-of-the-box. I loved them. Thing is I watched them via Youtube (shady I know) since my university blocked GameTrailers and ScrewAttack. When I found out how the community was so fun-orientated and not about the Call of Duties and fanboyism, I just went in.

Thing is, I didn't start posting ACTUAL content until the New ScrewAttack came along. Since they had this shiny new blog system, I just went on and try it out and...got addicted. I've cooled down when it comes to personal blogs lately, but with two articles coming up soon in the future, I'll be sure to give my HQ some love.

Alpha Unit: What improvements did New ScrewAttack make? I loved everything about it, but older g1s didn't enjoy it.

JETZ.acx: Well I shouldn't say improvements. I'd like to call what they did with the new site just as what Craig said: a complete re-write of everything. So far, the biggest improvement, from a technical standpoint, is how it could potentially be easier to add new features into the site without having to tamper with its format. I know it sounds a bit complicated at first, but being someone who studied computer science and planning to go into Web Development one day, I think having a site that's easy to manage programming-wise is a godsend. As for how they're giving g1s what they need, they still have a lot to go before they win my full respect, but the constant community showcases that has been starting off ever since those Town Hall Meetings sure helped immensely.

Oh and the blog system's fun, but it does NOT love Google Chrome. Or at the very least, it doesn't treat it nicely.

Alpha Unit: It treats Internet Explorer even worse, my friend. Welp.... What got you into gaming? Any particular game or console?

JETZ.acx: Well...there's one culprit for this: the Super Nintendo. Super Mario World, just one afternoon with literally nothing to do, borrowed by my cousin. Mom regrets 'till this day for accepting that SNES into my grandma's house, since then I got so hooked that she had to buy me one. Wait...

 Actually before my parents got me a SNES, Dad actually bought me an NES from a garage sale and sent it to me. I gotta say that he became +10 more awesome that day.

Alpha Unit: What is largely your favorite game series now?

JETZ.acx: It's...hard to pinpoint. It's a tie between Zelda and Metroid. Zelda has been with me since I played Link's Awakening DX and I owe Metroid Fusion for giving me a reason to play the venerated franchise. I'm actually planning to make a top 10 Favorite Franchises one day, so I don't want to spoil too much here.

Alpha Unit: Are any further projects expected?

JETZ.acx: Yikes. Well, I'm rolling some steam up with g1 Jeopardy, which by the time this interview is released g1s should already know how it's going to be produced. As for future projects, I think all my head can think of is g1 Features as a whole. There's so much I want to do with it...oh yeah and there's this something I'm planning to do on a certain day, but we'll just leave it there. BECAUSE I LIKE TO MAKE CLIFFHANGERS LIKE THAT.

Alpha Unit: Are you gonna add some more Alpha Unit to your projects?

JETZ.acx: Ha. Shameless plug right there huh? Who knows. I think it's not just you, but some other g1s who are already lining up to help out will definitely contribute on my...our projects. As for the inevitable, true Jetman vs. Alpha Unit team-up...it will happen. For sure.

Alpha Unit: Any last words?

JETZ.acx: Last words? You wanna talk about last words? Well THE JETMAN has some last words. See I've got myself some personality, some IMAGINATION...but see, thing is, for all the g1s to come to me and volunteer to help on anything - Digital Forecast, Interviews, Indie Shack, HELL even all the nitpicks I ask on my trusty Twitter - IT TAKES A LOT OF GUTS MA FRIEND! GUTS, I TELL YOU!! So, you wanna know what are the Jetman's last words? Well...thank you everyone for your immense support, and I promise that this won't be the end. g1 FOR LIFE, BROTHA!! HU WANTZ SUM MO BIZKITZ!!!! 

Alpha Unit: ^Biotch went crazy on me there




Gaijin Goomba



  • Steam: jingai09




Weirdness from Japan: Pacman like a boss
Gaijin Gamer Parody Intro.


Gaijin Goomba: Sup Alpha.

Alpha Unit: Heheh...Hello

Gaijin Goomba: So, you ready to do this thing?

Alpha Unit: Yeah.

Gaijin Goomba: Just through text?

Alpha Unit: Just through text. Yeah.

Gaijin Goomba: Alrighty!

Alpha Unit: So, how ya doing?

Gaijin Goomba: Pretty good. Been working on a few things here and there, but finally able to take some time to relax.

Alpha Unit: How's your Gaijin Goomba series coming along?

Gaijin Goomba: You know, I know it didn't really get a TON of views, but upwards of 800 was really unexpected. I'm realizing how much work really goes into making a good show. I'm actually about to put an update video up early next week and start recording and editing the next episode.

Alpha Unit: How'd the idea for the series come up?

Gaijin Goomba: Well, I've been studying about Japan for well over 8 years and gaming for much longer. When I returned home from Mie prefecture 5 months ago, There was so much I wanted to share with the U.S. gaming community at large. So, I decided on a persona and took a dive back into making educational/funny movies.

Alpha Unit: Why didn't you expect this show to become as popular as it did?

Gaijin Goomba: A few reasons really. One, I'm still learning the workings of good editing and using Premier Pro (which I only have acess to at work x_x), and two, it's very hard to know how people are going to react when talking about international matters, even when it's something simple like gaming. I would have figured more than a few people would simply not care about the origins of the games they love, or the culture they represent. However, the g1's really proved me wrong, and I am very glad they did.

Alpha Unit: Where did your persona "Gaijin Goomba" come from?

Gaijin Goomba: I don't know why but I have always really liked the goomba. It's small and ineffectual in most cases, but it has this somewhat cute charm to it. I also wanted to create a persona that had some aliteration and personality to it. I also wanted to make it a bit personal too. The traits of the beard and the glasses are more of the actual me so I felt more connected to the character. It just came together really well.

Alpha Unit: How did you discover ScrewAttack and why do you post content here?

Gaijin Goomba: Screwattack was a way I could stay connected to the gaming culture in the U.S. while I was in Japan. At first it was all about the featured shows such as The Top 10, Clip of the Week, Vault, etc. But in time, I started to see something that I didn't see at Game Trailers or some of the other gaming communities. I saw a group of people that put thought, effort, and personality into their blogs, shows, and comments. That pulled me in.

Gaijin Goomba: I post content here because it's appreciated. And in a way, that's how "Gaijin Gamer" was given birth. Game Trailers, Youtube, these were all communities that didn't pay attention to new material very closely. I knew Screwattack and the g1's would. So, I put out what I thought to be interesting perspectives and ideas, and I was overjoyed to see the community so responsive. Ask any vlogger or anyone who takes the time to make shows. Appreciation is what drives us.

Alpha Unit: Which show or person is what most closely influenced you to make your videos?

Gaijin Goomba: There were many, but I think Brentalfloss was the top. Don't get me wrong though. Tom, Craig, and the rest of the Screwattack staff could write and entertain while being educational like nobodys business. However, Brentalfloss' videos were simplistic in nature and didn't require a lot of special effects. They were pet projects that went global. It was about putting his heart into what he loved. It didn't take a lot of special effects *cough Angry Joe Show cough* for his stuff to be fun and entertaining. All it took was the love of something. I really hope to shake the man's hand when I see him at A-kon this year.

Alpha Unit: How long have you been posting on ScrewAttack?

Gaijin Goomba: Not long at all. I would say close to a month. It started out with little articles about gaming in Japan, what was popular over there. I was surprised that a lot of them got bumped to the news section as well as all of the responses from people. I think that was something else that got me started on my show.

Alpha Unit: Which g1s were significant to you when you were making your videos?

Gaijin Goomba: You for one. And no this isn't some sort of shameless plug. I'm being honest here. Though dang near everything I've posted, you were the first one to read and comment on what I put work into. That ment a lot. DigressingNSQ and Ben Jammin were also there from the start as I clunkily got my way through episode 1, which is why I made sure to mention you three in episode 2.

Alpha Unit: Thanks dude, that really means a lot. What was your first video game? How did it get you into gaming?

Gaijin Goomba: Good old Super Mario for the Nintendo Entertainment System. At the tender age of 9, it's what started it all. The exotic powerups and enemies, the incredible platforming, there was so much that I took away from that simple game. From there, the sky was the limit. Instead of reading or watching a story, you WERE the story. You WERE the hero. It was an interactive medium like no other, and it sealed my fate to be a gamer for all times.

Alpha Unit: What is your favorite game to this day?

Gaijin Goomba: Dang man... that's a hard question...

Gaijin Goomba: I would honestly have to say, even after all these years and advancements in technology, I gotta go with Super Mario Bros. 3. Not only are the controls the tightest of any game I've played, lasting just the right amount of time, and difficulty just right, there was so much of Japanese culture in it. I think I made that really clear, but there's still so much more. Perhaps I'll bring it up in a spinoff sub-show that I've been plotting.

Alpha Unit: Is Mario your favorite game series?

Gaijin Goomba: Isn't that a tad obvious? Lol! Believe me when I say though I find a great amount of joy in other games. My fiancee Akiterra (who just joined g1-hood) got me into the Resistance series and I've loved it. There's a few Japanese exculsive games like Senkoku Basara that I really enjoy too.

Alpha Unit: Well, any last words for the g1 community?

Gaijin Goomba: Just a huge thank you for all the constant support!!! Episodes will take some time to make, and I'll elaborate on that in an update episode coming out very soon. I hope to be able to bring everyone more insightful information in the future.






  • Twitter:@SCapdeville
  • PSN:SCtheMactivist




Sean's Personal Top 10 Anticipated Games of 2012
The Rounded Square - 2/20 Promo


Alpha Unit: Hello, how's it going?

TheMactivist: Just finished some games of Uncharted 3 online, so I can't really be in a bad mood.

Alpha Unit: Heheh...Well, what current projects do you have for ScrewAttack?

TheMactivist: Well my hyped up 2/20 video, which has a LOT to do with ScrewAttack, is currently in limbo. I'm waiting on a few clips from my guest.

Alpha Unit: Which guest?

TheMactivist: I'm keeping that quiet until the video goes live. It is teased pretty obviously in the promo I posted to SA though.

Alpha Unit: How did you get into making videos? What do you primarily do with them?

TheMactivist: I've been making little home movies here and there consistently my whole life, actually. It hasn't been until recently I started uploading my stuff. My focus right now is The Rounded Square, which is a weekly show that showcases the best of the iOS gaming library. <-- Shameless self-plug FTW

Alpha Unit: Why are you creating videos about the iOS library?

TheMactivist: To be honest, because that's what I own the most of. I love just as many console and PC titles, but I own scores of iPhone games, where my other collections are limited. And I feel that nobody cares about iOS gaming, so I wanted to to bring at least a little attention to it.

Alpha Unit: And has your project been a success so far?

TheMactivist: For me having fun with it, yes. For getting a ton of views, not so much.

Alpha Unit: And will you try your best to make your project a success?

TheMactivist: Of course. We'll have to see if that's enough though. The Internet is a very unpredictable place.

Alpha Unit: Where did you first hear about ScrewAttack?

TheMactivist: A friend of mine showed me the Nastolgia Critic, which led to the Angry Video Game Nerd. I started watching their Top 10s first, but eventually became a fan of everything they did. It became my homepage when I became a g1, which was 8 or so months before the latest site reboot.

TheMactivist: On a side note, that friend doesn't visit SA anymore. I'm quite disappointed in him.

Alpha Unit: Did you smack that sucka across the face for his rude behavior?

TheMactivist: I would, except he is a lot taller than me and could retaliate far too effectively for my liking.

Alpha Unit: What show on ScrewAttack is your current favorite?

TheMactivist: Yikes, that's a hard one. As a lover of making lists, I have to say that my favorites are their Top 10s. Close call though. SideScrollers is fantastic. Also, their reviews are the ones I pay attention to the most.

Alpha Unit: As of late, which g1 is your favorite?.... That isn't me.

TheMactivist: Hmmm. I've never really thought about that. Lately I've been amused most by Revulsive and his creepy obsession with photoshopping Jared.

Alpha Unit: Yes, he's a funny guy. Well, what's your favorite video game ever?

TheMactivist: Like I mentioned before, I love making lists. I happen to have a Top 50 Favorite Video Games list in the works, but I'm waiting on a few titles this year to finalize it. The #1 spot used to be Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, but that was recently replaced by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I'm a sucker for old-fashioned knights and adventuring.

Alpha Unit: What is your favorite console?

TheMactivist: Have to go with PS3. The Wii has its gems and the Xbox 360 is great, but exclusive franchises like Uncharted, Little Big Planet, and InFamous make the PS3 a must-own for me personally.

TheMactivist: And I haven't been gaming long enough to have enough exposure with previous-generation consoles, unfortunatly.

Alpha Unit: Any last words?

TheMactivist: Rosebud... Movie references are the best kind of references...In seriousness, I want to thank the g1s for supporting my work. Haven't had a negative comment yet...Except those freaking spam bots offering deals on shoes and purses..





There was never a Mother 4.



Alpha Unit.


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