g1 Interviews NEEDS HELP AGAIN

Posted on September 29, 2012 - 1:30pm by Alpha Unit

*Sigh* Hello everyone, Olivia Munn eating a hot dog welcomes you to another blog of mine. And yes, as the title implies, I am calling for more help so the g1 Interviews program can take over the world by leeching information off of unsuspecting g1s who want time in the lime light for being extremely selfish. Well, I suppose if you want to live, you guys could always join me in my dreaded quest to mold the very being of the world into my domain. I can perfect it... Make it better for me...And you.

If you want to start as part of my intelligence gathering group, you just gotta name your week, and you're goooooood. 

Rules and Instructions


  • 3 interviews minimum up to 5 interviews maximum per week.
  • To start off an interview, greet the person. In the middle, ask them questions. To end it, ask them "Any last words?"
  • Most interviews should last from 30 minutes to an hour, but it can be longer.
  • You are allowed to joke around with the interviewee, but don't be a dick. Be courteous or I'll rip your spine out. Be nice.
  • Interviews should only be done via Skype or the Steam messanging system. No Twitter. Maybe facebook, but I wouldn't do it.
  • One interviewee can only have one regular interview and two themed interviews. (Although they can't be within the same week)
  • Interviews are currently done via text chat. Video isn't recommended yet. Oh, and remember to highlight the text of your interview, copy, paste, then save it into a document.
  • Have all interviews ready and sent to your reviser's email by Thursday night
Substitute Writer
I remember once calling for writers...Nobody fucking did it besides InAmberClad. (When it was known as revisors). I guess I'll WRITE THIS EVERY WEEK until I will be unable to. If in the event I can't post a g1 Interviews installment, I'll reach out for a writer to replace me for that weak. 
Remember, I don't work hard because I love you, it's because you force me to. 

Here's the weeks you can shoot for. 

  • October 7th-13th (A normal g1 Interviews episode I will do myself.)
  • October 14th-20th (Mega Man Interviews)
  • October 21st-27th
  • October 28th-November 3rd (Anime Interviews)
  • November 4th-November 10th
  • November 11th-17th  (Mortal Kombat)
  • November 18th-24th 
  • November 25th-December 1st (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • December 2nd-8th
  • December 9th-15th ??????????????????????


I announce my new intention to interview all current g1 of the Years to help round off the excellence of the g1 pantheon we have gathered here for almost one long year. This was a beautiful project I have broke and lost my testicles for, and I do not intend on giving up soon till the event I manage to become rich, sexy, and famous. I somewhat want a legacy, and ScrewAttack is my current stepping stone to achieve that very legacy, harming my privates will be all the worth it. 

If you want to apply for a position my dastardly team, like I said before, take your pick at a week and you're good. Nothing more.


Au revoir.

Alpha Unit



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