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INTERVIEWERS: g1s Alpha Unit,LousyTactician, Gaijin Goomba



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 LimeCatMaster Review: Persona 4
Edd Gould, animator, has passed away


Alpha Unit: Okay, how's your day been?

LimeCatMaster: It's been pretty good. Slept in later than I probably should have, didn't really do anything productive, and I've been writting my next blog post.

Alpha Unit: Ah, what's your next blog post about then?

LimeCatMaster: Well, after rating it #1 in my Top Ten Favorite Games, I thought it'd be cool to do a review of Persona 4. It's been a little difficult, as reviewing a game you love so much without bias is a little hard. But I'm very satisfied with how it's coming out so far.

Alpha Unit: Yeah? Well, are there any major projects you're working on?

LimeCatMaster: Well, because I'm not ready to give up on Persona 4  just yet, I'm writing another "Character Study" of sorts on the characters in that game. I didn't really like how my Final Fantasy XIII one turned out, but if people are interested, I'm positive this one can turn out a lot better. I guess because it's something  I'm a little more familiar with and something that I can pull off better.

Alpha Unit: What's the main reason you're blogging on ScrewAttack?

LimeCatMaster: Well, there are various reasons I came to ScrewAttack. But one of them was that I realized that it was something that I thought I could really do well, and wasn't something I could do easily in many communities online. However, ScrewAttack not only provides easy outlets for the fans and community to post things such as blogs, but they also support and promote them. That's something really awesome. And so far, the feedback has been great, which keeps bringing me back. 

LimeCatMaster: Oh, and now that I think of it, the other blogs I see every day are also very great. Being a part of a community that consistantly produces quality material is an honor.

Alpha Unit: Whoops, sorry for not answering...! Well, how did you get into ScrewAttack?

 LimeCatMaster: It's alright, give me some more time to work on the review. And to say that last bit, which didn't come to mind when writing an answer.

LimeCatMaster: But anyway, I was a member a while ago. I can't recall when I first joined, but it was a while before "new" ScrewAttack. I came back after a lot of interest after seeing more videos on Youtube, like the Death Battles, Hard News, and video Sidescrollers. Seeing all of those got me interested in the site again, so I jumped on in and was very impressed with what I saw. It's good to be back.

Alpha Unit: What was your first blog about? 

LimeCatMaster: Wow, even though that was (I believe) about two months ago, it feels like a lot longer. My first blog on new ScrewAttack was a review of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor for the DS. It's a game that really didn't get a lot of attention, which is a shame. But my very, very first blog for ScrewAttack as also a review of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, I think. I'm happy that's gone though, that was quite the long time ago. I'd probably be embarrased to read it today.

Alpha Unit: How do you like new ScrewAttack so far?

LimeCatMaster: Well, just from what I can remember about old ScrewAttack... it's a lot better. It's easier to get around, find things, and just do what you need to do overall. And the video player actually works for me. I remember that not working at all waaaay back then.

Alpha Unit: All right. Well, who's currently your favorite blogger on ScrewAttack?

LimeCatMaster: Hmm... that's a difficult choice. There's always Woodyman, his blogs are a good read. I also like Akitera and Gaijin Gamer/Goomba, and not to brown nose or anything, but your blogs are always good too.

Alpha Unit: Thanks. Oh, and who is currently your favorite ScrewAttack staff member?

LimeCatMaster: I've always liked Chad. Can't explain why, but I like that guy. Jared comes in a close second though.

Alpha Unit: So you don't know why you like Chad?

LimeCatMaster: Nope. Can't really explain it. I guess I just like his attitude. I kind of feel like we'd be bros if we knew each other.

Alpha Unit: Hmm. Well, what is your favorite console?

LimeCatMaster: Do handhelds count? If so, the DS takes my pick. Carries my favorite library, has a lot of good games for it, and it's just what every handheld should be.

Alpha Unit: What's your favorite DS game?

LimeCatMaster: Well, in my Devil Survivor review, I said that was. But now that the sequel is out, I've had to change my asnwer to Devil Survivor 2. Overall, it outshined DeSu1 in ever way. But after those two, Ghost Trick and the Ace Attorney series comes to mind.

Alpha Unit: What is the shittiest game you've ever played?

LimeCatMaster: Shittiest? Probably this My Little Pony game I did a Let's Play of. For various reasons (none of which are the game itself, surprisingly) that LP is no longer running. It's exactly what you'd expect of it. It doesn't look good, has maybe three different songs in the whole game, gets buggy, so simple that it's insulting to anyone of any age's intillenge, and makes no sense. But as far as least favorite game goes, it'd probably by SotC, as much as people may hate me for saying that.

Alpha Unit: Oh. Simple question: Where did you get the username "LimeCatMaster" from?

LimeCatMaster: You're certainly hitting me with hard to answer questions. I dont really know what the origin of the name is. I think I first came up with it somewhere in the range of 2005-early 2007, as the username for my GameTrailers account. GT is actually how I first heard of ScrewAttack. But anyway, once I signed up for GT, that's pretty much what I've been using  for every username after that. In some cases, this sucks. I've found many sites/online games that have a 12 character limit for usernames. "LimeCatMaster" is 13 characters.

Alpha Unit: Any last words?

LimeCatMaster: I guess the most I can say is: it's been a great time I've been having on ScrewAttack. I thank everyone who's been reading my blogs and leaving such great feedback. it's great to know you guys seem to like reading my blogs as much as I like making them. And thank you, Alpha, for doing this interview. Send the word to ImAmberClad for me too, as he originally wanted to do this. 






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The LP Corner - So You Want to be a Let's Player
 The LP Corner - Top Five Let's Players of All Time


Alpha Unit: So, what's up?

ReturnOfFable: Nothing much man, I am at work right now and its pretty slow.

How is your weekend going?

Alpha Unit: Great. So what have you been doing on ScrewAttack lately?

ReturnOfFable: I have been pretty busy with my new series, The LP Corner in addition to doing  my part to help out with the Digital Forecast g1 features puts up every week.

 Mostly I just promote everyone elses work.

Alpha Unit: Oh, okay. Well, um how did you first discover ScrewAttack?

ReturnOfFable: I came to Screwattack about.....3 or 4 years ago?  Man, it was once they picked up Brentalfloss. It's been ages since those days.

 Anyways, I just found the site from when they picked up Floss and started poking around the site. I do not know what it was but something clicked with me about it and I stuck around.

Alpha Unit: Ah, so you're a Brentalfloss fan?

ReturnOfFable: Oh yeah, I started following him when he put up his Megaman 3 With Lyrics video. I have been around for a while.

 Alpha Unit: Is there any other ScrewAttack feature you love?

ReturnOfFable: DEATH BATTLE! is incredible, I think it may be one of the best things that they have ever put up. It's incredibly well made and Wiz and Boomstick are always going to be a riot. Second favorite is probably Screwin' Around, I have been waiting for them to do a live show for ages.

Alpha Unit: How do you feel about Death Battle blogs?

ReturnOfFable: There...okay? I mean, the concept is pretty good: lets hype up DEATH BATTLE! by doing some predictions, wishlists, therorical battles... But, too many of them are just so poorly made and so sparse with information and details. It's turning into something everyone assumes they can just shoot out as an easy blog.

Alpha Unit: So what blogs are you currently working on?

ReturnOfFable: Right now, everything is being devoted to The LP Corner. I really want to do everything in my power to get this to be as good as humanly possible.

Alpha Unit: How did the concept for this series materialize?

ReturnOfFable: So, I am going to share a little secret with you: back in Version 4, I was putting an LP onto ScrewAttack; it was something I had been wanting to do for a long time and I was putting a lot of effort into it.

It was fucking terrible though. xD I made so many rookie mistakes, it was too average and really did not stand out all that well.

Once ScrewAttack made its big revamp, I really wanted to put back into the site that had given so much to me. When I was looking back at what I could do, I realized that "Well, I have done a lot of studying and preparation since my last LP. I could really help people out.

Thats really when it began, I wanted to reach out and help first time Let's Players on ScrewAttack, in addition to turning LP's into a viable piece of content on ScrewAttack. I wanted people to see a ton of great LP's on the site.

Alpha Unit: You must really admire LPs.

ReturnOfFable: I really do, I have been watching them for awhile now and I have a lot of respect for poeple who produce them.

Alpha Unit: So what was the first LP you've ever watched?

ReturnOfFable: Definitely Slowbeef and Diabetus's Metroid Prime LP. It's still one of my favorites despite how many of them I have seen since then.

Alpha Unit: What was your first LP about?

ReturnOfFable: It was an LP of Pikmin, it really had nothing special about it though and it was, pretty average. That and I released it about a month or two after Chuggaconroy did his LP of Pikmin, so it was pretty outclassed.

Alpha Unit: Yeah, Chuggaa is hella popular. Why do you think that?

ReturnOfFable: Chugga has this pretty rare gift with his commentary where he just sounds like a likable individual. You know how there is that one person who whenever they start to speak, you're just put at ease by them and it's always a great conversation? Chugga is like that, he has that rare gift to just sound likeable. And he puts a lot of effort into his LP's, which helps.

Well, me and my Team have a lot planned for ScrewAttack this year. At some point during The LP Corner's lifetime, we are going to have to show off how everything I have been talking about comes together. Nothing 100% yet but we are getting fairly close to it. ;)

Alpha Unit: Hm. Do you think there's way too many LPs on the internet?

ReturnOfFable: Oh definitely, there are hundreds, if not thousands of them on Something Awful alone. It has turned into such a cool hobby that everyone wants to do it. Trick is though, how many of those 100's are good. That is the question.

Alpha Unit: Hmm...Any tips to any Let's Players out there?

ReturnOfFable: You should definitely check out my series, The LP Corner on ScrewAttack for some tips for beginners :D Seriously though, it is going to be hard at first. You will fuck up sooooo many times and you are going to want to keep shoving out mediocre products because its easy. Just keep at it though and experiment. Constantly try new things and look for ways to make your final product stand out from all the others.

Alpha Unit: Any last words?

ReturnOfFable: Straight up, you guys are beautiful people. I love all of your comments and ideas you guys produce for not only The Corner but for everything that is here on this site. Keep it up gang.



Here's a left over Brony interview from last week. Enjoy.





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 Music Battle of Death Pilot Episode: Sonic vs. Discord
A message to those of you who have already gave suggestions for my contest on my upcoming Tribute series to Death Battle


LousyTactician: So how's it going today psb123?

psb123: It's going good.

LousyTactician: I guess I'll start off with the most obvious question. How did you become a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?

psb123: Well after seeing the Starscream vs. Rainbow Dash Death Battle I was honestly surprised at how cool Rainbow Dash was. And after that I ran into a classmate who is also a brony and a good friend and after some conversations about it, he convinced me to watch the show.

LousyTactician: Then I take it Rainbow Dash is your favorite of the 6 'mane' characters?

psb123: Twilight Sparkle is a very close second, but yes, Rainbow Dash is my fav.

LousyTactician: Awesome, those are my 2 favorites too. Looking at your blogs you seem to be a big fan of the Smash Bros. series. If there was one character you could have in the SSB4 who would it be? It doesn't matter how good of a chance they have of actually being in the game.

psb123: That's a tough call but I would have to say if there was just 1 character who I would want in smash it would probably be Isaac from Golden Sun.

LousyTactician: What is it about Friendship is Magic that makes you like the show?

psb123: The characters are very likeable, the episodes have good plotlines, the songs are catchy, and it's just a very well developed show all around.

LousyTactician: What is your personal favorite console of all time?

psb123: There are so many awesome consoles that it is very difficult to pick a favorite. But I will have to say the Nintendo GameCube for various reasons. It was the system I grew up with and it has a great library of my favorite kinds of games.

LousyTactician: What games for the GameCube would you list as your favorites?

psb123: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Those are my favorites of what I've played on the system (sorry Melee fans but I like Brawl a lot better).

LousyTactician: Someone else who prefers Brawl to Melee? Finally. I do have to wonder though; can you really count Sonic Adventure 2: Battle as a GameCube game when it was a ported from the Dreamcast?

psb123: The 2 versions are very similar but at least SA2B had an improved multiplayer mode. Plus it is available on the GameCube so yeah, I would call it a GameCube game.

LousyTactician: Makes sense. Anyways, on the topic of Sonic aside from MLP you're clearly also a big Sonic fan. What do you think when it comes to how Sonic has been doing in 3-D and how the series' fans and non-fans alike have behaved towards the 3-D games?

psb123: I honestly don't get a lot of the hate that newer Sonic Games get. Gimmicks like the Werehog and Sword in my opinion are only bad if poorly executed, which these 2 particular gimmicks were very well executed. Plus it seems that most of the time people just complain about the concept of the game despite it being well developed. Sonic 06 I can understand but all the other ones were legitimately enjoyable, not flawless but still quite fun. In general I just don't understand why people react so strongly to newer Sonic games. Especially when the games they don't like of the Genesis era are completely disregarded.

LousyTactician: Are there any other games you feel receive too much hate?

psb123: Mega Man games also get a lot of hate that I feel they don't deserve. While it's true that the Mega Man series repeats its concepts a lot (sometimes a little too much even I'll admit) they are still enjoyable.

LousyTactician: Anyways, back to ponies the Brony community has made a MASSIVE amount of fan made content. Can you name one particular project or several projects you personally were impressed by?

psb123: What impresses me the most from the Brony Community is easily the fan made music by people like Super Pony Beat.

LousyTactician: I recall the creator recently released a remix for the Song Pinkie sang in the 'A Friend Indeed' episode.

psb123: Really? I'll have to look into that.

LousyTactician: What is your favorite episode from the entire series so far? Why?

psb123: That is an extremely difficult decision. But I'll go with the Return of Harmony Part 2. Discord is an awesome villain and the struggle that the Mane 6 have to go through to save Equestria from him is very enjoyable to watch. Part 2 seals the deal with the emotion put into it.

LousyTactician: That did seem like the episode that really exercised the level of animation the show was capable of. A group called the 'Mane 6' have been working on a fighting game called 'My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic' (http://www.mane6.com/). What do you think of the game or better yet, will you face me in a match when it's released and have any of the fan made MLP games impressed you?

psb123: Fighting is Magic is an interesting concept what with the potential movesets and the awesome music. I will definitely look into it when it's released. Aside from that a fan made MLP game that really impresses me is Pony Kart.

 LousyTactician: How did you find the ScrewAttack website and what made you join?

psb123: One time years ago when I was browsing YouTube I stumbled upon ScrewAttack’s top 10 Mario games and since I had no idea what ScrewAttack was at the time I did a little research and became a fan in the process. I didn't join the site until years later though and when I did I did it because of a death battle suggestion video I wanted to put up.

LousyTactician: That was a solid video BTW and speaking of which, is there anything you would like to add/change to that video after it's been up for so long?

psb123: What I mainly wish is that I could have written it better. Other than that Some of the Matchups Like Kirby vs. Popoi, Fox vs. Eggman, and Aang vs. Ivan I would take out because I either no longer agree with them or think the characters could be better paired up against some else.

LousyTactician: Aside from Friendship is Magic are there any other shows you've recently gotten into?

psb123: I've been watching the Pokémon cartoon again recently and since I'm a huge fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender I am super psyched for its sequel The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra coming out this April.

LousyTactician: What new blogs/videos do you plan on making in the future?

psb123: On my YouTube channel I make SSB4 Idea videos, though I haven't been making that many lately. I may or may not continue making them but that's all I really have an idea for in terms of videos/blogs right now.

LousyTactician: Then I think that's about it as far as questions go, any last words?

psb123: Just thank you for the interview.

LousyTactician: Thank you for letting me interview you.



Gaijin Goomba's Interview


Gaijin Goomba has the honor of having the first video interview. 


Favorite Video Game Character

 1. Who is your favorite video game character?

Noble Team 1: "Master Chief from Halo 2."

Why is Master Chief your favorite video game character?

Noble Team 1:"The reason I like Master Chief so much has to be the fact that he doesn't need to talk much as his actions are what made like Master Chief. The fact that he reminds me a little bit of Captain America in my own way is part of it and in each game he has been in he has been outnumbered in odds that seem impossible, but somehow manages to overcome them."

3. Do you think Master Chief has reached the point where he is as famous as Mario and Sonic?

Noble Team 1:"Honestly no as Master Chief has only been in 3 games, but maybe to those that grew up with the character, maybe."

4. Here's one just for fun. Do you agree with the outcome of Master Chief VS Doomguy?

Noble Team 1:"I have no idea what your talking about, truth be told." (Then you should check out DEATH BATTLE! more often ;) -JETZ.acx)

A big, fat thank you to Noble Team 1 for participating in a FVGC article! I liked how you compared Master Chief to Captain America. I found that to be a very logical comparison! As always, I you'd like to have a FVGC article of your very own, just leave a comment saying so! I'll get to you as soon as possible!


That was it for this week, guys. Nothing much in the pipeline besides some Minecraft interviews next week, a new Indie Shack (it was on hiatus for 2 weeks), and the emergence of a new bonus feature I have coming up. Although what I have planned isn't much, I can guarantee you, I'll bring some good stuff over. So as your waiting, just keep in mind Ole Alpha wants you to be happy, and he'll entertain you in the greatest way possible. Got it? Any questions? 


By the way, the Mountain Dew ads aren't real. We don't profit from anything we make.

Alpha Unit.

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