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Posted on July 28, 2012 - 4:18pm by g1 Features

Oh why hello, it's me, InAmberClad! ...What's wrong, were you expecting someone else? Well in case you didn't know (which you probably didn't) I'm doing some revising for these interviews here for several weeks, including last week and this one! So why are the interviews here a week late? I didn't receive them until Sunday and kind of didn't realize I had them until a couple days ago... my bad I guess. But you're getting them now along with this week's set as well, so calm down! I think it's best we stick to Alpha's schedule.

So hi and all that stuff. But I think the real reason you're here is for the interviews, so without further ado...

Please note, all these people have been interviewed before...But I guess it's always nice for an update or something. I'll have to give my interviewers a heads up on who's been interviewed in the future. 

Now onto the interviews!

This Week's Interviewer: Hero of Lime Bro





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Flapperdoodle's Gaming Blog Ep. 100: The Flapperdoodle Retrospective
Flapperdoodle's Gaming Blog Ep. 99: The Dark Knight Rises (SPOILER FREE!)


Hero of Lime: How are you doing tonight?

Flapperdoodle I'm pretty good. You?

Hero of Lime: Kinda tired. Had a stressed week due to family stuff.

Flapperdoodle: Aw, that sucks. Hope everything turns out good for ya.

Hero of Lime: Don't worry, it was minor stuff, but at the same time it was tiring stuff.

Flapperdoodle: I get where you're coming from.

Hero of Lime: Anyway, this interview is about you, not about me, so...Flaps,I have been told you have a youtube channel. Am I right?

Flapperdoodle: Yes, I do! Well, technically I have two. One is the same as my SA name, Flapperdoodle, and the second one is entitled LarryVaried. It can be stressful handling both, but I make it work.

Hero of Lime: Tell me about your channel,"Flapperdoodle."

Flapperdoodle: It's my let's playing channel. The channel has been up for many years, but only about one or two years ago I actually started truly let's playing on it. I really do love Let's Playing, and I am happy to say it has been successful enough over the last few years. And now that I just hit 500 subscribers, I am striving to let's play even more!

Hero of Lime: Which games have you do a Let's Play that are memorable?

Flapperdoodle: Well, my first one was of Mario Party 8. That one was a ton of fun, but I've done 10 projects at this point. My current projets of Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 have been tons of fun, plus with the 500 subscribers thing. One of my favorites has been a blind LP of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. I did the whole LP with my friends FutureMal and GameMixUp333. We had a ton of laughs, and the game was very fun.

Hero of Lime: Nice! What about your other Channel?

Flapperdoodle: That would be LarryVaried. That is my review channel where I review... well, whatever I want really. The whole concept of the channel revolved around that. I mainly review movies and TV, but eventually I review other stuff. I also do Top Lists as well.

Hero of Lime: Any video you are particulary proud of?

Flapperdoodle: Well, there isn't one I specifically LOVE more than the others. I think each one definitely shows more of my editing ability. If I have to name one that took a very long time, it would have to be both top lists I uploaded. One is the Top 5 Reasons To and Not To Buy a Nintendo 3DS, and the other is the Top Ten Tunes of Mario Kart Wii. Both of those took a very long time in the editing stage, but I am proud on how they turned out.

Hero of Lime: Now let's talk about your current baby, SIDETRACKED.

Flapperdoodle: Oh yes...

Hero of Lime: How did it get created?

Flapperdoodle: Well, SIDETRACKED was started out of my wanting to have something I could truly trademark. Woodyman has the Spotlight, HyrbridRain has the magazine, and I really wanted a creation to call my own. So, Alpha suggested we make a podcast, and I said, "what the hell, let's do it!". So, we decided to created the podcast, and well... now we're here. Eleven episodes in and still going strong!

Hero of Lime: You know, I have a nice question: why Alpha hasn't appeared on SIDETRACKED yet?

Flapperdoodle: It's for two reasons. One, he doesn't have a microphone on him that works well. And sadly, a requirement for being on SIDETRACKED is to have a voice ready to talk clearly, so that's one roadblock. The other is simply because he honestly isn't ready. Many people expect Alpha to be open to totally blazing his voice all over the web, but Alpha is very strict and cautious when it comes to his identity being revealed online (full name, voice, face, etc.). I would love to have our very own co-creator on the show. But sadly, things just haven't worked out yet. But we hope to have him on very soon. (Alpha: I will be on soon…Let me bide my time…)

Hero of Lime: It would be a really nice surprise for Season 2.

Flapperdoodle: Oh... don't worry... we have OTHER surprises in store for Season 2...

Hero of Lime: Color me interested… Kalioli, why did you choose her to be your co-host, how did you guys got in contact?

Flapperdoodle: Back at the 2011 holiday party, I became very involved in discussing random stuff with other g1s, and Kailoli was one of the g1s I talked to for A LOT of the time. Sadly, months went by, and I wasn't able to speak to her again due to time and her and I just not getting the chance. But when the idea of a co-host who should be female popped into my mind, nobody seemed like a better pick. Honestly. So, I contacted her via PM soon, and she completely agreed to be the co-host! I think Kai and I both agree that it was a good move having her as the co-host.

Hero of Lime: I agree. Ok, so for our final question:

Flapperdoodle: Yup, hit me.

Hero of Lime: Any plans in the future for Sidetracked Season 2 and any future plans for your channels?

Flapperdoodle: Well, as for my channels, after my sleepaway/getaway in August, I plan on making reviews and let's playing again for as long as I can. I love doing both, and while it isn't easy to keep both consistent, the important thing is trying to make the damn content, so you can expect me to do that. As for SIDETRACKED... well, I don't wanna give nothing away. But don't worry, Alpha, JETZ, Kai, and I are planning some awesome stuff. New co-hosts, new music, a new intro, and overall a bigger and better season. We are all very excited, and we hope the partnership of SIDETRACKED and g1 Features will last for a long time.

Hero of Lime: Me too Flaps, me too.

Flapperdoodle: I'm glad.

Hero of Lime: Well that was all,thank you Flaps for letting me interview you. Any final words?

Flapperdoodle: It was a pleasure. Thanks to all you SIDETRACKED fans out there! We do it all for you!






*Please double check this*

  • Gamertag: enigmaxtreme316
  • Steam: enigmaxtreme316
  • PSN: enigmaxtreme316




I Am Alive


Hero of Lime: Hello Enigma,how are you doing tonight? (or today,Australian timelines.....)

Enigma: *laughs* yeah it's like 1:30 in the afternoon here so I'm doing ok, I'm actually working on the last episode before I take a much needed break in August.

Hero of Lime: This is Season 2 right?

Enigma: Yeah, Season 2 will resume at the beginning of September; doing this for 6 months straight will knock it out of you.

Hero of Lime: Of course. How do you feel about Season 1?

Enigma: Looking back on it, it was quite easier than this year as most of it was taken up by the History of Zelda retrospective. This year I had to look at my collection and go, "Now what should I do this week?"

Hero of Lime: Nice, took your time, and it was worth it. How the idea of Unboxed came around?

Enigma: Years ago I was doing webshows about niche things like Avatar the Last Airbender, I wanted to expand onto more widespread topics and chose video games as it was something I've liked for along time. The original idea was to be a bit like "Out of the Box" a video camera on me recording me as I played the game for the first time; that idea didn't last long so I decided to try something that hadn't been done to death in Online Game Reviews. Then I realized everyone was doing the "Angry" schtick or putting pointless effects or storylines into their reviews or even just sitting in front of a webcam yamming on for god knows how long. I decided to try and create a bridge between a fan game review and a "professional" game review like IGN or Screwattack.

Hero of Lime: Talking about Screwattack, how did you discover the site?

Enigma: I believe it was through the Nerd about 4-5 years ago then I discovered their other stuff, especially that old Jared show Nametags

Hero of Lime: Ah yeah, nametags, the good old times... Why did you choose Cave Story for your 50th episode?

Enigma: Actually it was a mere coincidence, I had planned most of the schedule that year months in advance and was already set to do a WiiWare Month and Cave Story was obviously one of them, then a month or two before I was like "holy shit, that will be 50 episodes" . Originally Lit was going to be there but I decided to make it Cave Story as it felt like a better game to focus on for my 50th.

Hero of Lime: And our final question...What is the future of Unboxed Season 3?

Enigma: Well with the Wii U coming out this year there are a lot of plans to review more current games in Season 3, I already have Tomb Raider penciled in but so far not much else is past the concept stage.

Hero of Lime: Okay! Well that's it, let's thank Enigma again for the interview. Any final words?

Enigma: Yeah thanks to everyone who has watched and subscribed over on Screwattack you guys rule!



Gaijin Goomba







Game Exchange Update: Cons, Fanart, New Show? (Fixed)
Gaijin Goomba's Top 10 Games of Japan p.2


Hero of Lime: Hello Gaijin Goomba, how are you doing? I hope you're doing well. How did you discover Screwattack?

Gaijin Goomba: I discovered Screwattack though Youtube believe it or not. It mostly started with the old, old S.A. Top 10's and such. In Japan, after work I would always be looking for things to watch to remind me of home, and Screwattack did a good job of keeping me in touch.

Hero of Lime: Why did you decided to rename Gaijin Gamer into Game Exchange?

Gaijin Goomba: I was given the advice to change the show from Gaijin Gamer to Game Exchange by MatPat's wife. At first I actually resisted the idea because the nature of the show was to ONLY be about Japan, but the more I pondered it, the more sense it made to call it something more relatable. As he told me, the concept of "exchanging games" made the title sound relatable, but also gave me the ability to spread out a little and eventually make it about cultural exchange in games.

Hero of Lime: Besides an Screwattack Partnership, which other websites do you want partnership with?

Gaijin Goomba: For the longest time I wanted to work with normalboots.com I love PBG and JonTron, but after two attempts at getting their attention, I've pretty much given up. Besides, I'm much happier being with MatPat and his youtube channel, because together, we are trying to push the "educational gaming show" franchise. Normalboots.com seems more about comedy rather than learning, so I don't think I would fit there anyway. I'm also pretty comfy being partnered up with Pat the NES Punk and thepunkeffect.com, but I would like to branch out more for those who see enough value and merit in my show to host me.

Hero of Lime: Any more crossovers up ahead?

Gaijin Goomba: Stay tuned over the next few months to find out!

Hero of Lime: What do you love about your fanbase most?

Gaijin Goomba: Being a show that deals with ideas and concepts that educate; most of my fans are people who understand the importance of understanding things in general. Because of that, I can actually interact with my fans directly. Something I dislike GREATLY is how many show producers rarely, if ever, interact with their fans outside of cons, etc. It's like, "You can't pay money and see me at the con I'm going to? Tough luck pal. Watch the next episode!" Screw that. I want to be better than that. I understand as time goes on I won't be as able to respond to everyone, but I'm doing my hardest to not only listen to my fans, but reply to them. Having fans who are intelligent, understanding, and kind allows me to do this and still balance my life outside the show. I also get the greatest sense of accomplishment every time I see a fan say, "I enjoyed learning something," because that's what this show is about!

Hero of Lime: Which aspect of Japan Gaming culture do you want to focus on later entries?

Gaijin Goomba: I want to focus more and more on the gaming industry and the gaming subculture in Japan more. There are matters here that people love to say they understand, but really don't. Interestingly enough, my very first episode, the episode that had the absolute WORST production value is the most popular of my episodes on youtube by quite a stretch. It tells me people are thirsty for multicultural perspectives in the gaming world, and I intend to quench that thirst. In a way, I want to either revisit, or redo that episode or at least go back and cover the absolute idiotic hippocracy that I am STILL seeing in the U.S. gaming community. I also plan on, maybe once a month or so, take a field trip from Japan to another country, and talk about other countries and their gaming cultures. At this point I have a few things in mind including Russia and Latin America, but, as it is impossible for one person to intimately understand EVERYTHING about EVERY CULTURE, it is going to take extra time, and probably help from the fans to make it all come together. Hear that fans? I need YOUR help. So send me your suggestions for gaming culture topics around the world!

Hero of Lime: Which video of your series are you most proud of?

Gaijin Goomba: In terms of quality, I am most proud of my recent episode. I feel like, with the help of my loyal multicultural staff, we have VERY quickly become a strong and professional looking show. The new fans on youtube love how the show has transformed. I'm also very happy that some of my very corny jokes (the poison mushroom fiasco, and the Tank! Tank! Tank! jokes) were well received in the community. In terms of subject matter, I am still the most proud of the first episode. After all, it was watching people ignorantly bash Gal Gun that was the last straw and forced my hand to start the show. Some people ask who the evil goomba ninjas I'm fighting are. On their chest, they have the kanji 不問 or Fumon. It basically means "ignorance" in Japanese, and that is what I am fighting in this show. Japan is a country that everyone in the U.S. want's to talk about, but knows so little about it, it's embarrassing. The Fumon Clan are a personification of the ignorance I am trying to fight. Sorry... I kinda went off there for a minute... The first episode was my first step into achieving this goal, but I still say it was my strongest, because I looked America right in the eye and called out its bullcrap. I am not afraid to fight against the majority if the majority is being rock-hard stupid.

Hero of Lime: What is the future of Game Exchange?

Gaijin Goomba: At the moment, my main focus is my partnership with MatPat and Game Theory. He's got a plan, and I am nothing short of joyous to be a part of, and help with, what he has for a vision. I love the fact that Pat the NES Punk has picked me up, and I do want to do my best to bring my unique show idea to his site, but the most success I am seeing right now is on youtube being Matt's partner. We are developing a plan to do something great in the gaming world, and I know he is looking for more people who share this goal. We don't yet know how successful it will be, but we are going to give it our all.

Hero of Lime: Final words?

Gaijin Goomba: There is something I want to throw out here, and perhaps it may get me flak, but at this point I don't care anymore. In the beginning, the big, big goal I had for Game Exchange (then Gaijin Gaming) was to become a Screwattack partner show, and prove, I guess to myself, that what I did had merit. However, as time went on, you guys, the g1's have been the backbone support of the show. It is YOU guys, not Screwattack itself that has made me great. It is YOU guys who gave me my big break. It is YOU guys who got MatPat to have a look at my humble little show. And it is YOU guys who give me the reason to keep doing what I am doing. I make Game Exchange for YOU. If Screwattack never signs me up as a partner show, I honestly don't care, because it's not about fame, and it's not about appeasing the Screwattack staff. It is about bringing something meaningful to you guys. Screwattack is Craig and the gang's site, and they can do whatever they want with it. For me to sit here and beg for their attention is immature and idiotic. I truly appreciate that they have made me a suggested sub and Game Exchange a suggested show. If that is good enough for them, that is good enough for me. Either way, it's you guys who made me who I am today, and without you guys, I couldn't have gotten this far. No matter how far I get, and no matter how big I become, I will always remember that I was a g1 first.




Well, not a bad set of interviews at all! Pretty interesting stuff, and rather long in my opinion for only three interviews total. This concludes my first time revising for g1 Interviews! :p I hope I wasn't unbearable or anything... Also, I won't be revising for the rest of the summer, just for a chunk of it. So you can expect Alpha back here too, not just me rocking out. Now if you excuse me I have the next set of interviews to begin as well as blogs of my own!


Signing off,



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