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Ah Street Fighter, the series that revolutionized the fighting genre. There would be no Mortal Kombats, or King of Fighters, Virtua Fighters, Dead or Alives, or Soul Caliburs, or Tekkens or fucking anything that involves punching and kicking the crap out of your opponent with random button combinations.  The fighting genre would almost not even exist. Ken and Ryu's hadoukens had started it all.

I know this particular series strikes a cord with a lot of people here, and the guys here at ScrewAttack are big fighting game fanatics, so I fetched over LousyTactician to russle over some neat Street Fighter interviews for everybody! BUTTON MASHING (Keyboard mashing) akne[oinv[-qeijneinfpiejnfpaijefnpaewjfnapwe *Preforms badass combo without trying*

This Week's Interviewer: LousyTactician!

Now here's our interviews!




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Why do you love/hate emulation?


LousyTactician: Welcome to g1 interviews.

Multirandomable, it's great to see you.

LousyTactician: How are you doing today?

Multirandomable: Okay I guess, I was sick for the last like 2 days, but I'm ok now.

LousyTactician: So word on the 'Street' (pun intended) is you're a huge Street Fighter fan. Why?

Multirandomable: I don't know, I've always liked fighting games. I think it started when I realized I sucked at Shooters and I wanted to be good at another type of competitive game.

LousyTactician: What was the first Street Fighter game you played and which is your favorite in the series? Why?

Multirandomable: First one? Probably Street fighter II:  Champion Edition on Genesis. But my favorite one would have to be Third Strike. I liked it because of all the characters, parrying, stuff like that. However, even though it’s my favorite, I've spent the most time on Street Fighter IV on 3DS.

LousyTactician: I've never played the 3DS port of Street Fighter IV. Is the online any good?

Multirandomable: It's pretty good, but since it has the touch screen controls that you can map special moves to, people can spam pretty easily.

LousyTactician: At the time of this interview Evo 2012 is currently going on. Have you been following or watching any matches?

Multirandomable: No, but sometimes I like to watch some of the matches just to see how good they are. But I've never been a huge fan of watching any type of game (Even sports).

LousyTactician: So, who is your favorite character(s) in the Street Fighter franchise?

Multirandomable: My favorite would either be Ryu or Dhalsim, because their moves are super easy to memorize.

LousyTactician: The fighting game community has always seemed to have had a much bigger disconnect between competitive and non-competitive play and a lot of people generally think fighting games are less accessible than other genres of competitive gaming. Why do you think this is?

Multirandomable: What do you mean by 'Accessible?'

LousyTactician: Being able to pick up and play against other people, competitive play, ETC. 

Multirandomable: Oh, I see. I guess just because some people are so good, It might be a little intimidating to people who aren't like hardcore fighting game fans. Especially games like Third Strike Online, where the game has been out for like 10 years.

LousyTactician: Which do you prefer, playing fighting games competitively or for fun and why?

Multirandomable: I prefer to play for fun with a couple friends, I guess because I'm not a really competitive person.

LousyTactician: This question is probably more suitable for a 'VS. Capcom fans' g1 interviews, but I'm going to throw it out anyway. Capcom has made a lot of crossover fighters (Xmen VS. Street Fighter, Capcom VS. SNK, MVC, ETC). If you could make Capcom create a crossover fighter with any other company, what company would it be?

Multirandomable: I would like what basically everyone wants, a Mortal Kombat Vs. Street Fighter. The problem is, is that It's hard to decide what system it would be on. I think I would prefer the MK System, so that Street Fighter characters could do fatalities.

LousyTactician: So you wouldn't have a problem with seeing Chun Li's spine ripped out?

LousyTactician: lol

Multirandomable: Nah, I'd be cool, lol

LousyTactician: Did you ever consider the idea of blending Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter's systems? They sort of did that with Capcom VS. SNK 2 and it worked pretty well.

Multirandomable: No, I've never thought about it like that. Maybe if it did happen, they could do it the way SF X Tekken is going, with 2 different versions.

LousyTactician: I think that will end this interview. Any closing words Multi?

Multirandomable: Thanks for having me on g1 interviews :D






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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
To The Land Of PC Gaming : Hours Of Gameplay.. and ponies


Hershel Lousyton: Welcome to g1 interviews Hypercombo, how are you doing today?

Hypercombo64: I'm doing  great, it's Friday almost the weekend which I'm stoked for. How are you doing?

Hershel Lousyton: I'm doing very good, thank you. It's not often I get interviewees asking me that. To start off with the most basic question, why do you love Street Fighter?

Hypercombo64: I love Street Fighter because it's just an overall fun game(s) to play. It all depends on what Street Fighter you are playing as well. I love 3rd strike but I'm not the biggest fan of SFIV. Maybe it's because I haven’t played the game as much. And then there’s stuff like Puzzle Fighter which is always fun. Another reason why is how it kind of brings me and my friends together to hang out and just have a good time.

Hershel Lousyton: Can you recall one of your favorite memories when playing fighting games with your friend(s)?

Hypercombo64: Awe there’s so many it's kind of hard to choose what one haha, especially with fighting games in general. I'll let you know some from MvC 2 . So me and another g1 ScottBox64 have a friend named Mike who's also really into fighting games and he always kicks our ass when it comes to them. When I first started getting into MvC 2  the three of us would get together and play MvC 2  for hours. Of course with Mike being the best out of us whenever I would win even just a round against him it would feel awesome. Or even seeing Scottbox64 beat him would be awesome, just knowing that we are improving on getting better at the game. There are also stories of friends and myself playing  SSB Brawl, we used to have like little tourney's in my apartment or rounds of were whomever lost the match would leave the game and switch out. That would consume our weekends which was always a good time.

Hershel Lousyton: Evo 2012 is officially over for the year. What did you think of it? Are there any professionals you're a big fan of?

Hypercombo64: I watched SOO much EVO last weekend, mainly watched the UMvC 3  main stage. I actually wrote a short blog on all the top 8 of all the games and posted the grand finals video for each game. But anyway, EVO was pretty sweet this year, I gotta give mad props to PZPoy for taking out the big names, he took out Viscant and Clockworth and Yipes. As for pro's that I like I've always liked Justin Wong, I'm also a fan of F champ, as much as people dont like him I think he's an awesome player. At least he has personality wise, infrit was really good to, but he looks like he has no soul! And as for watching  EVO I'm actually going back and watching all the pools again and going to watch the top 8 again this weekend I believe. Another fighter I thought was awesome was MADKoF, especially for King of Fighters XIII. The fight between him and Bala in the end was intense.

Hershel Lousyton: The funny thing is I really liked infrit's lack of emotion. I honestly found it more humorous than most of the show-boaters, just seeing this bearded man, blink-lessly gazing at the screen, expressionless, focused on nothing, but the game as if the crowd was non-existent. Anyway, what entrant in the Street Fighter franchise is your favorite?

Hypercombo64: "JUST DONT TOUCH MY HAIR" - Yipes haha how he was saying that through the whole time infrit and F Champ were fighting. My favourite franchise eh? I'd probably have to go with the SFIII  series, Mind you I will not lie I haven’t played THAT much Street Fighter, I'm slowly getting more and more into it. I'm really excited for the Street Figther box set that's coming out with the games and cd's and collectable stuff in it. And hopefully that will expand my horizon a bit more with the games

Hershel Lousyton: Do you have a favorite character?

Hypercombo64: Cammy hands down! She's probably one of my favorite characters to play not only in Street Fighter but in MvC 2 as well. Dhalsim is pretty sweet to. i just wish i could play him better.

Hershel Lousyton: Street Fighter is pretty well-known for some catchy music. Do you have a favorite song from the series?

Hypercombo64: Guile's theme probably. Super catchy and goes with anything.

Hershel Lousyton: The fighting game community seems to have a larger divide between people who play competitively and those who play for fun when compared to stuff like multi-player FPS. Why do you think this is?

Hypercombo64: Coming from someone who plays for fun and no competition at all, personally I think it's because the ‘for fun’ players are not as serious about the game as the people competing are. As for myself whenever I play my friend who does like the ideas of tournaments and competitions I lose almost every time still. And honestly I think that it takes a little bit more skill to get off a huge combo and be really good at it as oppose to running and shooting someone (one other thing I'm not one for FPS's at all) haha.

Hershel Lousyton: Do you have advice for anyone who wants to get into fighters?

Hypercombo64: Just find a game where it's at a pace you want to play. Considering there's a huge difference I find from playing something  like Arcade Edition and UMvC 3. It's always good if you have a friend who also plays fighters, most people I know who play fighters love when new people get into fighters so they can teach the new people really neat combo's and tricks. And if you want to get good sit in training/mission mode, it'll do the world of wonders with basics.

Hershel Lousyton: Capcom has a habit of doing crossovers with A LOT of companies (MvC, TvC, X-Men VS. Street Fighter, ETC). Which company/franchise would you like to see Street Fighter face off against most?

Hypercombo64: To be honest I thought about this last night and I think it would be really neat if something like Street Fighter Vs. Mortal Kombat  happened. The person who would be able to make this would be awesome to have the controls of Street Fighter and the blood and fatalities from MK would be sweet. Although there's a lot more stuff that they would have to think about in the game as well. Considering the two games control waaaaay different I find.

Hershel Lousyton: Does that mean you wouldn't have a problem with seeing Chun Li get decapitated?

Hypercombo64: As long as she gets a way to decapitate someone else I think it would be totally fine haha. Like she could rip someone’s head off with her legs or kick off their limbs... k that sounds a bit silly but you get the idea ha!ha!

Hershel Lousyton: That ends this interview, thank you for being willing to give a few words do you have any closing statements?

Hypercombo64: You're welcome and thank you! It was a pleasure doing the interview. All I gotta say is have fun and "keep it classy!"



Noble Team 1



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Top Ten Metallica Songs ( A Collbration between G1 Ben Jamin and Noble Team 1)
Hero and Villian of Gaming I would want to be?


LousyTactician: Welcome to g1 Interviews Noble, it's great to have you here, especially after reading one of your blogs about how much you like a 'certain Street Fighter game'. So how are you today?

Noble Team 1: Looking at the steam deals I really wish I had more money in my account right now

LousyTactician: That reminds me, everyone better whip out their credit cards, the Steam Summer Sale is coming soon! On the actual topic of this interview, why do you like Street Fighter?

Noble Team 1: It was the first fighting game I ever played ever, which gives it a special place to me and I have enjoyed the games a lot as I still play the same copy of Street Fighter II Turbo for the SNES as a kid, also love the music to the games.

LousyTactician: What song from the Street Fighter franchise is your favorite?

Noble Team 1: Tough choice it has to be between Akuma's theme in Street Fighter Alpha II as it gives you a sense that you know how powerful he truly is and the other theme is Ken's theme from Street Fighter II Turbo on the SNES as when I hear it, it just makes me want to win the match even more.

LousyTactician: What installment in the Street Fighter franchise is your favorite and why?

Noble Team 1: Street Fighter Alpha 3 as it plays really fast, the combat is simple to get into, but with plenty of depth as I still have to practice how to tech in that game, and trying to beat M.Bison eight stars is a damn impossible challenge, and finally world tour mode is pretty awesome as the challenge is a great way to practice the game.

LousyTactician: The fighting game community seems to have a larger divide between people who play games competitively and people who play them for fun. Why do you think this is and do you think you play fighting games more for competition or for fun?

Noble Team 1: I tend play a game for fun at first as the point of gaming in the first place is well enjoyment, so I tend to stay towards the fun, even though modern fighting games seem easy enough for any beginner to get into.

LousyTactician: Who is your favorite character in the Street Fighter franchise?

Noble Team 1: Akuma as well I tend to play on the offensive side and his attacks are the best of Ken and Ryu all in one powerful package, but he has been nerfed a lot over the years a lot.

LousyTactician: What advice would you give to anyone trying to get into fighting games and what game would you recommend they play first?

Noble Team 1: Try just to have fun with it since if gaming becomes a chore all the fun is taken out and use practice mode or play on easy to get a feel of whichever Street Fighter or in general any fighting game you'd prefer.

LousyTactician: Fighting games have seen a huge surge over the past few years with games like Street Fighter IV, Soul Calibur V, BlazBlue, and even Indie fighters like Skull Girls. Do you think this trend will continue or will fighters wane in the next few years like they did in the early to the mid-2000's?

Noble Team 1: I think they are going to continue even though I haven't found new fighters as fun as older titles, but now fighting games are geared towards the mass market more than ever, and online play will keep fighting games alive know for longer as you no longer have to wait for the next match at the arcade.

LousyTactician: This question is probably more suitable for 'VS. Capcom' fans, but I'm going to throw it out anyway. Capcom has done a lot of crossovers with a lot of companies ranging from Marvel, Tatsunoko, ETC. If there was one franchise you would like Street Fighter to face off against which one would it be?

Noble Team 1: I think I would want to see Capcom Vs SNK 3 happen as I love Capcom Vs SNK 2001 to Hell, but outside of that I got nothing.

LousyTactician: You might be a little saddened to hear this, but apparently Capcom doesn't even know the number to call/contact SNK. I would like to see a CvS 3 though. I'm a big fan of the first two games as well. You said you don't think current gen fighters are as fun as the older stuff. Why do you think that?

Noble Team 1: Actually I have a story for me and MVC 3, when I heard the game was announced I was like, "this is going to be so GREAT!" so I awaited all news about the title and pre-ordered the game asap, so I was ready to have my mind blown and then when I got the game I played it and then after an hour or two I just got bored and the game collected dust till I decided to sell it, same thing happened with Super Street Fighter IV which to me seems to play even slower than Third Strike.

LousyTactician: I think that will wrap up this interview, any closing statements?

Noble Team 1: Anyone wants to give me a free game on Steam I am a cheap date.


Eff Vee Gee Cee By CanadianBrony

Poketmanz With SierraFoxtrot

Check the original here.

 1. Who is your favorite Pokemon?

SierraFoxtrot: "My favourite pokemon is the Fire/Dark hybrid, Houndoom."

2. Why is *insert Pokemon name here* your favorite Pokemon?

SierraFoxtrot: "First of all, look at it; if that thing was headed straight for you, you'd probably flee in terror. While Houndoom may not be the strongest Fire or Dark pokemon, he is still my favourite mostly because I had him on my team so many times while playing through Pokemon Gold. I remember the first time playing Gold and getting up to Sabrina. In Red, Blue and Yellow, she had all these really powerful Psychic Pokemon that would destroy your line-up and you really had to be careful when battling her. But in Gold and Silver, there are a bunch of Dark-type Pokemon that are located near Saffron City in the tall grass. You can catch a Murkrow (which is a really lame Pokemon) or you can catch the hellbeast known Houndour which evolves into a bigger, badder hellbeast called Houndoom. All you had to do was catch one and decimate Sabrina and her weak, pathetic Psychic-types."





I nearly put a censored version of the Chun-Li shower scene from one of the Street Fighter movies up there, but I didn't think it would be appropriate. Sorry. I don't think anyone on this site could withstand partial nudity.

What can I say? Pimps and homies like Street Fighter. It's the only series where a Chinese Lady with thick-ass thighs could possibly fight a green lighting monster who rolls into a ball. It didn't need giggly boobs or unneccessary blood baths that were cool....It had smooth gameplay. It started a new type of game where your skills turned you into an uber-badass. It helped turn gaming into a competitive venture for many players, and whereas alot of other game series relied on nothing but a gimmick, Street Fighter relied on great gameplay.

Street Fighter and it's Vs Capcom spin-offs remain the best game series packed within the fighting game genre it birthed.  Nothing more can be said.













Alpha Unit, Earth's mightiest hero

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