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*curtains draw back* Hello, female and male humans who are currently reading this insignificant article, you are the millionth visitor...AND YOUVE WON ABSOLUTELY NOTHING... Except an article I wrote. Yeah, you can read it. The whole damn thing. Isn't that great? You won this very article. This makes you very special and I think you should feel frickin' fantastic for that! 

Now that you have that warm and fuzzy feeling you have in your belly in check, how 'bout dem interviews? Yeah, those interviews that have really dipped in popularity lately! We got all your least favorite ScrewAttack crew members like Andrej and Ryan to satisfy you (Sean DeCapville was already done) and we have a very sexually appealing interview by that fucking awesome bastard: Dylan Toomey. Do not piss yourself, we're not there yet, guys! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


This week's Interviewer: Alpha Unit (and Dylan Toomey)




  • PSN: Dr.Drej
  • Gamertag: Mr Drej



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Alpha : How's it going, buddy?

Andrej: Pretty good. It's been a lazy Sunday...that doesn't happen too often. What about you?
Alpha : Bought Kirby's Dream Collection. Had to explain to the clerk that I wanted the
game because "Kirby's fucking pink!". So what do you usually do on ScrewAttack's website?
Andrej: Actually, it wouldn't surprise me if he's heard that one before. I'm a news writer and translator on the site and as most people have probably seen, I 
got the honors of covering this year's Gamescom (woo!). Other than that, I kind of just blend into the background...
Alpha : Nothing more? How'd you get the job?
Andrej: No, news and translating is pretty much all I do. Well, that and being awesome in general, which is a job requirement; I actually have Destin to thank for this gig. As most of the g1s will probably remember he had his own website, TheDailyDL. One day, he posted a Tweet asking if anyone would be interested in writing for it, I said "yep", sent him a sample and before long, I was in...for about a month or so.
Andrej: When he got the job at IGN, he shut down the page. However, he already had insider info on Craig's super-secret plan to expand Screwattack and establish a News section. So he put in a good word for me, and a couple of months later I suddenly found myself on staff.
Alpha : Where did you first hear about ScrewAttack?
 Andrej: The first time I really started to notice Screwattack was via the Video Game Vaults and Top 10s over at Gametrailers.
Alpha: And did you become a g1 afterward?
Andrej: I wouldn't really say I was a g1, no. I was a huge fan of the site and regularly checked out all the new content, but I never really got involved in the community or anything like that. It's not really my thing to be honest, so I never got into it.
Alpha: Not really a community guy, eh?
Andrej: Nah, not really.
Alpha: Then it's a wonder how you made it in this position. So how's OhSat!?
Andrej: Haha, yeah I guess that's kinda weird. Although I have to say that looking back, I kinda regret not having gotten on board the Screwattack ship early. Because if there is one online community that doesn't make my blood boil, it's the g1 community; Seriously, you guys surprise me time and time again. In a very positive way. The Awesome-to-Douchebag ratio on SA is unreal by Internet standards; As for Oh!Sat...it's kinda just there. I'm still making comics and just finished writing some new content that should go up over the next few weeks or so, but for now it's still nothing too special.
 I'm still trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with it too, so...yeah.
Alpha: So why'd you come up with the website?
Andrej: Well I always noticed that I'm somewhat of a creative person, but I never really did anything with it, you know? For example, ideas for jokes popped into my head all the time while playing games, but I never shared them with anyone or did anything.
Andrej: At some point, that pissed me off so much that I forced myself to create a website and put all the stuff that pops into my head on there. Just to see what I could do, how people would react to it and basically to see what I could do best.
Alpha: Neat. So where does the name come from again?
Andrej: Short answer: My ass. Seriously though, when I first started out I knew that I didn't want a generic name like "Andrej's Blog of Stuff" or something. So I started brainstorming with myself to find an interesting name, one that people might remember even when they stumbled upon it only once. I basically walked past my shelves of games and listed all the names of characters, levels, items that I could think of at the top of my head. When I walked past Ristar, I remembered the boss of the water level, which was called Ohsat...and I knew I had my name. It just came as a bonus that I love the Sega Saturn. The exclamation mark is just there to be flashy.
Alpha: Maybe a talk about your gaming life? What was your first game?
 Andrej: The first game I consciously remember playing was the original Sonic the Hedgehog. I did play some Atari 2600 games with my father before that, but I only have vague recollections of that since I was about 3 years old at the time.
Alpha: What is your current favorite video game?
 Andrej: Of all time, or just recently? Please don't say "of all time"...
Alpha: Of all time!..............Just being a jerk. Just recently
 Andrej: FUUUU-...Oh. Let me think...I recently started re-playing Bayonetta, and it's been giving me huge boners. I also enjoy the occasional round of Hybrid, and I make it a point to (re-)play a Sonic game every month or so. This month it was Sonic Generations on the 3DS, which I just got recently.
 Yeah, I'm a Sonic fan/nerd.
 Alpha: Favorite console?
Andrej: Dreamcast. Or maybe the Mega Drive/Genesis. I'd say it's a tie.
Alpha: Most people go with Super Nintendo. It's ridiculous. You don't know it, man. I think it's time to wrap up. Any last words for the community?
Andrej: Well I grew up with Sega consoles, so Nintendo had to take a back seat at first.
-To the community: Keep being awesome, and sorry for the boring-ass interview. And: AVENGE ME!
...which doesn't make any sense but sounds awesome as far as last words go.


Ryan Conway


Contact info:

  • 3DS:2836-1045-2912



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 Alpha: How are you doing this fine day, sir?
 Ryan Conway: Not too bad. Not too bad. Yourself?
Alpha: I ate a lot of pizza and I feel stuffed. Have you been gaming plenty, lately?
Ryan Conway: Pizza's always good. My gaming habit has been pleasently fed as of late with the Penny Arcade Adventures Trilogy and New Super Mario Bros. 2.
Alpha: What have you been doing lately on ScrewAttack?
Ryan Conway: Writting up news and looking for great g1 content to feature.The usual.
Alpha: Hmm. So there's nothing big planned?
Ryan Conway: Well, I do plan on maybe writting a few editiorals and maybe experiment with a few review series ideas but I'm not quite sure if they'll land on ScrewAttack.
Alpha: So what will the editorials be about? Hmm?
 Ryan Conway: New Super Mario Bros. 2, although it's looking like it'd be more of a review and I'd like to write about the Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros trailer since it managed to move me even though I'm a non-fan. I also want to write something Professor Layton related but I don't know what it would be yet.
Alpha: Ah. So how did you find out about the ol' ScrewAttack?
 Ryan Conway: It was way back in Summer 2007. I was randomly clicking through Youtube videos when I discovered the AVGN's TMNT review and I thought it was hilarious. So I watched more of his videos. It was through his Xmas crossover with Captain S that I discovered ScrewAttack and boy, am I glad I did.
Alpha: How'd you land this job?
Ryan Conway: Back in December of 2009, Destin announced that he was putting together a community run news blog then known as ScrewAttack News. I was just a journalism student at the time and while I thought I wouldn't land a position, I decided to give it a shot since it'd look good on my resume and you know, ScrewAttack is awesome! After sending in three submissions, I got an email from Destin telling me I was hired. Considering the respect I had for Destin (and still do) I was thrilled! About a year after that I became the lead editor for SA News and about a couple of months before V5 was announced, I got an email from Craig telling me that he was looking to make SA News an official part of the site and wondered if I was interested in being interviewed for a job based off of Destin's recommendation. We got to talking and eventually I was chosen to be the Weekend Editior.
Alpha: Destin's recommendation is exactly how Andrej got his position too...Maybe Destin has a heart of gold secretly? That's actually pretty damn cool if I do say so myself. Shall we dwelve into your gaming life? Eh? Well, your first console?
Ryan Conway: My brother's Atari 2600. Although the PS One was the first console in the Conway household that was technically mine. lol.
 Alpha: And what is your favorite console?
Ryan Conway: Damn. Hmmmm.. Well I love the NES and the Sega Genesis but I'll have to go with the PS One since it was the first console I ever owned. That and it's library is fantastic, much like that of the NES.
Ryan Conway: The Nintendo DS is my favorite handheld though.
 Alpha: What would you call your favorite game?
Ryan Conway: Mega Man 3. First game I ever played. First game I ever completed. Pure platforming perfection.
Alpha: So is Mega Man your favorite series?
Ryan Conway: The classic Mega Man series is my favorite of all time hands down. Although, I also have a strong fondness for Professor Layton and Ace Attorney as well.
Alpha: All right, we should wrapping up the interview. Umm...Any last words for the community?
Ryan Conway: I would like to say that all of you g1s are amazing (spambots excluded of course) and I owe you all my sincerist thanks for making SA News such a success, which put me in the position I'm in today. Thank you all. :)






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  • Gamertag:  M3SACH
  • PSN: g1-M3SACH
  • Steam: m3sach













Well, the year has only two or so months to go, and I promise you something: THE BIGGEST MOTHA FUGGIN' G1 INTERVIEWS OF THE 2012. It'll include heavy hitters like say...WOODYMAN! YES WOODYMAN! (I'll stop with the caps now) So, uh, stay tuned for the nice stuff, dude. That's all I can say for g1 Interview's future: It'll rock  your g1 world in due time.

As for any Alpha Unit stuff....I'll be reading tons of blogs and making tons of blogs. I just need to stop playing video games. Video games are getting in the way of both my school life, personal life, and g1 life...Even thought it's my favorite hobby so...Uh. Damn it video games. Getting in the way of Alpha Unit! I shall have your CPU!


I am not addicted to video games, I am in love with them. They make me procrastinate.


Alpha Unit.


Special thanks to Dylan Toomey for being fucking awesome.

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