g1 Interviews: When Pokemon Attack

Posted on July 2, 2012 - 5:00pm by g1 Features

 Hey, everyone loves Pokemon! You catch creatures, put ‘em into balls, and travel the world, ‘n stuff. Well, here are some really devoted Pokemon fans. Enjoy!-Guru Guru


This Week's Interviewer:

Canadian Brony




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Canadian Brony: Alrighty! Lets start this off right. How are you today Jewelwriter?

Jewelwriter:  I'm doing find thank you. Tonight has been a calm evening. And by the by, I'm charmed to be interviewed.

Glad to hear it! Now, before we head into the Pokemon questions, I think it's appropriate to know what your favorite handheld console is.

Well that's a bit of a Gimme (Golf term) question for me: the Nintendo's DS series though I'm currently working with 3DS right now.

3DS is amazing! I cherish mine! Now then, to the Pokemon questions! Lets start with the most obvious one: What is your favorite Pokemon?

 I'll let you figure this one out with a few hints. Generation two Ground breed Normal type with 50/50 gender, and has the possibilities to learn all of the moves in the game minus about two. And you'd met my favorite mon in the ruins. That'll be all the hints possible to you.

I'm gonna guess Cleffa, Igglybuff or Togepi.

*chuckles* Incorrecto times tres. The answer would be Pokemon 235: Smeargle. (Your three guests had Pokemon that don't even breed until they evolve at least once and all by happiness no less.)

Bah! I was just about to guess Smeargle! Anyway, what is your LEAST favorite Pokemon?

That's a picky one to me. It'd honestly go to the one pokemon that litterally blocked me up in about 4 generations stright and glad they finally didn't show up in gen 5: ZUBAT. (I won't go into how annoying they are.)

Really? But with Zubat you get Crobat! With Woobat you get...... Swoobat.

Tell me, how much trouble have you had when going through Mt. Moon in Red/Blue/FireRed/LeafGreen?

 Fair enough. What is your favorite Pokemon Game?

Mmm... Platnium and White tie for that one. One for opening the world to online battles and Special/Physical corrections and the other for improvements and the introduction of Rotation Battles.

Ah yes. Pokemon White is my favorite. The battle are so much more lively and everything is always moving! There's never a dull moment! Do you have a personal favorite generation of Pokemon?

That's no there. Since every generation brings a lot of mon which is quite fun in their own way. From the first generation and it's introduction to the orginal 151 to gen 5 and the quirks that you can only find in Unova.

Glad to hear you say that. Pokemon equality FTW! What is your favorite type of Pokemon and why?

Despite a normal type taking up my favorite pokemon, type would go to the speeders of the Electric types. I like to attack quick and most of the moves in that can stun and slow your foe down. Quite a good thing overall. Though Fire does come by close second since burning mon means softening your damages.

Do you have a personal favorite electric type Pokemon?

Tricky Q. Mmmm Emolga, and Pachirisu would work for me. They're quite underrated but worth a try at least once before working to better electric types.

Aw man. Emolga and Pachirisu. Fine choices. Very fine. Do you have a favorite legendary?

With a bit of a disclaimer that I don't use legendary (and Uber Pokemon if I can help it) for serious battling, I'd honestly go with Mew and Victini. Mew for flexibility and Victini for the flaming power.

Victini= most adorable legendary ever! (IMO) Straying away from the games here for a moment, are you, or have you ever been, a fan of the Pokemon anime?

I like the anime though I sometimes feel it isn't as good as it used to be. (Though seeing them over again has earned me tokens but that's on the offical site.)

Yeah. The older episodes haven't really aged well and the newest show is aimed too much at little kids for me to enjoy. The stuff in the middle is the best! Which gen do you think had the best anime?

I say...gen 4. It was quite fun and featured quite a lot of old and new.

 I personally liked gen 3 the best. I'm not sure why. Something about Mudkip. Who's your favorite protagonist and antagonist?

For the heroes, I'd probably get flack for it but I'd say Ash mostly though for jerks: I'd give it to Paul and Gen 5's new asshole.

Bwhahahahaha! "Gen 5's new asshole"! That's hilarious! *ahem* Getting back to the games, where would you like to see the Pokemon franchise taken next?

Well that's a tricky thing. Though hopefully really link all the worlds to come together and play as one is one hope. The other is more like the pokemon battles in Pokemon XD but with more pokemon and more to pick.

Man, that first idea sounds huge! I love it! Lastly, what does Pokemon mean to you?

I'm likely going to sound highly corny but I'll put it into something even the PO (Pokemon Online) and Smogon community could get: Pokemon is a friendly contest of tactics and intelligence that should allow all to have their chance to battle and as long as you respect eachother, then I hope this kind of game reaches everyone.

Okay! That about does it for this interview! Any final words?

*stands up.* Just this: "Qool dopp teew heaph." (Keep well good souls.) 





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So how's it going today AsaiNeroTran?

 It's...going. I've been having a rough day and I only just got home three, four hours ago. But it's the life, I suppose. How's you?

I'm feelin' pretty good. Bit of a long day, but I can't complain. Now, we're here to talk about Pokemon, am I right? But I feel its good to know what your favorite console and handheld are.

Console and handheld for Pokemon or just in general?

Just in general.

SNES for console, Game Boy Color/Advance for handhelds, though the DS is a close second.

Nice choices! Now, ONTO THE POKEMON QUESTIONS! First off, what would you say is your favorite Pokemon game?

Yellow. The surfing Pikachu minigame is just full of swag.

And you get all 3 starter Pokemon if I'm not mistaken.

Yes, yes! You do. It was quite the party, pardon the pun.

Who would you say is your favorite Pokemon?

DRAGONITE. Then Arcanine. Then Pikachu. Then Mew. Then rounding out the top 5 is Venusaur.

I bet I can guess what your favorite Pokemon generation is.

I wonder how you'd know that?

Gen 1?

Yep, but I am not a Pokemon generation snob. I am accepting of all Pokemon because Pokemon are all pretty cool. I do nitpick more of the recent ones though, I'll admit.

Heh, Pokemon equality is a nice thing. But who would you say is your LEAST favorite Pokemon?

Diglett. Bar none. I hate that little thing. It doesn't even make sense why I hate it. I just do.

Diglett can learn scratch. Ditlett laughs at your logic!

If you say so. But if you give me a hammer and I'll show you the bloodiest variation of whack-a-mole you've ever seen. That's how much I dislike Diglett. Haha. xD

Getting back to the games themselves, are there any Pokemon games that you just didn't like?

There's a DS game, I think, called Pokemon Trozei. It's so boring and repetitive. Also, Pokemon Dash is awful. It has zero redeeming qualities. In the main series, I was incredibly disappointed by Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. It took all the great stuff from Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow, fluffed it up, and took out the sparkle. What made the originals special wasn't there anymore, even if the games were pretty decent. On consoles, I didn't like My Pokemon Ranch. That game was so mindnumbingly slow and boring. It was all the fun of Harvest Moon tedium, minus the fun and plus Pokemon. It was like "wow. What greedy corporate shills made this?"

Haha! I've seen copies of all those games and said to myself "Who in the right mind would buy this crap?" Do you have a favorite type of Pokemon?

Oooo, that's a good question. Hmmm...I don't think so. I'm an overall kinda Pokemon guy. I have a tendency to lean towards Grass types, but not so much that you would notice it. I also really like Dark and Dragon types. But I don't really favor anything over anything else. I just like specific Pokemon. =3


I thought so! And as far as I know, you think none of the follow up trainers were as good, right?

No one holds a candle to Red. Not a candle or a menorah or a lamp or anything. They all followed in his shadow because they're unoriginal and boring, all with the same gimmick and none of the style. But Ethan wears shorts, so he's okay.

Straying from the games here, what do you think of the Pokemon anime?

I liked the first few seasons. I stopped watching at Advanced Generations and then I tried to pick up on Best Wishes. I think Best Wishes is a fantastic change of pace for the anime, but if it had the original voice cast, it would be so much better. New Professor Oak sounds like old Gary and old Gary was a straight up doucher.

Motherf***in' Gary Oak! LOL! Who is your favorite protagonist and antagonist?

Hmmm...well, for outright antagonists, I gotta say Giovanni. He's a clear-cut kind of evil. For morally ambiguous antagonists...I suppose Jesse, James, and Meowth are the obvious ones. In the rivals spot, I've always been a huge Ritchie fan, because Sparky is a badass Pikachu. My favorite protagonists are Brock and Pikachu, in that order.Also, special shout outs to Orange Island's Drake and to Lance of the Pokemon G-Men! 

WOOOO! Brock all the way! *ahem* Now getting back to the games, is there anything about the games that you would change to enhance the gaming experience?

Oh, geez. You had to ask that question. I've spent many days worth of time fine-tuning all the details of my own personal dream Pokemon game. First, I want to be able to directly control the Pokemon in battle. There needs to be a dodge button, a block button, four attacks like usual, the ability to evolve mid-battle, and all the other stuff that the anime has that the games do not. There needs to be a training ground for specific moves (like when Pikachu learned Iron Tail) in order to raise it's effectiveness based on experience with the move and aptitude with the technique. Outside of battles, it should be third person view. Basically, I imagined a Pokemon game in the vein of Final Fantasy. I could go on for days, but I wouldn't want to hold you up with my silly make-believe. Haha. =3

Man, now THAT sounds like a Pokemon game I'd get on launch day! Now, heres the big important question: What does Pokemon mean to you?

Pokemon is a lot of things to me. It's a magical land of adventure, chock full of vibrant colors and creatures of the likes of which we've never seen. It's a fantastic thing to just imagine. I made a list way back in the day where I said being a Pokemon Trainer is the number 1 job in the world of gaming, because it's at the very least a variation of every kid's dream. Pokemon taught me a lot of lessons as a kid that I didn't realize until I got older, but overall, it taught me that we should care about others and do the right thing, because when you have people at your back, you can do anything. It's like Will Smith said in that movie, Pursuit of Happyness: "Don't ever let somebody tell you you CAN'T do something. Not even me." That's what Pokemon represents to me: the unabridged yearning to make the impossible possible.

And you know what, who knows. Maybe someday, we'll all have a Pikachu of our own in real life. Never stop dreaming, don't stop believing, am I right? =]

Right you are! With the way video games are headed, who's to say that virtual reality won't grant us the power to become Pokemon trainers? Anyway, that about finishes up this interview. Any last thoughts?

Don't be afraid to let your inner child shine through, because when it comes to Pokemon, we're all 10-years old at heart. ^_^





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So hows it going today Monderetro?

 For me? Well...let's just say that the less said, the better.

Fair enough. Before we head into the Pokemon questions, I think its good to know what your favorite console and handheld are!

Oooooh, for the console, anyhow. Handheld-wise, it's probably the DS, at least ones with GBA compatiability. DS stand-alone is still good, though. Console-wise....hmm..probably a toss up between SNES and PS2. Nintendo's and Sony's first 2 consoles just...paralell themselves, now that I think about it.

Very nice choices! Now, ONTO THE POKEMON QUESTIONS! First off, what is your favorite Pokemon game?

Well, I haven't played all of them, but if I had to pick of the ones I HAVE played, probably be Firered/Leafgreen, since it's the most familiar with the updated mechanics. I wish it had 4th gen mechanics, though. Which is why I say that, out of all the main handheld ones, just from looking at them and forming pre-play opinions, even though that's generally frowned upon, I'll have to say Platinum. don't know; gameplay-wise, it's probably the most well-rounded, plus it had the best selection.

Personally, I liked gen 5 the best because the battles were so lively! But this isn't about my opinions, so who cares what I have to say? Haha! Anyway, who would you say is your favorite Pokemon?

Actually, 3rd gen's my favorite, even though 5th gen is shaping up. Anyhow, my favorite Pokemon is the one and only Starmie. Great speed, great special attack, awesome movepool, suitable typing, it's got it all. Okay, maybe not it all, especially taking legendaries into consideration, but as far as non-legends go, there's a reason I have a Starmie in nearly every single team I use in competitive multiplayer

Speaking of legendaries, do you have a favorite one of those?

Speaking of water-types, Kyogre. For similar reasons.

Aww yeah! Kyogre is one awesome Pokemon! Now, do you have a LEAST favorite Pokemon?

Yeah, Spinda, and Luvdisc's not too far behind. It's ironic, since they're from gen 3, which is my favorite gen. Both make you wonder what was Game Freak thinking when creating them, especially Spinda. Maybe Luvdiscs for heart scales, but still.

Yeah, those two aren't generally loved by all. Do you have a favorite type of Pokemon?

What do you mean? If by elemental types, if you hadn't guessed, water.

I knew it! Starmie and Kyogre certainly gave it away! Are there any types you don't like?

I don't think so. But I will say that water isn't limited to Pokemon; it's my favorite element period.

I take it you like to swim on your free time. Haha!

I'm content with swimming, but overall, I'm...out of the picture when it comes to sports.

Yeah, I'm not a sports fan either. Anyway, any favorite trainers that were playable in the games?

While I've only played male characers for obvious reasons, I'd have to say May. But that's for...other reasons.

I like May too. She always was my favorite female protagonist. Any favorite crime group from the games? (Team Rocket, Aqua, etc.)

Hmm. I...don't really have a favorite crime group. I've just never put much thought into it.

I like team Plasma the best because I LOVE the battle theme for Plasma grunts! Now, straying away from the games for a moment, did you ever watch the Pokemon anime? If so, what do you think of it?

I did watch the Pokemon anime when I was little...through VHS tapes. I didn't actually watch it on Kids WB, per say, until maybe around 2nd or 3rd season. Nowadays, I look up the latest plot-lines on Bulbapedia. I will say this, though. I actually *like* the anime, for some reason. Think I like the Pokemon games because of nostalgia? Phh, please! Actually, I had come up with various senarios for the human characters to play out in, and no, I'm not just talking about those..NSFW senarios. If there's some missing potential that I think hasn't been brought up enough, though, it's the whole concept of Aura. Basically, aura is the force of Pokemon of sorts, and the main protagonist has access to it. Wouldn't it be AWESOME to see him practice it and channel it with use and be implemented into the plot line? Seriously, there's great material here!

Indeed there is! You've got some good ideas! Do you have a favorite protagonist and antagonist from the show?

Again, May for protagonist, but antagonist...shoot. Again, not much thought put into it, but at least I could make a choice if I had to, but it's not set-in-stone. Probably James.

Heh, James. He got lots of laughs from me! getting back to the games, whats your idea of the perfect Pokemon game?

It would take way too long to describe all the details, but just to name a few..... A massive rehaul of the Game Corner (and by that, I mean turning it into a full-fledged arcade/casino/amusement park), retooling the gyms' themes from types to certain battle mechanics/strategies, selecting the best Pokemon to choose from, etc. Also, I've made a few documents of basically updating certain regions to new generations, with...well...a higher difficulty. I've also made a new version of my own called "Carfia", which, if I actually do make it, would probably be.....and I can't believe I'm going to say this: The Kaizo Mario World of Pokemon...custom maps. Yes, even more hard and ridiculous than Kaizo Blue.

Dream big man and one day your dream Pokemon game can become reality!

Actually, I have at least two; the "perfect Pokemon game" for me is actually what I call "Crimson", assuming that Game Freak doesn't take the name before hand. Also, I don't know how to hack, so...that's out.

Heh. Pokemon Crimson. Sounds like something I'd play! And now for the million doller question: What does Pokemon mean to you?

Most people have that one "special" franchise tha'll always be with them? Well, Pokemon's that one franchise for me. I don't know what I'd do without it.

Awesome. I'd say this interview is about done! Any last thoughts?

Well, this interview was interesting, especially when I've announced my likeness of the anime, which from what I hear isn't exactly hot with our peers. But still. And for those of you who want to ask me why I like the anime, I'll say this: It's now what's on-screen, but what supposedly happens...off-screen. X| And no, it's not just *those* scenes!  





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So hows it going today Brettman?

 Yellow! It's going pretty well!

Glad to hear it! So, before we hit the Pokemon questions, I think it would be good to know what your favorite consloe and handheld are.

Oh really? That's kinda personal isn't it! Hmmmm. Favorite handheld easily was the Gameboy Color. But my new violet 3DS is a close second! Favorite console is my Sega Genesis.

Violet 3DS? You sir, are very lucky. And now, POKEMON! First off, what is your favorite Pokemon game or games?

Getting the hard ones out of the way huh?!

I guess you could say that. Haha!

Hmmm, it's hard but I'll say Pokemon Crystal Version!

What makes it stick out for you?

Hmmm, well Pokemon Crystal happens to be my fondest memorys. With the awesome opening with Suicune and the unknown! The additions it gets being the third game of the second gen! Having the animations! For the first time Pokemon moved!

Yeah, I guess Crystal version WAS a pretty big step for Pokemon games. Do you have a favorite Pokemon?

Well, you should know already thanks to your FVGC! ;)

Ah, yes! But just in case some people still don't know, would you mind telling again?

Of course.. Mew is my all time favorite Pokemon. Also, you'll know my favorite starter Pokemon soon enough after I tally my poll!

Looking forward to it! Moving to the other side of the spectrum, do you have a LEAST favorite Pokemon?

Scraggy!!!! Also Bidoff is up there as well.


Cause, it's what he's drawn after! Stupid low pants wearing hoodlums! Haha! Gosh such a lazy design!

Well, everyones entitled to their own opinions I guess. Do you have a favorite type of Pokemon?

Gosh there are so many. . . Fire, Grass, and Dragon type would probably be my favorites!

Any prefered Pokemon within those types?

Dragonite, Venusaur, Typhlosion, Magmar, Tropius, Rayquaza, and Flygon are some good ones.

Nice choices! Now has there ever been a Pokemon game or games that you just didn't like?

Hmmm, both DP&P and Black and White rubbed me the wrong before they came out.

Straying from the games here for a moment, what do you think of the Pokemon anime?

Aghhhh here it comes... The first seasons where good, it's been getting progressively worse each season.

What gen do you think had the best episodes? (Personally, I liked the gen 3 anime best).

Geez, you want me to pick between Gen 1 and Gen 2?!?!

Haha! Naw it's alright. Do you have a favorite protagonist and antagonist?

Season 1 Ash, and ... agghhh what's his name! :/

Giovanni? James? Meowth?

Hmmm, there was a guy in season 3 I think it was... Can't remember a name but I liked him.

Well, anyway, do you have a favorite crime group from the show? (Team Rocket, Magma, etc.)

Well, if I had to pick between Magma and Aqua I'd join Magma... But Team Rocket (the organization) is the worst which makes it the best!

WOO! Team Rocket! Getting back to the games now, what is your idea of the perfect Pokemon game?

My fan made-version!! XD Hmmm I feel Emerald was the closest to Crystal! Those two are my favorite. So something close to that I would say.

Any ideas on what you might add to the games or do you think they're perfect just the way they are?

I'd say there are minor things I might take away from Diamond and Pearl.. But I'd add allot of mystery and secrets into the game. Kinda like the Unknows in Crystal. Also I'd add some real heavy things that made Red and Blue believible!

Write that down folks! Pokemon needs moar mystery! Now for the most important question of all: What does Pokemon mean to you?

EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!I jest! But it's my favorite Nintendo series! I go back to it more than anything else gaming wise. No matter what's going on in my life I can sit down and play Pokemon. It took the world by storm in the 90's and everyone loved it. Pokemon is.. plainly just awesome! 

 Awesome! I think that about wraps up this interview! Any final thoughts?

Pokemon will never die!  





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Hows it going today InAmberClad?

 Not bad. Pretty busy lately, but not too bad besides the fact I can't get time to write my latest blog.

New blog? What are you planning?

Well, you'll just have to wait and see. It is a list, and it is about Pokémon. Hopefully will have it up soon.

Looking forward to it. Before we hit the Pokemon questions, would you mind telling us what your favorite console and handheld are?

My favourite handheld? GBA for sure. It had a great library of games, some of which I treasure to this day (including the third generation of Pokémon). As for consoles, that's a tough one. I would have to go with... N64. Tht's the one I grew up with (but never owned D:) and it also had an incredible library of games. I really loved the SSB franchise as a kid and it also had the awsome Pokémon Stadium games as well.

I love the N64, but the graphics always made characters look like maniacs. :s

Yeah, that's true. But they were pretty good for some of the first good 3D games out there. Graphics are something I tend not to emphasize.

Without a doubt! so now we come to...... POKEMON! First off, what is your favorite Pokemon game?

They would be Crystal and Yellow Versions for the GBC. They are of course, among the oldest ones and the ones that really got me into the franchise. If I have to pick one, it would be Crystal. They introduced a bunch of cool new Pokémon and had great features, like the day-night system that really involved the gamer. And that's where I found my favourite starter Pokémon of all time, Cyndaquil!

Favorite starter? That segways us into the next question! Who is your favorite Pokemon?

My favourite Pokémon of all time, as mentioned in my Top 10 list, is and forever shall be Dragonite.

How come?

 Well, Dragonite looks awesome and has really great stats to back it up. In fact, it's so powerful its classified as a pseudo-legendary. Not to mention I have a love of all Dragon-types.

I can guess what your favorite type is

lol I bet you can!

Any LEAST favorite Pokemon?

My least favourite Pokémon... That would have to be Stunfisk. It's very annoying. And I know that it's modeled after a flounder, but it just looks so goddamn stupid!

Stunfisk? Sounds like a foreign juice product

lol See, not even a very good name!

You have a favorite type. Any types you don't like?

I really don't mind all types. I know each one has their annoyances and sometimes stupid Pokémon, but there are always the good ones. Of course, I prefer some to others, but I don't actually have a least favoutite.

Fair enough. Any Pokemon games you just don't like?

I've actually liked all of them. But if I have to pick my least favourite generation, it would be the 4th.

YES! Gen 4 is my least favorite gen too! But why?

It was okay, but some of its mechanics were iff-y for me, like the whole switheroo on the physical-special system. Also, it seemed like what they were doing was trying to build on the older generations with yet more pre-evolutions and even full-blown evolutions of older Pokémon. Just didn't fly with me that well.

Yeah. I guess thats true. It wasn't all brand-new Pokemon if you get what I'm saying.

Yeah. I did like the new Pokémon, but it was a sudden change of mechanics and such that rubbed me the wrong way. I remember talking to one of my friends who is a Pokémon fan as well (shout-out to you Norton) and he was quite confused by the mechanics when I was talking to him about the 4th Gen.

4th gen just wasn't as memorable I guess. ANYWAY. do you have any favorite legendaries?

As a matter of fact I do. My two favourites are Lugia and Rayquaza, but I do love Reshiram now too.

Are there any playable trainers that stick out to you more than others?

Well, obviously Red and Ethan are my favourites. But this is mostly because of the manga I've read. They have great Pokémon (Red especially) and interesting personalities.

If you could, is there anything about Pokemon you would change?

The things I would change are: The anime. Ash is okay and all, but he always acts like a noob at the start of every region, the latest especially. More things to do once you beat the game. There usually isn't much to do! I would add another storyline of sorts, kind of like what they did with Platinum but more extended. Game Freak could've especially done this with Black and White with the 7 Sages and N, but I guess this will be explored in Black & White 2. And an uber game. I would love if they stopped making new regions for a while and make a game wherein you could travel across all the main series regions! That would be amazing and has been a dream of mine ever since I discovered you could travel to the Kanto in G/S/C.

Heh. Maybe they'll do that with B/W 2. Speaking of the anime, what are your opinions on it?

It was really awesome watching it as a kid and I really liked all the seasons up to the Battle Frontier. After that, I think its quality went downhill. It's still interesting to watch occasionally, but it doesn't compare to the Kanto, Orange Islands, and Johto series.

Agreed. Do you have a favorite protagonist and antagonist?

I do love Brock and Ash, and my favourite antagonist is Gary mother-fucking Oak of course. XD

Any favorite crime group? (Team Rocket, Aqua, etc)

For sure Team Rocket. But Team Plasma wasn't too bad either. The thing I don't really like about Plasma is that they're hypocritical and that all the previous teams were pawns and experiments for them; really changed my perspective on all the previous enemy Teams in a bad way if you know what I mean.

Meh. Plasma will always be my favorite. And now for the big one: What does Pokemon mean to you?

What does it mean to me? Well, it's an incredible journey with powerful and mysterious creatures and eventually a battle against nefarious people who seek to use them for harm. It's just a great series that's fun and epic at the same time. Well said. Any final thoughts before this interview ends?

Thanks for the interview and thanks to Alpha, g1 Features, and all g1s for making ScrewAttack such a great community and the best place to be on the internet! As has been said, keep on being screwey! 


Ignoring the complications I am having in real life, I'm having an all around good time...But quite a while, I felt mentally and phsically taxed due to my g1 life, so for a while, I had to sit it out on the bench. Starting with last week, g1 Interviews rolled itself back out through the innards of ScrewAttack for some more action!

But in that hiatus, Sonic interviews and anime interviews got the cut, with Pokemon interviews 2 also set to be cut...And they were forgotten...Or so I thought.

I had no interviews down this week, but according to g1 Guru Guru, he did editing duties on Canadian Brony's interviews, who actually managed to do them. And because I had no interviews and they did, I had no choice but to resurrect a previously cut episode and push out the Pokemanz down the chute. There's something about the production of this installment. A little tidbit.


I  need to be more reliable.

Alpha Unit.

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