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Posted on December 26, 2011 - 8:44pm by Alpha Unit


 Pretty short, go ahead and read.


Hello there g1s and/or lady g1s! Do you want your 5 minutes of recognition witout really doing anything? Good! Because I'm here to formally introduce a new type of blog known as...

*Drum roll*



Here I'll ask you a couple questions, not too personal, though! I'll just ask you about... Hmm... 15, maybe 20 questions on what's going on. I'm here to make you look good, I'm here to bring you attention! Starting Late January or early February, you will be kneeled and bowed to! Everybody will be absolutly interested in what you have to say! For once in your meager life, you shall be the focus of someone's time! What do you say, guys? Hmm? 


Oh, and if you have questions about anything, maybe about Sean Hinz: Emperor of Kings, you can ask it down in the comments below or @twitter.


If you want to collab on any project including this one, feel free to PM whenever you feel like it, I'm not too busy at the given moment. If you need any help whats-so-ever, I'll be right here at ScrewAttack for  a looooooong time. 


g1 interviews will be here shortly, you'll look great while bricks will be shat. As I said before, you'll be the center of EVERYONE'S attention, whether you did anything or not. If I like you, I will find you. Don't worry.


Alpha Unit


Moar Sean Hinz will be posted tomorrow, stop whining about that.


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