(g1 Lunch Punch) UMvC3 DLC costumes leaked *SPOILERS*

Posted on November 12, 2011 - 12:00pm by Cam the TriforceBoy


DLC costumes for UMvC3 leaked from strategy guide pictures. Spoilers ahead.

Last warning: Did I mention there are spoilers in this post?

It seems that upcoming DLC cotumes for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 have been leaked from some photos taken from what looks to be the strategy guide for the game. Here are some of them (via shoryuken.com):

"Ronin II" Hawkeye

No Vest Nemesis

Classic Rocket Raccoon

"Mega Man X costume" Frank West

Attorney attire She-Hulk

"Mei-Ling" Hsien-Ko

"House of M" Magneto

Zombie Arthur

90s Jean Grey/Phoenix

"Red Arremer King" Firebrand

Classic Dormammu

"Gloria (DMC4)" Trish

Ghost Rider 2099

"Yellow Iris (Battle Circuit)" Felicia

Classic Nova

"Final Fight 3" Haggar

UDON's Taskmaster

"Jon Talbain" Amaterasu

"Planet Hulk" Hulk

Rearmed/Classic Nathan "Rad" Spencer

"Weapon X" Wolverine

Casual Joe

The Scarlet Spider

Young/College Phoenix "Feenie" Wright

Ultimate Iron Fist

Servbot-Mech Tron Bonne


And, probably the most controversial one:

"Mega Man X" Zero (Well...at least he's sort of in the game...)

So, what do you guys think of these costumes? Think any are cool? Think the X costume is downright trolling on Capcom's part? Please leave a comment below.

Other pictures avalible at source link below.

Editor's Note: (looks at Zero's X costume) Well, that wish certainly back fired. That's the last time I use a monkey's paw. But in all seriousness, these costumes do look pretty cool. Especially Wright's "Feenie" costume,  Amaterasu's Jon Talbain look, and of course you can't go wrong with Weapon X Wolverine or Final Fight 3 Haggar! 

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