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g1 Nation 2013 Holiday Party

12/5/13 2:30pm

The g1 Nation Holiday Party:
Friday, December 20th

8am - 1am (the next day)


Once again it’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the Holiday season and that means it’s time for commercialism, alcohol, and frostbite… YAY! Actually, I love the Christmas season. I love the music, the movies, and the atmosphere. There’s something about it that cannot be replicated… just as long as it’s actually in December!


So I decided to once again to host a Christmas/Holiday party for the g1 Nation (but really it’s open to all who see this)… as long as there is no meat spin.  *shudders* Now we in the g1 Nation live all across the world so this party will be a little bit different. It will be on my own personal Tinychat (It’s a chat room).


During the entire day we will be chatting, listening to music, watching specials, and so much more. We will cap off the night with a Holiday Music Power Hour (for those of legal age to drink… those who are not can have apple juice).



The P​arty:

When: Friday, December 20th 2013.

Time: 8am – 1am (the next day) EST

Where: www.tinychat.com/woodymang1

What: Music, Chatting, Movies, Specials, Prizes?, Video Games, Streams, and more!

Schedule: We don’t need no gahdamn schedule.


How you can help:


I’m only human, so sometimes I will be away from the computer. This is where you come in. I need a few volunteers to be able to hang around the party most/part of the day and make sure things run smoothly and ban/warn people where needed. Those with mod powers at g1 After Dark will be given priority to mod this chat as well as those who modded last year. You must have a tinychat account to be a mod.


Viewing/Listening Specialists:

If you have suggestions for what we should watch or listen to please state so below. Youtube links are GREATLY appreciated as well.


Or just suggest what we should do, I’m open to suggestions.


  • You will be allowed to broadcast. However if you're broadcast isn't showing anything of importance I reserve the right to close it. In addition there will be a "Green room" set up where myself or other mods can approve broadcasts.
  • The chat room will NOT be listed. This will hopefully cut down on Meat Swinging and spambots
  • Broadcasts will be closed if movie/special is playing.
  • If music is playing Broadcasts can stay
  • Broadcasts will be closed if they lag out ANYONE.
  • Send video requests to a MOD via PM
  • Mods please accept requests from all people in chat equally (don't show favoritism)
  • Linking is fine.
  • No spamming or links or comments. This includes (but isn't limited to) repeated, nonsensical posts of All Caps, Gibberish, and 1-2 words. Things such as these will not be tolerated.
  • No porn or nudity or other shameful things
  • Be respectful
  • No fighting (I will ban both parties)
  • Excessive douchebaggery will result in timeout/ban
  • Anyone is invited... including g1s, SA Staff, Gamers, ANYONE



Happy Gaming!


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