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MadHero15 and Stickman

Your G1 Previews Crew

Hello g1s. Welcome to another G1 Previews. It's the start of Spring, it's finally getting a bit warm again, but that doesn't matter cause we're talking video games. With me today is my co-host, The Stickman

The Stickman: Yo guuuuuys, welcome to Springwatch! That's a British Television joke, you're welcome.

MadHero15: I don't get it. But neither does everyone else, so it doesn't matter.

The Stickman: I GET IT, I get all the jokes! Except the ones about Final Fantasy.

MadHero15: Anyway, today's slightly less busy than usual, but there's still plenty to talk about. Without further ado, let's start

The Stickman: Let's!


Goat Simulator

Platform: PC
Release Date: April 1st
Developer/Pulblisher: Coffee Stain Games


MadHero15: Sometimes, a project just so unbelievably weird pops up. Something that makes you go: "what were they smoking when they made this?" Goat Simulator is one of those games. It may come out on April Fools, but yes, it's an actual game that you can buy.

Stickman: Well, at least we hope it is, because you can pre-order it, so if it IS an April Fools joke, it's the most profitable one in human history.

MadHero15: Originally a Game Jam project, Goat Simulator has you going through an open world as, well, a goat. And then you do typical goat stuff, like eat grass, look at people funny with your frog like eyes, and chase said people with a chainsaw strapped to your comically sized tongue. Y'know, goat stuff.

The Stickman: I think we've all been chased by a Goat with a Chainsaw Tongue at some point in our lives, y'know? That said, this game looks rather hilariously awesome, and you just KNOW people are going to fork out money for it, so good on the devs for making the most of that by having the balls to charge for it.

MadHero15: Its not often we see games whose main job is comedy. Sure, there are games like Octodad and Amazing Frog, but there are few games out there to make us laugh. Have fun, yes, but not laugh. Goat Simulator does seem made for the comedy, and I definitely want to check it out whenever it hits Steam.

The Stickman: I disagree about the lack of comedy games completely, but this game still looks really fun. Sandbox games provide a lot of pointless pissing about time, and playing a game with such a...versatile tongue makes it one of the more unique ones. This very much seems like the Surgeon Simulator of 2014, in a 'so bad it's good' way, but we'll see when it comes out.  


Madhero's Verdict: A Licky Thumbs Up

The Stickman's Verdict : A fish-eyed thumb up.


The Elder Scrolls Online

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release Date: April 4th (PC), June (Consoles)
Developer/Publisher: Zenimax Online/Bethesda


MadHero15: The Elder Scrolls has grown into one of the largest game franchises of all time ever since the release of Skyrim. With its huge amount of lore and characters, it seemed only inevitable that Elder Scrolls would decide to enter the MMO market. Like all MMO's, we must ask: is it the WoW killer? Proooooooooobably not, but the game does look pretty cool.

The Stickman: I call bullshit on that 'largest franchises of all time' bit, but Skyrim was indeed a big deal when it launched all those years ago, bugs and all. I can't say it appeal to me personally but people sure got excited when this Online Edition of the series got announced...and then that excitement was swiftly pooped upon when people saw the game in action.

MadHero15: I think a lot of people we're annoyed that it seemed more of a standard MMO rather than, well, a Skyrim MMO (you can play it in first-person like Skyrim, but a lot of the stuff is different). Also, the game is pay to play (like WoW), and Elder Scrolls may be big (not one of the biggest franchises ever like I just said, but pretty large), but that type of payment is still a load of bull. It should've gone the Guild Wars 2 route (pay for the game, and that's it).

The Stickman: I get the impression Elder Scrolls Online is a bit of a cash-in on a popular RPG franchise rather than the true MMO Elder Scrolls game people may have wanted, and like you said the Pay-to-Play bullshit is only going to damage their hopes for long-term players if the game itself turns out to be nothing more than a generic MMO with an Elder Scrolls skin.

MadHero15: We can only hope that Bethesda listened to the complaints received from the beta and are fixing some of the issues. While I look somewhat forward to it, to me Elder Scrolls has always been a single player experience (part of what made Skyrim and even Oblivion so great was its sense of isolation). The hype is huge, but if the game can live up to it is a whole other question.

The Stickman: I'm going to say no, but we'll see, won't we? Either way, I won't be buyyyying.


Madhero's Verdict: A Online Thumb to the Side

The Stickman's Verdict : A pay-to-thumb down.



Platform: PC, PS4
Release Date: April 8th
Developer/Publisher: Zombie Studios/Atlus


MadHero15: From something really huge to something much smaller, Daylight is another spooky scary indie game ready to become the next Amnesia/Slender/Outlast etc. Waking up in an abandoned hospital, it's up to you to survive whatever shenanigans are going on, with only your phone.

The Stickman: The 'RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE' indie horror game genre is really starting to get crowded, isn't it? You can get yourself shit-scared in woods, space, mansions, china and now hospitals! And why not, hm?  

MadHero15: Well, there's one thing interesting about this hospital, and the game in general, and that's it's procedurally generated, meaning every time you play the game, the area will look different and not what you're used to. The room with the key you need may be somewhere entirely different than before, which definitely adds replay value.

The Stickman: Now there's a game mechanic perfectly suited to the 'RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE' genre! If anything's going to create a sense of panic and fear, it's never knowing where to go, or what's waiting in the shadows.

MadHero15: Exactly. It’s a very interesting mechanic, and I hope it works out and the game brings some genuine scares. Zombie Studios doesn't have the greatest track record, though it seems to be getting better if stuff like Blackright Retribution (one of the few games that seems to get F2P right) is any indication. Think it’s definitely worth a peek if you're interested in the genre.

The Stickman: My issue with this, and most of these sorta games is the level of tedium and frustration from having to replay long tense sequences of gameplay over and over again because you died. A randomly generated 'RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE' game is only going to increase the frustration in that regard. Gamers are a glutton for punishment though, if Dark Souls is anything to go by, and it's always great to see a proper horror game get decent amounts of attention.


Madhero's Verdict: A Procedually generated Thumbs Up

The Stickman's Verdict : A RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE thumb up.


Kinect Sports Rivals

Platform: Xbox One
Release Date: April 8th
Developer/Publisher: Rare/Microsoft


Stickman: Hey, you know how much you used to love Rareware? You know how much you loved Killer Instict, Banjo Kazooie, Conkers Bad Fur Day and Goldeneye? Wouldn't you just love to see them return to their roots and make a new, classic, charming platformer adventure game and make their impact on modern gaming? WELL TOUGH SHIT, HERE'S ANOTHER KINECT SPORTS GAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAMMEE!

MadHero15: Well, after Microsoft decided to give Killer Instinct to Double Helix instead of letting Rare do it, you kinda give up hope. Kinect Sports is nonetheless very successful, and now it makes the leap to the Xbox One, with all new events such as rock climbing, bowling, tennis, jetski racing, and more. If you're an old-school Rare fan like myself, its hard not to be cynical about this game.

The Stickman: Sports games are rarely anything to get a boner over, games like Fifa and Madden sell a lot of copies but they're not exactly mind blowing works of art. If this game wasn't made by Rare, none of us would care about it really, even if it was good...but the fact that Microsoft continue to waste the talents of Rare on said uninteresting sports games is just a massive kick in the balls.

MadHero15: There's not much point to it anymore beyond selling to the family friendly demographic (who I think are still very much content with their Wii or other last gen console). I guess with the improved Kinect, the sports should work better than before, but its hard to muster up excitement over this. I want Rare to do something else, even if most people have long since left.

The Stickman: By this point (What, it's been...since the Kinect came out, basically) Microsoft must know that fans of Rare, and even the developers at Rare have been hankering for a new, non-sports, non-minigame-bullshit game from them, so the fact that their first title on the Xbox One, this brand new next gen console is ANOTHER sports game...and a sequel to another one at that...erghh...just...yeah. I'm sure there's every chance this could be fun if you're into that sorta thing, but Rare's continued wastage is a damn shame.


Madhero's Verdict: A Rock-climbing Thumbs Down

The Stickman's Verdict : A soul-crushing Thumbs Down.


LEGO The Hobbit

Platform: 3DS, PC, PS3, PS4, PSVita, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Release Date: April 8th (NA), 11th (EU)
Developer/Publisher: Traveller’s Tales/WB Interactive


MadHero15: The Lego games are everywhere, and can you blame Traveler's Tales? They sell like hot cakes, and have tackled everything from Batman, Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and of course, Lord of the Rings. The series continues its dominance with its adaptation of The Hobbit, based on the Peter Jackson films (duh).

The Stickman: This is actually the last scheduled "proper" LEGO game for release this year, I mean...I'm sure there will be more, but it's strange to have such a blank release slate after what feels like constant new titles for almost 3 solid years now.

MadHero15: Well they released the Lego movie game and now this one. It's interesting to note that this only tackles Part 1 and 2 of The Hobbit, not the upcoming third one. My guess is Travellers Tales and Warner Bros is going to sell that 3rd bit as DLC or its own game (probably the latter, as shitty as that would be).

The Stickman: I think that's a big mistake on their behalf, and kinda a sign that Warner Bros simply didn't have the patience to wait just a few more months to contain them all and not inevitably screw over the consumers by making 'The Complete Saga' next year to coincide with the release of the final DVD.

MadHero15: Probably. With that in mind, it's best to wait when that Complete Saga collection comes out. With Part 3 missing, there's not much point into getting it now, even if I really want to experience the barrel sequence of Part 2 in Lego form

The Stickman: Other than that, I'm sure this is the same basic LEGO experience we all know and some love, with the same fun style of cutscenes as LEGO LOTR, which featured the audio of the film placed over LEGO parodies of the films scenes.  

MadHero15: Yeah, the humor and parodying is what makes the games worth it, but I can't really get over leaving out Part 3. This is a game that should've come out much later, but oh well. This is a skip for me.


Madhero's Verdict: A Partly Missing Thumbs Down

The Stickman's Verdict : A thumb do-SPACESHIP.


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle

Platform: PS3
Release Date: April 25th (AUS, EU), 29th (NA)
Developer/Publisher: CyberConnect2/Bandai Namco


MadHero15: Ok, we're going to make this clear, neither Sticky or I know anything about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and we're not even going to try and hide that. Instead, we're getting someone who does know his shit, and shall tell why you should be excited for this game. Give it up for Shiro Shishi.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle is a fighting game based on, of course, the manga of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Even thinking of all the casts of other fighting games, I think JoJo’s is truly bizarre and true to its name. This ain’t your standard cast for a fighting game.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a manga that’s broken into parts, with each part staring a main character from the “Joestar” bloodline. Through a combination of first names and last names, each lead could be nicknamed “JoJo”, hence the title. JoJo consists of beautiful men and women named after music bands posing dramatically while fighting each other to the bitter death with supernatural powers and abilities. You may see that as a joke, but I can assure you that’s 100% fact.

JoJo’s All Star Battle is a 3D fighting game with around 41 characters. The graphics are 3D cellshaded characters and are amazingly true and accurate to the manga art. It’s staggering how well it holds up to the actual drawings. While the fighters do fight on a “straight” plane much like other fighting games, they can also sidestep into the background and foreground for a dodge before being set into a “straight” plane again.

That being said the gameplay is actually VERY user friendly, maybe even too much so. The game has chain combos that consist of Weak, Medium and Heavy attacks, but there is also the “Easy Beat” option. “Easy Beat” is a debatable inclusion. “Easy Beat” allows you to just press the Weak attack button over and over and it’ll do an automatic combo for you, even ending in a Super if you have the special meter for it. While some hate it, it does allow for anyone to give the game a try and possibly win. You will have an easier time winning if you learn your characters moves and perform them manually, of course.

JoJo’s game modes consist of Story Mode, Campaign mode, Versus and the newly added Arcade mode from the international versions. Arcade mode is exactly what you expect, a series of battles against the CPU. Story mode follows the story of the manga, though in a very abridged text form. Story mode is very disappointing because instead of using the in-game models to recreate scenes from the manga, they just slap a few pages of text over a still picture. Story mode is the one big bummer of the game; it could have been so much more. To add to the pile, you have to unlock most of the characters in the game. How? Why to play ALL of Story mode of course!

Ultimately, JoJo’s All Star Battle is a love song to the fans of the manga and anime. If you’re a fan, there is absolutely no doubt you’ll love the game, even with the gimped story mode. The problem comes if you are NOT a fan or have not heard of JoJo before. The game is rich with the source material and even in-game jokes that only fans will get. While the battle system is easy to pick up, it’s not what I’d call a truly “competitive” fighter. I’d even go as far to say it’s a fantastic “party” game to play with other fans, or to show off all the bizarreness to people who’ve never seen it before. You can by all means buy the game blind and jump in, but be prepared to be greatly lost in the sea of JoJo’s fabulousness.


Amazing Spider-Man 2

Platform: 3DS, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Release Date: April 29th (NA), 30th (AUS),May 2nd (EU)
Developer/Publisher: Beenox/Activision


The Stickman: Woah...woaah woah woah...WOAH...is this...a game I can actually talk about with knowledge, interest and some form of experience? Has...has this ever happened before on ANY of my g1 Previews stints? This...this is INCREDIBLE...THIS...IS...AMAZING...Spider-Man 2...ahue...ahuehuuhuhue....

MadHero15: At G1 Previews, we usually don't talk about movie games because most of them are shit and nobody's all that interested in them. However, Spider-man always gets a pass because Spider-Man 2 is still highly regarded (even if I personally found it a bit overrated). Now its Andrew Garfield's turn.

The Stickman: This is a video game sequel which ties into a movie sequel, which is a reboot of another movie series which itself is an adaptation of a comic book...so...work your head around that shit. Like MadHero said, Spider-Man 2 (That's the ORIGINAL Spider-Man 2) turned out to be a whole lot better than anyone could have ever predicted, even if beyond the awesome open world webswinging and humour, it was a rather average game, and this Spider-Man 2 game follows in the LAST Spider-Man game by retaining that open world New York and the freedom to swing and climb to your hearts content.

MadHero15: Apparently the webslinging will be more like Spider-Man 2, so that's good. There's also a new morality system with Hero or Menace, which I'm not sure how that's going to work, especially with Spider-Man, while a goofball to criminals and J. Jonah Jameson, is always the hero. There's also some sections where you play as Peter, which doesn't sound like a good idea, but ok.

The Stickman: The first (reboot) game was a mixed bag but on the whole I enjoyed it, the webslinging, whilst not as fun as in Spider-Man 2 (original) had a sense of weight and cinematic scope that made you feel like you were part of the movie, and the story was actually more engaging and interesting on a whole than the film it followed on from. Yes, that's right the first reboot game was a sequel to the first reboot film and one of the reboot characters is actually in the reboot sequel film and is also probably in the reboot sequel game. Also, the main theme was awesome.

MadHero15: This whole thing is a bit of a mess @_@

The Stickman: But, it could be good! If they learn from the mistakes of the original reboot game sequel to the reboot film, this could be a surprise hit. Reboot Sequel Film Reboot Game Sequel Reboot Spider-Man 2 4 3D Sony Reboot Marvel Game Game Game.

MadHero15: In any case, its Spider-Man, who can have great games, and really bad ones. Developer Beenox has done a mixed job so far (they've been in charge of the franchise since Shattered Dimensions), but I think they can handle it. If Spoodermen is your cup of tea, definitely give it a look. I personally don't care all that much for the game, but it could surprise.

The Stickman: I'm keeping an eye on it, I enjoyed the first one and...this game is actually coming out on Wii U...so...HOLY SHIT.  

MadHero15: Its coming out on everything. I'm surprised there's no Ouya version, or TI-83 Calculator version.

The Stickman: Spider-Man, Spider-Man, ports whatever a Spider can.


Madhero's Verdict: A Wall Crawling Thumb to the Side

The Stickman's Verdict : A GENERIC SPIDER-MAN JOKE thumb up.


Child of Light

Platform: PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Release Date: April 30th
Developer/Publisher: Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft


MadHero15: From the team that brought you Far Cry 3, we get...... something completely different. Using the same engine that powered Rayman Origins and Legends, Child of Light is an old school RPG that looks absolutely breathtaking. Seriously, few games look as gorgeous as this, which looks like a storybook come to life. The UbiArt Framework is a impressive piece of tech.

The Stickman: This game is the worst tragedy for me...one of the most staggering beautiful games I've ever seen...a surprisingly indie-styled game for a big developer like Ubisoft to make.......and it's a turn based RPG...I...that gets me...gets me right in the feels, that does.

MadHero15: As someone who does like turn based RPGs (this one going for the classic Final Fantasy type), I don't mind this at all. Ubisoft also recently released South Park: Stick of Truth, so someone high up must really appreciate this genre. There's also some multiplayer element with a firefly character called Igniculus, but how he works isn't all that clear to me.

The Stickman: Ubisoft seem to be making it their mission to make games that appeal to me on a non-playable level, but then make them turn based RPG's which means I won't enjoy playing them. I'm sure it'll be good, at least I hope it will be, but I simply won't buy it.

MadHero15: That's a shame. I for one am really looking forward, and would probably be my pick of the month of all the games that we've talked about. The art style alone makes it worth getting for me, as pretentious as that sound. If you can't tell, I'm very excited about this game.

The Stickman: The art style is incredible, but a pretty game in a genre I don't like isn't a game I'm going to buy.


Madhero's Verdict: A Frameworked Thumbs Up

Stickman's Verdict : *Crying into Hands*


MadHero15: ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND that's it. All the games worth talking about coming up this April. I hope you enjoyed it and found out about some games that you otherwise would've ignored.

The Stickman: Another month, another video games. Was it good for you, Mads?

MadHero15: I like some of the entries, but we'll have to wait till next month for the really salivating stuff. Like some watching dogs or racing plumbers.

The Stickman: WATCH>..AHHTutashDOOGS....>I NEED IT. Also Mario Kart.



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