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g1 Previews for December 2013: For the Sequel

12/2/13 2:00pm

MadHero15: Hello g1's. Well, the madness is over. After the crazy carousel that is November, with its 2 console launches, we've reached the Christmas period: December. Due to scheduling issues, Gear couldn't be here. To take his place, here's Noble Team!

Nobleteam1: Hello there everybody I'm that guy with the dumb avatar on this site.

MadHero15: So yeah, as mentioned, November is over, and because of that, there are definitely less video games released. We would've seen the new Donkey Kong and South Park in this month, but no dice. But that doesn't mean that there's nothing worth talking about. You ready, NobleTeam?

Nobleteam1: Yes! I guess I'm ready just like Spongebob is ready to annoy everyone in Bikini Bottom.

MadHero15: Then here we go!

Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse – Episode 1

  • Platform: Android, iOS, PC, PSVita
  • Release Date: December 4th
  • Developer/Publisher: Revolution Software

MadHero15: Awwwwwwwwwww yeah. Broken Sword is a franchise I quite like. After the meh Sleeping Dragon, the series seemed dead and buried. But lo and behold, it came to Kickstarter, where it was a resounding success. Because they had excess cash, the game got bigger, and is now split into 2 episodes.

Nobleteam1: I guess I should tell the world, or at least the readers of this article, that I'm not a huge fan of point of click adventure games, but I will say it's pretty impressive how this game did  at Kickstarter.

MadHero15: Exactly. For those that don't know the plot, Broken Sword follows George and Nico, an American lawyer and a French journalist, as they get into all kinds of crazy mysteries and adventures. This time, it’s about a stolen painting, which may lead to an even bigger conspiracy. The game will return to its 2D roots (with 3d characters though), which may be for the best considering its old school adventure game style

Nobleteam1: This game sounds like a fan-fiction that became a video game, just without the hawtness of Sonic's evil clone from another universe.

MadHero15: The plots are fairly goofy stuff, but it’s helped a lot thanks to its strong writing and characters. In the beginning, you're allowed to pick between a classic adventure game style, or go with a more modern system seen in the remakes of Broken Sword. All in all, I can't wait to see another Broken Sword game. If you want to play the other games, they're on GOG and Steam for cheap. I can highly recommend this, and I can't wait

Nobleteam1: Makes sense, though I doubt this game will make me suddenly love the point and click adventure genre, but at least fans of the genre are getting a new game, while I cry over the lack of arcade style racing games.

Madhero's Verdict: A Cursed Thumbs Up

Nobleteam's Verdict: A Thumbs down click.

Gran Turismo 6

  • Platform: PS3
  • Release Date: December 6th
  • Developer/Publisher: Polyphony Digital/Sony

MadHero15: I've said this too many times: I don't care about realistic racers. No idea how much I've typed that on this show, but people keep making them, so I have no choice but to talk about them. Gran Turismo is of course a Playstation classic. It’s surprising that this game is coming to the PS3, and not the brand spanking new PS4.

Nobleteam1: Same here. I feel realistic racing games come off as dull, and GT6 looks like just another game in the series to me. Though I guess if you like collecting a crapton of cars, GT6 looks like a great choice when it comes to that, and at least this game seems to offer a lot, which will make the lack of having a PS4 bearable for some.

MadHero15: Well they had Driveclub to fill that racing niche, until it got delayed. You said crapton of cars, and boy are there many. 1200 of them to be exact. That shits all over Forza 5's 200. The game will also have updated physics, but honestly, that's about all I can find with new features. Sony hasn't really been busy promoting this game (y'know, console launch and stuff), but it’s weird since GT has been such an important franchise for them

Nobleteam1: Plus the lack of Snoop Dogg, since Gran Turismo 3 is still disapointing to me.

MadHero15: Honestly, that's about all I can say. It’s another Gran Turismo game. If you like cars that go fast on different tracks, it’s hard to go wrong. Still, it may be better to wait when Driveclub comes out. Seems like the better option if you have your next gen console

Madhero's Verdict: A Thumbs Down that goes VROOM VROOM

Nobleteam's Verdict: A thumbs down out of Burnout.

Bravely Default

  •  Platform: 3DS
  • Release Date: December 6th (EU), 7th (AU), February 14th (NA)
  • Developer/Publisher: Sillicon Studio/Square Enix

MadHero15: This is a bit different, because I actually got to play this game at a convention. As great as the 3DS has been, it’s been mostly first party stuff doing it, with almost no 3rd parties, at least not like it was in the DS games. That said, Square Enix is giving it a shot with Bravely Default, with dumb name aside, is pretty much Final Fantasy in anything but name.

Nobleteam1: This game has gotten my attention for being a throwback to the titles that Square used to do in the late 80's and early 90's, which is at least a good starting point to me after how underwhelming the recent attempts by Square Enix have been like FF13 ... ugh I'm shuddering just thinking about that game.

MadHero15: WE DON'T SPEAK OF THAT GAME HERE! THIS IS A FAMILY SHOW!!! In any case, it’s made by the same team that made 4 Heroes of Light, and there are definitely some similarities, particularly in the game's job system. The version that we'll be getting is based on the game's director's cut (called For the Sequel, just accept it). This will include multiple save slots, alternate difficulty settings, more gameplay stuff, and even an English and Japanese language option. The gameplay itself: a classic JRPG. Not much more to say


MadHero15: As a JRPG fan, I'm excited. There currently isn't much choice in that department on the 3DS besides Pokemon and Shin Megami Tensei. Sure, Square Enix isn't what it used to be, but this is classic Final Fantasy. If that doesn't push your buttons, this game won't change your mind. If it does, then get this game.

Nobleteam1: Hopefully Square Enix doesn't disappoint with this title, plus Rpgs also seem great on handhelds.

Madhero's Verdict: Bravely Default: For the Thumbs Up

Nobleteam's Verdict: A thumbs up crystal.


  • Platform: iOS, PC     
  • Release Date: December
  • Developer/Publisher: Camouflaj

MadHero15: Another game that got its start on Kickstarter. Barely making its ambitious 500K goal, it did eventually make it, and now is even getting a PC release after so much talk about it. In a totalitarian state, you must help this girl called Hope get out of Metamorphisis, the district she lives in. However, you don't control Hope, you control the electronic devices like cameras to guide her, giving prompts when she should move or not.

Nobleteam1: This game certainly seems to be one of the most interesting games that I've heard about in Kickstarter, but I might be a tad cautious of it, since you don't directly control Hope. Regardless, Republique looks like a game that I would want to try out just to see how it turned out.

MadHero15: I can see why the developers originally made this a mobile game, which it still is. The PC version allows you to control multiple cameras at once, which I think helps. It definitely takes some cues from Metal Gear Solid, so much so that David Hayter has a role in the game in some audio logs. This game is going to be make or break on the AI controlling Hope.

Nobleteam1: WELL NOW YOU FORCE ME TO SAY NANO MACHINES, though it will be nice to hear Hayter in a role that isn't Snake or Big Boss.

MadHero15: I was originally kinda disappointed it’s coming also to PC. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it is, but the project was originally about bringing an AAA game to mobiles (which Infinity Blade did and suceeeded at). Still, this is the exact kind of game where Kickstarter is for, and I would love to see what Camoflaj is able to bring to the table

Madhero's Verdict: A Metamorphic Thumbs Up

Nobleteam's Verdict: A Phallic thumbs Pe... Up.

Walking Dead: Season 2

  •  Platform: iOS, Ouya, PC, PS3, PSVita, Xbox 360
  •  Release Date: December
  • Developer/Publisher: Telltale Games

MadHero15: Who would've thought a point and click adventure game would get so many GOTY awards, let alone based on a licensed game, but that's exactly what happened with Telltale's The Walking Dead. Mostly thanks to its great story that made many people sad and conflicted, it brought Telltale great success. And now, we get Season 2, this time following young Clementine, after the end of Season 1 (no spoilers).

Nobleteam1: Confession time: I’m that one guy that didn't play this game.  I didn't own it until the Steam Summer sale, and even then I forgot about it, though it seems like the story is amazing, based on what people told me about this game, so guess I need to play this game fully soon.

MadHero15: Now with this game being a continuation of the first season, you probably must have played it to get the full experience for the second season. This season will tie the series closer to the current AMC show. Who knows, maybe we'll come across Rick, Daryl, or maybe the Governor? Probably not, but you never know Now the game will be divided into 5 episodes, so there's plenty of time to discuss

Nobleteam1: Well that certainly should get me to play the games, though it's nice to see a downloadable game get such respect within this industry of big budget games.

MadHero15: Indeed. Will it achieve the same amount of feels and popularity as Season 1? Who knows? I hope so, and the fact you're now playing as Clementine does add an all kind of vulnerability to it. We'll see, I'm certainly glad that Telltale achieved success. Let's hope it doesn't turn into their version of Jurassic Park (that was badddddddddddddd)

Madhero's Verdict: The Walking Thumbs Up

Nobleateam's Verdict: A rotting thumbs up.


MadHero15:  Annnnnnnnnnd that's it. Yeah, that's it. 5 games.  Definitely a change of pace. Welp, that's it for g1 Previews for this year. I hope you enjoyed it. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Kwanzah, Hannukah, whatever you’re celebrating. Also, thanks Nobleteam for joining me

Nobleteam1: HOORAY I HELPED OUT WITH A THING, AND now I can go back to sleep from that food coma that is Thanksgiving, and nice working with you MadHero.

MadHero15: Thanks. Well, goodbye for now. When we get back, It'll be 2014! Exciting stuff, so once again, enjoy the final month of 2013. Goodbye!

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