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Posted on September 27, 2012 - 6:00pm by bigjoe91


Sleep. We all need it, but as gamers, we often forget about it. Whether we participate in a marathon or just didn’t see time pass, we have a tendency to shorten our sleeping time. We really shouldn’t, so here I am to present you this g1 Service Announcement.

Is this you? A tired gamer waking up fatigued in the morning due to lack of sleep? Do you also have QWERTY printed on your forehead? Were you unable to save because you fell asleep with your handheld in your hands and the batteries died? Don’t you think it’s time you got “proper sleep”?

No more grinding for tonight!

Proper sleep can be obtained easily by sleeping in an inn at your house or by using a cabin or a tent. If the conditions are right, it can be anywhere! If you’re on a long road without any towns in sight you can be sure a weird old lady or man will surely invite you in. When all else fails, just get to a bed and see where it goes.

That's all it takes!

Sleep restores HP and MP and has been known to cure various diseases like poison, paralysis, curses and even death! Furthermore, being asleep prevents you from catching such diseases. Sleeping can also sometimes be excluded from your life time. In most cases, if you’re stuck in life, a good night sleep is just what you need to trigger an important event. 

Yeah... except cancer.

In the end, the benefits of sleep cannot be denied. That’s why all your favourite heroes take some time off during their important quest to nap or sleep. If you let Mario wait a little in Mario Galaxy or if young link without supervision they’ll take the opportunity for a quick nap. Even Kirby has a special nap time power up. They sleep because they need to.

The power to recover.

So you decided to sleep? That’s good, but did you know that the more you sleep the better? After awaking, laying in bed for an extra 5 minutes adds the same amount of time to your life. No wonder all the big video game teens oversleep. Would Chrono or Serge have saved the world if they woke up in time? What about Link and Justin? The saying : “The early bird gets the worm” is simply false. There are plenty of better worms for those who wait.

Snooze that alarm clock!

So before it’s too late, if you start feeling tired: Stop, drop and drool. Remember, just because you're sleeping doesn't mean your adventure stops. It's only the beginning!

Dream know no limits or copyright infrigment issues.


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