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Whaddup g1s? This is the almighty Flapperdoodle here doing the extremely honoring task of writing this week's edition of the g1 Spotlight. It feels great to be respected enough to get a chance to write the spotlight, and I appreciate the opportunity.


So how are you guys doin? I'm guessing most of you are either sleepy or tired after many g1s stayed up for over 24 hours watching ScrewAttack's 6th Birthday 24 Hour Charity Stream. It was a lot of fun to watch, but I'm sure many of you need yourself a good dosage of good community blogs and videos. Thankfully, my researcher Foxdark22 did a good job, but I couldn't help… helping him. So, both me and Foxdark22 decided on the final list. So, without further ado, let's get started with an onslaught of g1 awesomeness.


The g1s have been all about remixes around the community blogs, and g1 Kenshiro3 has created an awesome remix of the Serious Sam 3 song "Hero". If this doesn't get stuck in your head… I don't know what will.


Also for music, while technically not a g1 but still awesome, we have JammyJoh. Sean showed off his synth battle earlier this week on the site, and I decided to investigate. This guy has MAD synth skills, and he had done many covers, my favorite being his Zelda loop:


And it's time for a gracious return of g1 art! This week we have another hilarious comic from g1 IamARG. This time he shows us what he would do if he found a fox…


Not only that, but g1 hbrunav shows us his reactions to Megaupload being shut down not only in video form, but in animated form. DOUBLE WIN!

Wow... Hank is one badass dude!


Who's ready to get their debate on?

Well, g1 SierraFoxTrot is, even if he is experiencing problems. If you want to be a part of the eventual debate, you may wanna read this update about when the debates will be going on, and why there's been a slight delay.


C'mon guys, we need more contributions!

If you didn't already know, 2200 is making another Community blog about the best Zelda dungeons! Sadly, he needs more contributions in my opinion, so go to his blog and leave him a long and detailed comment. He'll appreciate it.


I guess pictures are worth more than one thousand words…

At least that's what g1 Literary Luminary (a.k.a. Woodyman) thinks, as he is asking for the g1s to take on the next "Creative Writing Challenge"! You think you can handle it?


"Use the boost to get"… a copy of Star Fox 1.

Thanks to us, the g1s, raising $3800 dollars during the 24 hour stream, g1 Multirandomable is going to give away a copy of Star Fox on the SNES. Figure out how to win and how long you have to win by reading his blog.


Speaking of bets made by people at the stream…

g1 Project_Fedora also made a pretty big bet, but at a much higher price. He promised at $9000 he would give away a Gamecube, a Gameboy player, and a GBA to GCN connection cable. Learn how to win it with his video explaining just that.

A lot happened this week on ScrewAttack… no, I'm serious, a lot of stuff happened this week...


ScrewAttack's 24-Hour 6th Anniversary Charity Drive Mayhem Marathon happened over Friday and Saturday. It was a great 24 hours full of games like Super Smash Bros, Sonic R, Castlevania IV, Mario Party 1, Mario Kart 64, Mortal Kombat, and so much more. Everyone was there, including Angel (Director of Awesome) to play and have lots of fun.


G1's also set goals for themselves. Some shaved off facial hair, others did embarrassing things, hell, even g1 Ruutti fran Finland is going to get a back tattoo of the Sonic 2 opening screen on his back. ScrewAttack also set many goals for themselves. Some included dressing up as characters, some included people like MatPat (creator of Game Theory) making a special poll to decide an episode, and one goal had Craig taking off his hat (mostly) for good. He'll still wear it, but occasionally.



Note from Woodyman: Craig did indeed remove his hat during the stream and I'm sure g1s have a screen cap of it somewhere, but I can't be that nice. So you'll have to watch the archived show or wait for the reveal.


As a community, we raised over $13,000 for charity which is unimaginable. I would like to congratulate every g1 who came to watch whether it was for 10 minutes or the full 24 hours, give yourselves a HUGE round of applause for making this event the best ScrewAttack event in history.


Be sure to check out the two archived videos. The first one is short due to tech issues. The second one has the majority of awesomeness.


We got lots of great material for you this week, so…


Gotta run, gotta run now…

The Guardian has been on a roll lately with his new series that focuses on his favorite remixes, and easily my favorite episode of this series came out this week was his list of the best Mega Man II Dr. Wily's Castle theme remixes. A glorious list indeed.


Two guys playing some casual games.

The duo over at Game Sack takes a look at some popular casual games. They play Wii Sports, Mario Paint, and much more. Check out their analysis of these fine games here.


A Co-Op List of Co-Op Games!

g1 Video Game Snob and a bunch of other random people decided to band together to create a very detailed and strong list of the best co-op games to play with friends. I guess those guys really did have co-op stuff on the mind.


I told you this guy would write good blogs!

A few weeks ago, I made a blog shouting out g1 werdman24, and new g1 at the time. I was sure he was going to write good blogs, and thankfully enough, he did. He reviews the recently released SoulCalibur V. Is it worth the time and money?


Damn Super Guides…

g1 Gaijin Goomba is not so happy with how Nintendo is dealing with their games lately. Read here why he feels Zelda is not as good as it used to be, and DKCR enraged him.


A TRUE MK Story Analysis.

Some of you may think you know the story of MK. Well, you all are probably nothing compared to g1 -Mazer who had two blogs this week describing the in depth plot of the MK series. Part One is an intro, while Part Two discusses deadly alliance and deception!


He's got balls of steel!

Jon St. John was at MAGFest 9, and he even had his own panel. Well, g1 Tom the Iron man decided to film it. It includes several audio clips, and you won't believe what else Jon St. John uses his voice for. Check out Part 1 and Part 2!


It all comes down to this.

After reviewing the entire library of the Iron Maiden albums, g1 Ben Jamin finally gives us his top ten Iron Maiden songs of all time. The list may surprise you, and you will probably disagree, but hey, that's what lists are for.



Twisted Metal games are known for their strange and special endings, and TWISTEDmerc gives us his top picks. His list includes endings from MANY of the games, so be sure to see if your favorite made the cut.


I'm sure we can all agree…

It's not easy choosing the best of the best open worlds in video games, but somebody must take on the task, and g1 UltraRobPrime is ready. In Part 1 of his "list", he takes two open worlds and gives them the analysis treatment.


Sure… it is slightly irrelevant at this point.

Yes, the stream did end many hours ago, but g1 darkhyrulelord gave 24 fantastic ideas that he wanted to see during the event. I'm still pissed they didn't do "Two Guys, One Controller"… still, a great list nonetheless.



Thanks to my fantastic suggestion and g1 JETZ.acx's need for stuff on g1 Features, g1 Alpha Unit is back with another episode of g1 Interviews. This is a very special episode however, because Alpha Unit got to interview ScrewAttack's very own Sean Hinz!


The 64DD is… well…

I personally never liked the DD that much, but maybe the guys at Hard4Games actually like it? Maybe they don't… you'll just have to watch their review of the Doshin the Giant N64DD expansion to find out!


C'mon down to South Park

With the new RPG being developed by Obsidian, g1 Cliche Psycho goes way back through "Memory Lane" to discuss the South Park fps game on the N64. Is the game still as memorable as it is now?


Take another trip back to Gotham City?

g1 OptimisticwallHD has begun playing the recently released Gotham City Imposters. After the masterpiece that was Arkham City, does Imposters give a solid playing experience, or does it fall short of the Caped Crusaders previous adventure? Let him tell you...


and now, for a new segment I like to call…


*What's that Woodyman? I can't use that name? Fine…*

I mean…


Yup, we got a few brand new g1s entering the ScrewAttack blogosphere, so let's introduce them!


Welcome pkpunk!

Similar to how I started here on SA, pkpunk writes his first blog post about himself and his gaming life as of now. It's a good read, so check it out.


Welcome LimeCatMaster!

He really started off with a bang, reviewing the game Shin Megami Tensi: Devil Survivor. I may never heard of the game, but his review is fantastic! I look forward to seeing more of this guy in the future!

Going back to that blog I made a few weeks ago, I mentioned another g1 by the name of Fishman. He has impressed me with how good his blogs have been whether news or personal blogs. Well, his first blog he ever wrote didn't get spotlighted (at least that I know of…), and that's a true shame, because it is a fantastic blog.

Fishman takes a look at The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (sorry, but I had to), and talks about why is sucks, but is also awesome at the very same time. Does he like the game even with the obvious flaws? Does the game makes its mark in TLoZ history? You'll have to read the blog, which you should. This blog definitely deserves your full attention, so go read it NOW!

Guess what Woodyman, I also have TWO picks of the week!

First off, we have a collaboration blog from the minds of g1s flashpenny and The Stickman. They do a 2011 movie season round-up discussing the best and the worst films to hit cinema. They truly are a hilarious duo, and this blog is very interesting to read, and great to laugh at it (in a good way). Go read it and see for yourself.


Second, Quiznos1025 (technically reposted) posted his Top 10 Movies He Dislikes/Hate That Everyone Else Likes/Loves. His list is phenomenally written with some fantastic selections that many of you probably will be shocked to see. While this should technically go into The Time Shift, I feel this deserved more of a place in the Pick of the Week section. Enjoy!

NOTE FROM WOODYMAN: This is the last time, I'm gonna allow two or more.

Well, that's all of the time I have folks! I would like to thank both Woodyman for, after my constant pestering, for allowing me to write a g1 Spotlight as well as Foxdark22 for helping me do one of the most in depth research weeks I will ever go through.

I hope you all had a great week, and I hope you all have a great upcoming week. Thanks for reading, I highly appreciate it.

This has been Flaps, and I'll see you all at my gaming blog!

Final Note from Woodyman:

As I'm sure you're aware we are gonna add three new sections to the spotlight soon. One will focus on new g1s, one will focus on the forums, and one will forcus on g1 made artwork. I want to know from you if you think this will make the spotlight too cluttered, and where in the spotlight these sections should appear (what order)?

Comment below and Thanks for reading!

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