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 All the best g1 made content from August 27th - September 2nd

Hey g1s, if you missed the TL;DR then I’m Woodyman and let me be the first to welcome you to the g1 Spotlight.

It’s been a long time since I researched and wrote all by my lonesome, but I wanted to do it so I’d have a reason to waste hours looking through spam to find the best g1 made content of the past week.

Enough blabbing let’s GET ON WITH IT!

Prepare your eardrums for some musical caviar!


First off we have Distrotion with an acoustic guitar cover of one of my favorite songs of all time. It’s This Year by The Mountain Goats.


James Roland… I mean Ronald is back in the g1 Spotlight this week for an EPIC guitar cover of A Link to the Past – Dark World… as someone recently re-learning guitar I hate James and all his skills.





Destructorv2 is back with more artwork. This time we got this amazing fan-art for the upcoming Pikachu vs. Blanka DEATH BATTLE!!!


Super Effective

If that wasn’t enough for you we have Ashlynx with some more fanart of the upcoming Blanka vs. Pikachu DEATHBATTLE!!!


A New Challenger

Wait… there’s even more DEATH BATTLE!!! Fan-art… this time it’s from RetroEntity and it’s shockingly good… PUNS!


Speaking of slap… wait… we weren’t speaking of Slap? WE ARE NOW!

g1 ChopChop made up some designs for shirts based on the SGC 48-hour Kickstarter marathon. My personal favorite is the Craig slap one… but check them all out here. 



Dusty Games!

Dusty from Podunk Studios wants to make a game, but they/he needs the help of the greatest gaming community in the world… us. If you help back the project, you can decide the fate of the game. Check it out and help out if you can 


That’s Asai-tainment

SGC is happening and it’s going to be the scene of AsaiNeroTran’s next short film. He announced it here so watch this video first... and then he called out to the g1 community for help. He needs script writers, actors, and editors… if you can help then sign up now. 


Gaming Fate

SGC is happening again… blahdy blahdy blah. Therefore CraigGame is letting the g1s decide which games he plays next. 3 suggestions per g1! Suggest stuff right meow!


I’m a map, I’m a map, I’m a map, I’m a map!

Sorry for the Dora The Explorer reference there, but I needed to fluff up this description a bit. g1 pmgmsd says that we need a comprehensive map for all g1s who wanna roadtrip and carpool to SGC. Will you accept the challenge?


Halloween? But it’s still summertime!

It may be a bit early but Canadian Brony has an idea for the g1 community. He wants us to work together to write the ultimate g1 Horror Story! It’ll be one epic story with numerous g1 writers.  I know I’m gonna take part in this spooktacular idea… will you?

In ScrewAttack News, the game that former ScrewAttack Staffer, Jose, has been working on, SmashMuck Champions  went to an open beta yesterday! (I think) 

If you want to learn more about the game or see it in action, check out Friday’s Screwin Around!



Also in this week’s Clip of the Week, the ScrewAttack crew shows us what they think the new Michael Bay, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie will look like….

It’s not pretty.

(The g1 Spotlight will be organized into categories... reviews, previews, Top 10s, etc... in the future)


It’s Morphin Time!

It’s been many years since the Mighty Morphing Power Ranger started it’s long run on TV. Is the show still as good once the nostalgia glasses are off? Well Dark Magician is here to tell you as he revisits Season 1 & 2 of Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.


Have you ever heard of Elf Land?

I doubt it, because Elf Land was an early 90s independent shareware game for computer. I actually owned this game as a kid and loved it. Wanna learn more about this classic DOS gem? Then check out kevinwska with his review of the game… RetroActive: Elf Land


Zombie Boobs

Still not sure if you should pick up Suda51’s Zombie beat-em-up, Lollipop Chainsaw? Then check out Stealthmaster86’s review. 


Another Another Podcast

The Hate-Bit Podcast is back for a second season on ScrewAttack. It’s as dark as it sounds… and quite METAL. Take a listen right now. 


Another Another Another Podcast?

If you weren’t happy with what I described above, Randumb, SideTracked, Reaction Command, SideScrollers and all the other podcasts on the site let me show you The Gaming Nobodies podcast by Father (I hope that’s a Kid’s Next Door reference) and someone who’s name I can’t understand… Give it a listen!


Nipple Guns!

Now that I got your attention, you might want to take a look at EmceeProphit’s video about the symbolism in No More Heroes.  There’s so much that this needs to be a two-parter. Part 1 is linked above… SEX.


Starring the weirdos of the Internet

The Stickman is back in the g1 Spotlight, this time for reviving one of my favorite series of all time… Ask Omegle. In this series, The Stickman goes on Omegle (the site that allows you to chat with complete strangers) and well he chats to them in a way only The Stickman can... Hilarity ensues. 


Cardboard Box vs. Night Vision Goggles

What would happen if Sam Fisher fought Solid Snake in a DEATH BATTLE!!!, well g1 Elmo 3000 is here to tell you how he thinks it’ll go down. SPOILER: Either Snake or Sam Fiscer will win.


Kill mother? Yes we can!

I’ve never played The Binding of Isaac, but I’ve heard many disturbing things about the game. It’s on my wishlist, but don’t have the time to play it yet. If you’re on the fence about this creepy game then read Canadian Brony’s Top 5 Reasons You Should Play The Binding of Isaac. 


MineCraft Reviews?

What is this sorcery? Actually it’s just puritysin reviewing the movie Coraline while in MineCraft. It’s quite a clever idea, and you’ll be interested in what she has to say about this movie based on a Neil Gaiman story. 


Are you new?

Let me welcome you to ScrewAttack, the greatest gaming community in the world. I am Woodyman, your king. If you want a more detailed introduction then check out Alpha Unit’s blog, Bienvenidos a ScrewAttack.com (don’t let the Spanish trick you, the blog is written in 100% Ahmurrican) 


My ears burn!

Since the SGC Kickstarter reached $100k plus, Joeshadowman has to do a reading from 50 Shades of Gray. His reading is great… The book? Not so much. 


Speaking of SGC Punishments

Darkhyrulelord has a lot of punishments lined up since the SGC Kickstarter reached its goal. This blog right here  is just the tip of the iceburg as Darkhyrulelord makes ~100 Magic The Gathering cards based on ScrewAttack and the g1s.



On a personal note (get it… note?) I’ve been playing a lot of the game Symphony lately on Steam. It’s a game that combines transforms a Shmup game based on your music. That’s why I’ve been loving blogs like KabalsUmbreon180’s list of the Top 10 Fighting Game Themes. It gives me more inspiration to pew pew…  


Scary Cough!

KataWolf is doing his first ever Let’s Play and what game is he playing? Well I’ll give you one hint… it’s Slender and it’s terrifying to say the least. Check it out here… if you dare! Shut up cricket! 


Mr. Serious. PWR UP!

I must admit I’ve never heard of Super Puzzle Platformer but it looks like a combination of Bubble Bobble and Tetris! It’s an awesome mix of gaming genres, but if you really wanna know what the hullabaloo is all about then read Omega Riddler’s review. 


Live Free or Die Hard!

Remember that terrible Die Hard game for the NES that the Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed long ago? Well it might not be as bad as you think. Sharkjack is here to give us a review of this misunderstood, deep NES gem.


Protect me!!!

If you’re like me, then you completely looked over the Indie Games section of the Xbox Live Marketplace. Well if you have, then you missed out on some classic gems, such as Protect Me Knight… but don’t worry, Problem Gamer is here to fill you in 


How much respect?

MAD RESPECT! There are some video game characters who just deserve your mad respect, and luckily g1 mad respect is here to tell you which ones deserve the honor. This time give all your mad respect to Chrono… why??? Because of his hair.



Many FPS gamers only look out for numbah 1, but many times the game calls for more of a team effort. Do you need some advice on how to be a team player? Then ask LeoSep as he gives you some advice. 



g1 KidMachinate has an elaborate argument with himself to show how opinionated gamers are, and how there’s such a thing as being too opinionated. 


Two Girls, One Guy, One Game.

Two girls play video games and comment over the game! What is this sorcery? (Wait I think I already used that line.) Well anyway this time the girls under the username g1 gamemeetsgirl are playing Gotham City Imposters (a fantastic game similar to TF2).


Judgin the games.

GameJudge (See what I did there?) is counting down his Top 25 games he likes the most. I know that I might never be able to do this list because it’d just be so hard for me to chose #1. 


Where’s my guitar?

Rock Band Blitz was recently released on PSN and XBLA. If you don’t know, Rock Band Blitz is a downloadable version of Rock Band where you play without plastic instruments and you play all instruments at once. If you’re unsure whether or not to pick up this title check out these two reviews. Here’s PuppetMasterIX’s  and here’s VivaLaMcCrae’s 

Also I lick balls every Sunday!


This was a tough week to do the Time Shift… mainly because there was a lot of g1s re-posting some of their older content.

Nevertheless, I decided to spotlight g1 Terra_Corrupt’s review of the Ace Attorney  series on the Nintendo DS with special guest hagridandfang…




This week’s Pick of the Week is inspired by and dedicated to a game many of you are talking about on the Twitter masheen… Slender.


In this blog , g1 Martyven takes a look at the survival horror genre in general and examines why, we as gamers actually enjoy being scared. This is a very interesting read and an overlooked blog.

Well g1s, that's all the time we have for today.

I'd like to thank Woodyman for letting me write the spotlight this week, and I'd also like to thank Woodyman for helping me research this week...


I'm kidding...


In reality, I'd like to thank all of you because now the g1 Spotlight has over 100 subs. It's because of y'all that this project isn't dead, and I truly appreciate it.


Happy Gaming!

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