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Buy One Piece Manga online!  Cheap deals!  Prada is the new black for the seaso--

*Shotgun blast*

Not.  In.  My.  Spotlight.  You robot whore.  Spambots aside, welcome to the g1 Spotlight!  We certainly had an interesting week, what with Chad babying and the spambot floods pushing actual g1-made stuff back over 30 pages before the mods came in, stepped on the spambots' necks, and shot them in the head (because that's how they roll).  The only reason this thing is possible is because my researcher Mach5Mike said, "if there is a good piece of actual g1 created material, I swear by my researching duties that I will find it!" (what a trooper).  So let's jump head-first into another Spotlight!

For the first time that I've been doing the Spotlight we actually have g1 music this week!  Double your pleasure with double the Double 8-bit Remix by Kenshiro3.  I wonder what that calculates out to?  It's something only a computer would know, like what is 9 times 8.


First off is Fist of the North Star - Heart of Madness.  This one takes a little while to really get started (about 35 seconds in) so be patient.


The next remix is a guh-roovy mashup between the Battletoads pause menu music and "What Is Love?" by Haddaway.  Commence head bopping now.


You know what?  Why be stingy this week?  Here's a third piece of music for you: If I Were A Core.  Although not created by him, this was brought onto the site by WestCoastGamer92.

 If I were a core then I would make a glowing key that looks like a sword and if you stick it in people then it unlocks their death.  Yeah....I'd have a really good time.  Uh, where were we?


And finally we have Moosehead with a Drum Cover of Dr. Mario's Fever/Chill theme. It's pretty fucking awesome.

It would seem to me that everyone got their artwork out last week because there wasn't much of anything out this week.  I blame the schools, spambots, and kittens for that.  However!  This doesn't mean that I'm showing up empty-handed.

I'm not big into art, not my forte (yes that joke is still alive), but this is pretty well done.  These are actual paintings done by mrpxlmxl, the full gallery can be found here


g1 Imaschi also gave us a look at a couple drawings inspired by Screwin' Around and ScrewAttack After Dark.  Check out the other drawings here.

The Community Events has wood.  Woodyman that is, as he has several events that you can take part in.

 Titanium Man of Flash Gaming Season 2

Keep up with the TMoFG with game 7.  Who won?  What's next?  It's a secret to everybody until you go to the blog.


Woodyman Pulled Out The Voodoo Powder Again

It seems like whenever a show gets retired by the Crew that it's only a matter of time before Woodyman brings it back.  The latest addition to this genre of resurrected shows is WTF is That?  Can you tell what the heck the image is?  Well you only have until the 25th to answer.


To Anyone Involved In The g1 Digital Forecast

Jetman recently uploaded the new schedule for the coming weeks but also made a big, and rather ambitious, announcement about how the Forecast is going to handle E3.  Even if you're not a part of the Forecast this can still give you an idea about what's coming.


Who's The Best Mario Kart 7 Racer Here?

Well Supermatt64 seems to think that he is.  In fact, he thinks that he is so good that he's putting up all the discs for Final Fantasy 7, 8, and Tactics on the line to anyone who can beat his score.  Do you have what it takes?  I'm not allowed to play, for I am Caboose, the Vehicle Destroyer!

sdrawkcaB yrotS A yalP

If you're having trouble reading that, try looking at it through a mirror.  Blazerxz started up a backwards story in the forum section over a week ago.  The problem is that it hasn't gotten the number of replies that it needs.  Have no fear, the g1 Spotlight is here!  You can contribute to a winding backwards tale of your imagination here


Lend The Crew Your Energy!

Or at least lend them your idea for the Clip of the Week.  Believe it or not, they actually DO check that thread for ideas every week; so maybe an idea you submit will get picked.  Join the conversation and CONTRIBUTE!


Siggy God, ChaoticMeltdown is back again for an amazing One Piece sig.

If you want a sig made, then be sure to request one here.

The Crew was working like mad this week to get Pax East content up for us.  Despite this, they still managed to determine their games against Dorkly, posted Dorkly's response, had Craig attempt to beat Mike Tyson again (with special appearance by Craig's daughter), showed us how life is better with lasers, premiered new t-shirts, and announced the new Death Battle!  Phew!  I'm starting to think the guys at the HQ must be workaholics because there's plenty more than that.

This is going to be f#$%ing epic.

Who Says That RPGs Are Dead?

SacrificedAbomination certainly disagrees.  He goes a step further and shows a number of RPGs that any fan or potential fan should look at.  Best part of all: no Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts games are on the list.


Hail To The Chimp!

That's what Woodyman wants us to do in his Top 20 list of Monkeys in Video Games.  And before you roll your eyes, no, Donkey Kong is not number one.


Zelda Blog...Kinda...Not Really

While not EXACTLY a Zelda blog, Avalanche Reviews has a very good video showcasing 5 games that will make you forget that Zelda ever existed.  At least until you look at the Community section of ScrewAttack.


I Was Never Big Into FMA

But Whitly decided to give it a whirl and to tell us all about it.  Note that this is the original show and not Brotherhood mind you.  I always found the show to be too depressing for its own good and probably has great potential for abridging.


Define "Hardcore" For Me

The gaming industry is going through some growing pains right now and one of the biggest issues is determining the line between a "hardcore" and a "casual" gamer.  While the issue is, and probably will remain, highly subjective, ShaunTern shares his experience and new understanding of the word in his blog.  Just a heads up, you will nostalgia.


The Mass Effect 3 Endings Sucked

So much so that the Better Business Bureau said that the company promoted false advertising to get people to buy the game.  But ask yourself for a minute, is it REALLY false advertising?  Dallinag doesn't think so and his Pixelated Ponderings explain why.


Frank Haggar Lives!

He's just been really busy with school.  With summer right around the corner though he's planning a lot of good stuff for us in the coming months.  Art work, collaborations, and a big proejct are all in the works.  Get hyped and give him suggestions.


All Good Things Must Come To An End

IrvyneAgain's "The Year(s) of Retro Gaming Project" has finally come to an end.  The final installment gives us a recap of the whole journey and what the future holds for Irvyne.  After watching this you'll want to pull out your retro games and play them all again.



Okay maybe that's a bit too enthusiastic but it got your attention!  The lovable Stickman is premiering his own comic soon and wants all of us to help get this thing off the ground.  Find out what it's all about here.


Nintendo Think's We're Fat

That's not just a baseless accusation either.  g1 Guru Guru has just blown the lid off of a conspiracy at Nintendo to get us all to be thinner...through Pokemon.  I didn't ask for this.


It's The Crew...Except They're Ponies...

Normally I wouldn't let a show about ponies in here but the latest "My Little ScrewAttack" was surprisingly funny.  Turns out that Sam can be a real jerk to Chad at the worst time.


Taking "Caption This" To A New Level

So when Metaking64x premiered "What If Game Fails Could Talk: Episode 1", we knew we had to spotlight it.  Although it's still a little rough around the edges, this has some great potential.


Select The One To Fight With; Let's Get It On

If you're like me then you suck at fighting games...hard.  It's even worse in online play, where it seems that everyone and their grandmother really give your ass a pounding (hey chicka bump bump).  CKing91 wants to help though.  He has written a blog about dealing with online fighting games and even tells us where we can get more help if needed.


It's So... Ninten-don't

Hard4Games gives us a reason to be thankful for having (or wish that we had) a Sega Genesis growing up with their look at Gunstar Heroes.  Strap yourself in for some blast processing action from a classic game.


Trollololololololo Lololololooooo!

Trolling is bad right?  Not always as it turns out.  Jawbreaker Alumni goes through the guidelines about the right way and the wrong way to troll gamers.  Just remember that camping isn't trolling, it's a legitimate strategy.


There's More To Platforms Than Jumping

That's what Flapperdoodle is trying to tell us in his The Perfect Platformer mini-series.  Episode 4 deals with graphical design and how some games did it right. 


I Can Play Bonk! On The Go?

In the days before the GameGear existed, the Turboexpress tried to break Nintendo's hold on the handheld market.  How did it do?  Let's let ParadiseandFaries explain that one in his Vintage Say Hello To.  Spoiler alert: it can play TurboGrafx 16 games.


Is There Nothing You Won't Defile?!

Again, I don't like to put anything about MLP in here but COME ON!  A Phoenix Wright - My Little Pony Crossover?  While the thought of this makes me want to burn every brony's toast so that no amount of scraping will remove the black parts, Madhog thy Master found a way to get through it and tell us what he thought of it.

  (Note: I actually have no problem with MLP but it's just showing up everywhere these days).


If Only You Knew Then What You Know Now

Gajin Goomba shares some pearls of wisdom with us about what he has learned about making a webshow.  So if you're an aspiring webshow maker, give it a gander here.


Common Sense In Video Games?  Overrated.

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself questions like, "Is Mario evil?", or "How can Rayman move?".  Then Dallinag's "Ask The Experts" can help you figure it all out; with expert opinions by Ferret75 and Gajin Goomba.


The Konami Universe Is Called What?!

The Famicom saw a game released by Konami that would make any fanboy of the game maker squeal like a brony watching a new episode of MLP.  Too offensive?  I'll roll with it.  Anyway, dukey03 has returned to making his Final Review series with the Konami Krossover game: Wai Wai World 2.


Common Sense In Cartoons?  Overrated.

This series has been running on ScrewAttack for awhile but a little advertising never hurt.  WTF, Pokemon!?! Episode 104 dives in to the depths of the sewers to explain why this episode of Pokemon just plain reeks.


Just When You Thought You Had Everything

For completionists like myself, missing an item that isn't obvious or having to backtrack through a ridiculous amount of a game can be tedious and aggrivating.  Worst of all is when you think you've gotten everything only to be told that you only got 96% of everything (damn you Just Cause 2).  These 'missables' as Darth Nocturnal calls them are the bane of completionists but there are some solutions.


This Guy Could Work For ScrewAttack

Our friend HybridRain shows off his impressive array of skills by doing a written review of Ace Bombat: Assault Horizon on the PS3.  While I don't own a PS3, HR's thorough review definitely tells me everything I need to know about the game on a level that I've only seen Jared or Bryan pull off.  Check it out here.


Jared Must Defend His Title Soon

Battle Kid developer Sivak has released an update and a video demo about Battle Kid 2.  It looks great so far and it's sure to cause many curses and rage quitting before long.


Now When You Say "Worst"...

Flashpenny's latest blog, Top 7 Worst Villains of Games That I've Played In 2011, shares his frustration with the villains of so many video game worlds.  Whether cliche, boring, or just plain worthless, these baddies are so bad that you don't want to even bother kicking their asses.

Everyone has an opinion on what underrated game should have gotten more attention.  The guys at Game Sack made a video awhile back that highlights some of theirs.  While some of these games may fit the classification of "overlooked" instead of "underrated", this is still a great episode that may send you to a retro game store with some obscure titles in mind.  A polygon free-roaming platformer before Mario 64 that handles well?  *head explosion*

This is my third time doing the Spotlight so most of you know that I like the deep and sentimental stuff for the Pick of the Week.  This week had a couple really good blogs that fit that description but this particular one stood out.  KingSigy made a blog this past week talking about an epiphany he had about his life thanks to a video game.  This one strikes pretty deep and leaves you asking yourself: what do I want in life?

Blarg.  Another Spotlight down and all that Woodyman had to do was promise me a cookie and a glass of orange juice.  Wait, we're not doing that anymore?  SONOFABI-

Anyway, I'd like to thank Mach5Mike again for doing a great job as researcher.  Few could face down so much spam but still do their job.  As always, feel free to leave a comments below and, of course, happy gaming.


-Caboose_-1   (bonus points to those who can all spot the Red vs Blue references)

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