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Posted on April 20, 2014 - 11:20am by g1_Spotlight


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Woodyman theweirdomaxim Smoke108


-  Wild weirdo appears -

- What will you do? -

Fight                                 Items

> Read his article              Run


...Oh, and here I thought I would have the most epic battle with all the G1s., oh well!


Hello Connectors and G1s, I am your new writer, theweirdomaxim, for this week G1 SPOTLIGHT. >Insert evil laugh here<. *Ahem*, So let us see, how crazy this case is!


Bring On The Musical Witness!

Witness Roccowschiptune did some funky beats (and made everyone in the courtroom dance).

The Gitaroo man known as Epic Game Music brings us another badass cover. This time he's covering the theme of Dungeons and Dickholes, a level from AVGN Adventures.

We have a lot of music this week. Next off is an original song by Collision Zero. The song is called "Speed" and it's based off the Need for Speed franchise.


Witness The Stickman did an awesome art of a penguin with a handbag!... a Space Penguin!


ElKartun is back in the spotlight with his amazing drawing of SHAZAM! Also check out his speed sketch of Batman.



...What? You were expecting more? Silly you!


“Dammit, You're Lying! And I can prove it

Actually I cannot in this case (*gasp*) But anyway, Witness Literary_Luminary is doing a creative writing unreliable narration contest!


Music and effects makes us feel good, right? ...rigggght?

Some games maybe bad, but their can also have good music and sound effects! Do you know any, let us know in this forum!


It’s time for Fulgore vs. ??? DEATH BATTLEEEEEE… Discussion!

Don’t know what I am talking about? Click here!


If you're an addict, please seek help.

Or you can just go to the ScrewAttack Forums and tell everyone which indie games you're currently itching to play.


Note from Woodyman: Mine was Duckhunt

What was your first video game? Tell the forums now!


There is just too much to even add in the Court Record due to PAX East! So, to narrow it down by one link, click here for Random Awesomeness Channel!




‘Merica! (CAPTAIN!)

(See what I did there?) Witness Rule Thirds our resident movie buffs did a review of the movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.


Science Chaos! Now in Novel Game!

Witness BitShiftTV did the game review of the English Localization of Steins;Gate with no spoilers!


Hardest game ever?

Witness BucketHatAficionado did the review of Cloudbuilt! A game that's tough... maybe as tough as Dark Souls?



Double Dragon Neon is a badass game that is a throwback to the 80s, but is it worth playing? Bygjuice reviews it and tells us.



NES Remix is a new game that remixes and changes some classic NES games. Some people love it, and some people hate it... what does the8bitericshow think? Find out!



Did you ever want to drive a virtual Ferrari on your Nintendo DSi? Probably not, but if you did BIGMercenary took a second look at Ferrari GT Evolution and can tell you how it is.


The Stickman is Reviewing Anime? OH NO!!!

More specifically, The Stickman is reviewing the anime classic and beloved Akira. I never heard of it, but if you want the opinion of a lizard gimp you can click this blog.


The perfect review for this court themed spotlight

Zurachi is reviewing the court-based game Ace Attorney: Duel Destinies. Does it add anything to the franchise or is it more of the same? 


I don't know what this is

But -Mazer decided to review Deception IV: Blood Ties. It seems to be a real time tower-defense game with scantily clad ladies performing odd acts with a rocking horse.


And thats all the review… NEXT!


Still unsure which current gen console to get?

Well CraigheadPro lists his Top 5 reasons you should buy a Playstation 4. I can list 1 reason NOT to get a PS4, and that's because it doesn't have Killer Instinct. 


Where is he escaping too?

Tails86 posted a video of his first impressions of Mechanic Escape an indie, 2d Platformer that might just be worth a damn.



Retro Remix is a show that looks back at some classic titles. In this episode Figcoinc looks at the Run N Gun classic, Contra.


Heavy (Four) Rain!

Witnesses Midnight Munchkins did the drama, the game that people says its brilliant (I have not played the game btw), Heavy Rain! Check it out!



Super Genesis II

Besides a console that I want to buy, Super Genesis II is podcast hosted by GaminTank and Dark Morris. This episode they talk about "The Last of Us 2"???



In a blog you're either going to love or hate Whitly decides to take a look at Iron Man 3, and more specifically he looks at The Mandarin. Send love or hate comments his way.


Discussion and Lore Lore Lore Lore, Sounds like “Lol”.

Witness kNIGHTWING01 did Discussion and Lore of Nightwing Super Spy Dick Grayson!... I think he prefers to be called Richard.


Let's be good sports

Captain Gamer found a great example of Good Sportsmanship in Kid Icarus: Uprising and felt the need to share it with the g1 nation. Check it out.



I don't think we ever had a musical Pick of the Week, but this is what the writer decided, but lets go for it. 

I have chosen the person who took so much effort on making a really awesome music, And I think every G1’s are proud of him as well. It’s none other than G1 SuperSmashDan! Good job Mate, I hope you make more awesome music!

And lastly, witness SuperSmashDan bring the horror composition made from Game Boy!

And that all for today guys, I hope you enjoy reading this, and I will see you guys, hopefully soon!



HA! It has no effect on me






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