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g1 Spotlight: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!

12/1/13 3:00pm
Creator: Writer: Researcher:
Woodyman Ivan2294 Noble Team 1


Hello g1s, Ivan2294 here and this is the g1 Spotlight. I’m glad to finally write a blog again, even if it’s just for the promotion of others. I hope you guys have had a lovely Thanksgiving! Or as I like to call it, Tanksgiving.

It's funny because tanks don't have anything to do with the holidays.


Welp, failed attempts at humor aside, it's time for some music. James Ronald of Epic Game Music is here with a cover of ProJared's theme song! I've always like ProJared's Intro theme, but this guitar cover is just amazing. I can imagine Jared rocking out as he and Nuptup take on hordes of Zubats. Oh, and FYI the correct name of the song is Goodbye Summer, Hello Winter by FantomenK


g1 Features The Resurrection: Update #1

g1 Features lives on, and here's the latest update with their progress. Sounds like quite a good time over there, with game shows, Best Evers, Indie Games and the like. However, they still need help. If you want to help edit, moderate, or just write about something, head on over and let them know!


Happy Thanksgiving

It's the time of year where Americans eat too much and then trample each other for good deals... isn't that every day? If you wanna discuss Turkey Day/Black Friday or make fun of Ahmuricans, go here.

Join SA Mafia

Woodyman is hosting the next round of SA Mafia and it begins Tuesday! He only needs two more players so sign up today.



Made by Ehsan


Made by Darkseid


This week the crew gave us many reasons to be thankful. We got two Video Game Vaults and an unboxing video!


Winback - Video Game Vault

Craig talks about an over-looked PS2 game that may just be one of the earliest examples of a cover-based shooter. It seems pretty hard, but I want to try it myself now! This game makes it's way into the vault alongside similar games like Metal Gear Solid.


Shadow President - Video Game Vault

Nick talks about his experience as the President of the United States of America at the mere age of 2. Or rather, he talks about a game that let him pretend to be the President at the age of 2. This old game lets you play as a shady president who alters the world.


The Greatest Xbox One Unboxing Ever

Craig is back to mishandle brand new consoles, but this time Chad is here to help keep him from doing anything too stupid! You know, I really love the way Craig acts in these videos. It's exactly the thing I'd be doing, which might explain all the things I've broken over the years.


Alright, now we're getting to the meat of the blog! It's time for us to show off all the new content g1s have come up with in the past week. I think this calls for some more music. Once again I call upon the amazingness that is Epic Game Music, this time with a cover of the Space Harrier theme!


Nfreak reviews Metroid Other M

g1 Nfreak reviews the controversial Other M, the black sheep of the Metroid series. I've got to say, this guy makes many good points in his review about the story, and unlike many he also focuses on the gameplay. If you want to know more, check it out.


E-Dog reviews Sonic: Lost World(Wii U)

g1 E-Dog reviews Sonic: Lost World, the latest entry in the Sonic franchise. Is this title worth checking out or not? You'll just have to listen to this man's magnificent voice to find out for yourself.


Hitachi HiSaturn/Sega Saturn Unboxing & Review

g1 Dr. Retro does an unusual review. He reviews a special Sega Saturn made by the hardware manufacturers that made the original console. Quite interesting, and I imagine rare. And also there's Japanese, so I can pretend that you can pretend you're watching anime.


The 8-Bit Eric Show: The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past Review

8-bit Eric reviews Nintendo's latest entry in the lovely Zelda franchise in this fairly quick video. He gets right to the meat of the game, so if a quick review is what you need, check it out.


Overloading Toaster's Top 10 DS Games

g1 Overloading Toaster is here to talk about his 10 favorite DS games. Spoiler Alert, this guy really loves Pokemon! Still, he's got some pretty solid reasoning and some pretty solid games on that list too! How the hell does a toaster play a DS anyways? ....Maybe he's a Rotom?


Infernikus's Top 5 PS1 Games

Another list, this time for PS1 games! Infernikus talks about his Top 5 on said console. Man, this list brings back memories. Or it would if I'd ever had any major experience with a PS1, but instead I grew up with an N64. Still, this video shows me that I've missed out, might have to fix that some time. Plus dat voice, DAT SEXY VOICE~


Zurachi's Top 5 Final Fantasy Boss Themes

g1 Zurachi talks about his favorite 5 Final Fantasy Boss Themes. He knows that Final Fantasy has a lot of music, so he just narrowed it down to boss themes. A good choice I might add, as I find boss music to be some of the best composed themes in RPGs, let alone videogames in general. 


The 5 Stages of Grief with Battletoads

The guys from Hard 4 Games put themselves through hell for your entertainment. Watch as they enter the 5 stages of Grief with Battletoads....on the Gameboy. This should be good.


g1 Features - G1 Interviews: JoshG95

As said above, g1 Features is back and this is the first episode of the revived g1 Interviews. This week, Master Wayne interviews JoshG95 with questions about how he found ScrewAttack, and his favorite shows!


More Dreamcast Hidden Gems

Metal Jesus Rocks covers some more over-looked and underrated games on the over-looked and underrated console, the Dreamcast. If you've been looking for some more games, this vid's for you.



The Reset Button - Return of the Reset

After a quick hiatus, g1s Cyrax and Digital Debaser are back to talk about the launches of two major consoles, the Xbox One and PS4. Tune in to the 2nd greatest 30-45 minute podcast on the site!


Ocarina of Time vs Majora's Mask

Now here's an interesting topic. 2 very similar games within the same series, but different enough to warrant a comparison. g1 The0nlykyd takes on the question of which is better: Majora's Mask or Ocarina of Time?  Maybe if I'd played either I could give my own opinion, but alas Wind Waker shall always remain my true one and only.


Elmo's Hour On: DS Puzzle games

g1 Elmo 3000 talks about some rather interesting puzzle games on the DS. These all seem rather enjoyable, and in hindsight it seems to me like the Nintendo DS may just be the greatest puzzle game system in history.


Where to find Screwattack Gamer Pics on Xbox 360!

Tom shows us how to get the Screwattack Gamer Pics for 360 and Xbox One. Check it out, Rate it, and wear your g1 pic with pride!


Titanium Man of Flash Gaming 5 is over!

TMoFG5 is over, so come on down and see the results! Each team tried their best, but the winner is.......(this is the part where you click the link to resolve the cliffhanger)


And the pick of the week is...


Unboxed Review: Wii Fit U & Wii Sports Club

I've got to say, this man made a pretty encompassing review. I thoroughly enjoyed his silly antics, and he made some decent points about the gameplay and such of each game. Entertaining and informative, it's the type of review I enjoy most. And while not exactly hardcore titles, these games do have something to offer. So if you want to know if they're for you, check out his review.


That's it for me g1s, it was nice to finally write a blog again. Expect me to disappear for a while, because writing this was tougher than I thought.


Still, no regrets. This is g1 Ivan2294 signing off. Oh, and thanks to g1s Woodyman and Nobleteam1 for helping me out, couldn't have done this without y'all guys.


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