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The best g1 made content from April 2nd - April 8th

 Hello there g1s how are you all doing today?

I can tell you I am doing very well because today is... MY BIRTHDAY!! YAY! I am now 22 years old, feel free to shower me with love and affection in the comments or by PM. But here we're talking about you guys and the best of the community this past week. So without further ado... to the Spotlight!


The Music's From Bond, James Bond

JamesRonald is in the house ladies and gentlemen! Continuing his series of Epic Game Music, this time he's remixing/covering the Goldeneye 007 Theme. It is well worth the listen. 


This week we had a pretty nice dose of g1 artwork. I remember last time I was writer we didn't have a single one, so this is nice.


Zelda Wednesdays

g1 RedAce135 drew this little number in honor of Ben and Lauren playing  Windwaker every Wednesday. Truly a great tribute to Poop's adventure

Note from Woodyman: Poop?

Is it Just Me, Or Does She Look Like Poison?

In quite possibly the most anticipated Death Battle of all time, Nintendo's two princesses go head to head in an all out brawl. g1 destructorv2 has done fan drawings of many  of the battles, and this one is no exception. But seriously, doesn't Peach look kinda like Poison? A little bit, right?


Making Lemons into Lemonade

This g1s favorite artist, music and visual, SpellingPhailer, is at it again. This time he's taking inspiration from Egoraptor in this Mega Man picture. Yeah, Lemons!


That Moment of Freaking Glory

The Titanium Man of Flash Gaming is getting back into full swing again with season 2. Run by my lovely assistant this week, I'm sure that didn't play a role at all (nudge nudge wink wink), follow along at home to see which g1 is the best of the best and is crowned TMoFG.


The ScrewAttack Magazine Wants You

Got a review you really like and want others to see? Did you write an awesome blog you want to share? Do you have a list that is out of this world? If so, be sure to submit it to the Magazine! All information can be found on the latest recap of Issue 14. All entries have to be in on the 15th though, so time is running out.


What the what?

Oh glorious day! All that is old is made new! All you older, and maybe some newer g1s know this game well that the Crew used to do a lot. WTF is That? is returning in all of its glory thanks to Woodyman. What is it going to be? Find out, NOW!


First Rule about This Club...

We highlighted this event last week as well, but most (including myself) missed the point. This week, The Stickman is setting us straight in our ignorance and explaining The Gimp Club


We have forums?


Send Out the Call!

Undoubtedly, you've all heard of ScrewAttack vs. The Internet. You might have even gone to the first one and seen ScrewAttack beat the crap out of Machinima ( it's a government conspircy I tell ya). If there's a site you want to see get involved, don't be shy, tell ScrewAttack, tell the other site. ScrewAttack's ready to blow away the competition, literally.


I'm Happy for You and I'mma Let You Finish, But...

Final Fantasy VI has the best ending of all time. ALL TIME!! Yes sir, it does, and if you want to get in on the conversation, you can mosey on over to the forums. Read what others have to say, maybe even give your two cents? That's what the forums are all about after all.

 Note from Woodyman: We're gonna revamp this section a bit because it's been getting too large. So instead of listing what happened on ScrewAttack, we will just mention one thing we really enjoyed per week.


In this week's Clip of the Week we see what would happen if many of our beloved ScrewAttack shows has "unique" sponsorships. Such as...


Meat 'n taters of the whole operation.


Don't We All Wish We Had School Assignments Like This?

I know I wish I had to play through Super Metroid for college. g1 Sindiewen got to do just that for a class in high school and was gracious enough to share it with us now for our viewing pleasure. So, in his review, how does he judge Super Metroid, great game or greatest game?


Shhhh, Someone Might Hear You

g1 SuperGameGeek gives you the lowdown on his take on the silent protagonist. Some series it's okay, sometimes it isn't, and some characters you just wish were. Check it, agree, disagree, let the good folks know.


I Heard You Weren't a Fan

g1 Bealtespip122 did not pull any punches in his very frank blog about Epic Mickey. To say he is a critic of the first game would be spot on, and to say he's cautiously approaching the second one would be equally as correct. However, he is fair in his assessment, check it out.


When People are Replaking Cs with Ks, You Know What It's About

g1 Brettman has a great written review of Mortal Kombat, released last year. But how good is the game?  Did they break the streak of "bad" MK games? Or is this one that makes you want to fatality yourself?


The New Buster Douglas

g1 SuperChunLi89 has done it! She has pulled off one of the most spectacular feats in gaming history, beating  Mike Tyson in Punch Out!  For those not into boxing history, Buster Douglas was the fighter who beat Tyson in Tokyo 1990 in the biggest upset in boxing history. And now the title makes sense!


The Game has Zombies... Now You Know a Lot

g1 OGBoylan coming onto the scene here with his very first review! For his first rodeo, he's reviewing  Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. So does it rock? Is it crap? Some lukewarm meh? Read on to find out.


The Classics Never Die

No matter how many times you manage to get him killed, Frogger just keeps coming back for more. From the arcade to your television, you can't keep a good frog down. ARProductions reviews the original arcade classic along with several home ports including the Atari 2600 and Super Nintendo.


We Can Rebuild It, Better, Stronger, Faster

 Flapperdoodle is starting a new series it seems over there in his neck of the woods. He is on an epic quest to splice together all kinds of games to build... The Perfect Platformer. No small feat seeing the genre stretches almost all of gaming. 


And Disappointment Reigned

Cancelled games, perhaps the most heart breaking phenomenon in gaming. Leaving you with nothing but broken dreams and thoughts of what could have been. g1 glitboy explores this wasteland of childhoods and chronicles the top 10 cancelled videogames.


Didn't I Say Something Before About the Old Becoming New

Because after a 20+ year wait, Pit is finally back in action and taking down evil once again. G1 DarthNocturnal takes a crack at the new Kid Icarus game for the 3DS and gives his thoughts. All I can say is that I hope it isn't another 20 years before another game in the series comes out.


The Gimp Club, Now With 10 More Ways to Join

The Stickman is getting some extra loving this week on the Spotlight. This time he's telling you 10 films that you should watch. I've only seen one of them, and I would agree with him. Get you Netflix or whatever you use to watch movies, grab the popcorn, it's time to kill a day.


Like Looking In a Mirror

Have you guys ever had that moment where you're reading a book, or watching a movie, or playing a game and you realize, "Hey, that's kinda like me"? I know I have, multiple times. As  part of g1 Kailoli's 30 Day Video Game Challenge, she explored which game character she most identifies with. I love the theme of the character she chose.


Patience Young Padawan

g1 Guru Guru wrote an article that I have to say, I am quite impressed with. In it, he talks about the next generation of gamers and their apparent lack of patience for games, especially older games. I found it to be an interesting read and I hope you do too.

Back to the future

Oh wow, we have a doosey here for the Time Shift. I remember seeing this on v4 and being slobberknocked by it. This returning behemoth, brought to you by g1 darkhyrulelord is the 1020 Question AVGN Test. Yeah, you're reading that right, over one-thousand questions. Are you a bad enough dude to take on the challenge?

Last month Flashpenny wrote about his favorite bosses from games he played in 2011. He also wrote about his favorite songs in regular and final boss fights. On the opposite end of the spectrum, not everything can be great. This week, he wrote about those bosses that are more like secretaries and assistant managers. The Top 25 Worst Bosses in 2011. Be warned, part 2 has its fair share of swearing .

Part I

Part II

And there we have it g1s another spotlight in the books! I'd like to thank my researcher for doing all the hard work and making all of this happen this week. Let's face it, all I do is write, the researcher is the star.  I'd also like to thank the most important person in the world, you know who you are.


Happy Easter g1s, don't get sick from all the candy.


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