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It's that time again, the time where the intelligent pervert is doing the spotlight again! YOU'RE ALL AT THE MERCY OF MY FETISHES NOW, MUHAHAHAHA!

What's that? I can't actually post pornographic material here? Oh. Well, no matter, I always have a backup plan! SATIRICAL IMAGE DESCRIBING THE MAJORITY OF THIS SITE'S COMMUNITY, GO!

To be fair, that would be me if that was a Bleach shirt.


This week, we have a few musical selections to mess with. First is The Champion by Kevin Penkin, the theme of My Life as a Video Game!


Second is a remix of the Killer Instinct theme from XellonGraves (with One Finger Death Punch as the background due to issues and stuff).


There is none this week, so here's this amazing comic I made years ago to warm your hearts.

Nothing is happening that you can join right now.

Beating more games than Tom Buchanan beats women

The SA completion list project continues! Over 400+ games are done, and many more are still needed to reach our 500 goal! I even finished a game about suicide this week for it! YEAH, SUICIDE! If you beat any games this year (you don't have to fully complete), drop in and share your bounties if they're not already claimed!


Female Journalist Clowns!

We made a thread gathering together some of the sick gags played on Tuesday! Most of it is us making sarcastic remarks. Honestly, that's more interesting.


Winter is coming...and then it got here

Captain America: The Winter Solder is an awesome movie I hear. We have a thread open for it for discussion of how awesome it is. Use it.


Look at all these wonderful signatures that all need more lesbians!





This week on ScrewAttack the gang went Out of The Box with the best worst game of all time, Goat Simulator. There was also an episode of The Best Ever LoL Champions. Finally, the crew Screwed Around with DBZ for the Kinect.

Also some sort of Pokemon DeathBattle is coming out soon, but no one cares about that... right?

With special guest William Dafoe!




Nine times better than XIII

Wamahato is a cool guy who likes Final Fantasy IX and isn't afraid of anything. He has good taste in Final Fantasy games, yes.


Rated G for Giggly

Darkhyrulelord made a list of his top ten overrated games! Also, he's turned into a chubby pop star. witty witty witty word play.


Springtime for Hitler, Christmas time for Mussolini

Woodyman decided he couldn't even wait for July for the Christmas joke list, so he made an actual one for Christmas themed games. Because he loves Jesus. Sexually.



Flashpenny made a great two part list of the twenty-five best movies of 2013. Where will such classics as Atlantic Rim end up!?


Hi, Vegeta!

Super Psyguy and the gang (and four Gokus) review Dragonball Z: Battle of Z! Also, Monokuma is there for some reason, being a jerk.


I'm wearing sweatpants right now

apop99 made a music video of all of SA's best moments, set to a wrap dedicated to Donald Glover of Community.  That's a sentence that makes sense.

Note from Woodyman: I think he means "rap" but I don't know.


Re-enact that card

livileu98 has a video review of the newest Bioshock Infinite DLC! It's a smart game for smart gamers. *BELLS RINGING* SKYRIM JOKES *upvote* [bazinga]


Cosmic Jungles

Nitro Rad reviewed StarTropics in a new video. I hope he reviews GasPlanetRainforest next.


Forever Not Alone

I'm sorry for using a meme, I'll go bash my foot with a hammer. Before that, check out Hybrid Rain's thoughts on the shrinking importance of single player games.


gotta go slightly less fast

TuxMullins put out a quickie review on the Master System port of Sonic the Hegdehog, and he makes a solid case for why the game's existence is validated.


turtle pun

Freakzone Games has a new podcast episode out! This time, it's about turtles.


Fuck virtues!

GaminTank and Dark Magician have this neat podcast, and now you know something. This episode, the topic is tutorials and patience.



Remember the Retro Hunters? Well if you do or don't the N3rdHerders have a podcasty interview with him.


Whitly has opinions. Here is his opinion on Noah, the movie. It's a very long opinion. Brew some coffee for this one. Open the floodgates of your mind!


Beat with the Elite

Captain Gamer made this neat post about Elite Beat Agents and how it's actually about the power of music on our spirits. Basically, it's musical Gurren Lagann.



Madhero and Stickman have released a new g1 previews, and this one includes 100% more Goat Simulator. That's literally the only thing any of you care about.



XenoL is a colossal NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD who started a blog about tech and computers. Here's his two part explanation of how computers are made, something you'd want to read if you're a NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-


Yeah, I'm just going to go back in Elmo3000's blog again. Guy writes monster articles with fun dialect, can't help it. This time around, here's some of his thoughts on nostalgic value in how we judge things, and it's very long and requires a bigger brew of coffee than the Whitly rant did.


Tough pickings this week, and I almost went for the Psyguy video because he is a cool guy who likes anime and lives close to my area and made me laugh with the four Goku joke. But, in the end, I always side more with thought over chuckles (except on my favorite movies list, Beerfest is fucking amazing and I will hear no one deny this).


Thus, The Goddamn Batman gets this week's pick, for his fantastic little article on the abuse of the term "emotional game." It's a topic I think about from time to time, and I think he nailed down a lot of good points here. Also, he used the term "heart erection" and that instantly makes him better than anyone else spotlighted this week.


And that's it! Not one blog about lesbians!

I hate you all


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